The Zorach Family[note 1] was a family living in the Kingdom of Marlon. It was dedicated to safeguarding the Freezis facility located beneath Castle Hedgehog, carrying out their clan's duty for centuries.

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

Around the turn of the second century EC, Lamia Asayev married into the family, resulting in the family taking up the duty of safeguarding the babies frozen in the Freezis facility beneath Lioness' Castle Hedgehog along with the other Magic Kingdom Levianta's relics there. The Zorachs continued passing the duty of living in the facility onto each new head of the family for centuries.[1]

End of Duty[edit | edit source]

After one ghoul child escaped into the outside world in the latter half of the fifth century EC, the family continued monitoring the remaining four sleeping infants. Sometime during the sixth century EC, the Zorach family head sired a son who later sired Willus Zorach. During the turn of the seventh century EC, Willus became a World Police officer, eventually becoming a Justea investigator; at some point, Willus' father died. On January 30, EC 611, the Zorachs shut down the Freezises and abandoned the facility per the god Behemo's command, the family head moving in with his beloved Angela.[1]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

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