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Zeus[note 1] was a criminal gang formed in the mid-EC 900s out of delinquent Elphes in the country of Elphegort. Opposing their rival gang "Hades" to have control over the slums in Aceid, the members of Zeus became involved in many shady dealings, even the sinking of the S.S. Titanis, before they were all eventually arrested.


Early History[]

Due to the Freezis Conglomerate having a stranglehold on jobs in Aceid, Elphegort, many native Elphes were forced into slums from unemployment. Because of this destitution, several of their children banded together and formed the gang Zeus, partitioning the slums as their territory against a rival gang by the name of "Hades". As part of their rivalry, the Zeus gang stole the first hangout of the Hades gang, forcing the latter to stay in a bar as their hangout.[1]

Titanis Sinking Incident[]

One day, the Zeus member Dio Ameth got involved with Midas Touch's illegal activities and was killed; the Zeus leader, Narcissus Kissos, visited the Hades bar to question them about it, bringing the Nemesis and her pet ziz tiama as backup. After receiving a lead that it might be connected to Midas Touch, the two Zeus members took the bar's money and left.

Over the next few days, Zeus investigated Midas until they were contacted by Bindi Freezis, disguising himself under the alias "Kandi". Kandi made a deal with Zeus to sneak aboard the ship the S.S. Titanis, on which Midas was sailing back from Marlon, to assassinate and rob him. Offered thirty percent of the spoils from the job, Zeus agreed and Kandi supplied them with the necessary information and a boat to intercept the Titanis.

A small group of Zeus members snuck aboard the Titanis and stole Midas' gold onboard; when they tried to kill Midas, however, one of them was killed by his bodyguards, and Midas spotted all of their faces. The remaining group members fled, leaving their comrades' body behind. When they arrived back in Aceid's port, panicked that Midas could have them all arrested, Nemesis Sudou used her ziz tiama to sink the Titanis. Zeus then took the gold they'd gathered and returned to their hideout.[1]


Following the incident, the members of Zeus began to search Aceid for more of the dead Midas' wealth.[2] Not long after the Titanis Sinking Incident, PN investigated the matter and discovered the gang's involvement in it,[2] all of the members being arrested, tried, and imprisoned, including Nemesis who had sunken the ship herself.[1]

While they were imprisoned, Bindi Freezis arranged to have the members of Zeus killed by Jorm Zusco to protect his reputation,[3] while Nemesis survived due to being taken in by Bruno Zero.[4] Years later, Nemesis was found out for her crimes in Zeus and arrested, only to be freed and become the dictator of Elphegort sometime after.[5]

Organization and Structure[]

Loosely organized, Zeus was comprised mostly of teenagers or young adults who followed the leadership of one individual. Although sizable with several members, Zeus was small and close-knit enough that most of its members knew each other by name and considered themselves friends with one another. The group met in an old abandoned factory, once used by the Yarera-Zusco Conglomerate to make airplanes.[1]

Known Members[]


Conceptualization and Origins[]

  • The gangs Zeus and Hades reference the Greek gods of the same name, who are typically opposed in Greek mythology as god of the sky and god of the underworld, respectively.
  • Fittingly, all of Zeus' members have names that reference Greek and Roman mythology.




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