"So, what business do you have here today?"

Yuzette Ora, codenamed Seventh Magician, was a fortune teller of Rollam in the Lucifenian Republic and a member of Père Noël. Recruited into the organization early on, Yuzette was given the Venom Sword and operated a face changing gig for shady clients from her fortune telling shop. After learning of Julia Abelard's intentions to eliminate her, Yuzette fled and began working as a prostitute in Rolled.


Early LifeEdit

Born in the Lucifenian Republic's port town in EC 582, Yuzette grew up helping her parents with their work as fishermen every day. She later met another fisherman there and they became lovers; as time went on, she grew bored with her monotonous everyday life. During the mid EC 590s, Yuzette encountered Julia Abelard and Mayrana Blossom. Claiming to be mages, the two showed her their power and the amazed Yuzette decided to run away from home.

After she fled and joined the mages in their travels, Yuzette expressed her interest in learning the magical arts and Julia accepted her as her disciple. Studying magic under Julia's tutelage, she learned extensively about the Magic Kingdom Levianta and Julia's history,[1] including her past with her nemesis, Elluka Clockworker, and her apprentice, Mayrana.[2] She also learned about the vessels of sin and Julia's plans to destroy the gods and everything they created for a new world.[3] Despite all she learned, however, Yuzette failed all of her master's tests to demonstrate any magical potential to become a proper mage.

Julia later expelled her from her apprenticeship, abandoning her in the middle of their journey. Yuzette then set up a fortune telling shop on the main street in Rollam and gave out fake fortunes to the visiting nobles and merchants from across Evillious.[2] Sometime after, Julia visited her and offered her the Venom Sword and the chance to join their criminal organization Père Noël if she forged a contract with the Demon of Lust and used its powers to magically change people's faces for the organization's profit.

Overjoyed by the second chance, the fortune teller accepted the offer and took the vessel from Julia. Impaling herself with the sword, she sealed the contract with the demon and filled herself with its Lust magic.[1] She then joined Julia's criminal organization, dubbed "Seventh Magician" by her new leader, First Santa Claus, in light of her current and new profession. Afterwards, Yuzette began to perform her new underworld "miracles" for the occasional customer while maintaining her public job as a fortune teller.

Keeping herself updated on the organization's affairs, Seventh Magician learned that Mayrana had apparently been jealous of Julia offering the failed apprentice a vessel and not her; eventually, Yuzette realized she was ultimately replaceable and could be killed by her comrades in the future. She also read a newspaper article about Kaidor Blankenheim, learning how the aristocrat had killed his wife and fled before being expelled from his noble family.[2]

Noble MiracleEdit

"In other words, you want to act on behalf of that Bruno guy you killed—something like that, right, Lord Kaidor?"
"I don't remember saying "I killed Bruno," did I?"
"Nevertheless, that seems to be your most likely action, given the circumstance."
―Yuzette Ora and Kaidor Blankenheim[src]

In EC 597, Yuzette was visited by a handsome, blue-haired man who pulled a severed head from a bag he was carrying and presented it to her. He requested she change his face to match it, explaining he had been referred to her by First Santa Claus. She questioned him on his and the head's name, learning that he was Kaidor Blankenheim and the head was Bruno Marlon Yuzette quickly guessed he wanted to take the man's place.

Though she hesitated, Yuzette realized from his expression that he intended to kill her if she refused and calmly agreed, saying she could for the right compensation. After given the advanced payment and promised more, Seventh led him into the back room, instructing him to lie down on the bed. As he did so, she confirmed with Kaidor that he was certain he wanted to go through with it, knowing he would be erasing his past life; he explained that he had to change his face for the sake of his son currently living with his brother, who he did not want to be associated with him due to their familial resemblance.

Yuzette then removed the Venom Sword from its sheath and changed Kaidor's face to resemble Bruno Marlon's. After Kaidor successfully replaced Bruno as Shaw Freezis' aide, Seventh received her additional payment for her services rendered.[2]

Skewed MiraclesEdit

"Ah, ah, I'm sorry about that, Senior. I am an inexperienced, inferior person after all. Evidently, it wasn't performed flawlessly."
―Seventh Magician lying to Fourth Shadow[src]

As she continued her work, Yuzette heard that First Santa Claus sent away Fourth Shadow to Merrigod Plateau under the pretense of a mission, allegedly due to Mayrana's increasingly disturbing mimicry of the mage. She also learned that First Santa Claus had adopted an orphan in Rolled as part of her campaign to promote her public image in Lucifenia, meeting the small blond Lemy on one occasion.

Around EC 604, Yuzette was approached by Mayrana, who demanded that the magician change her face to that of Julia's for twice the usual compensation. Deducing the pay doubled as hush money for Santa, Yuzette agreed to the job and led Mayrana to the back room. She instructed her to lie down and called upon the Demon of Lust to perform her work making minute differences to keep Mayrana's face from being perfectly identical to Julia's.

She then watched in satisfaction as Mayrana became aware of this fact while examining herself in a mirror, feigning incompetence when confronted on the matter. When Mayrana demanded she do the trick again, Yuzette reminded her that the procedure could only be done once per person or the human made a contract with the demon. She then watched contentedly as Mayrana became enraged before leaving the shop.[2]

Later, Seventh Magician heard the dark rumors about Ton Corpa abusing children for profit before secretly disposing of them while evading culpability. She was later visited by the man himself and his recently adopted child, Rin Chan. Once the man explained he wanted her to change the girl's face to resemble Princess Riliane's as portrayed in a portrait for her planned singing career, the fortune teller agreed to the job. Around that time, she learned about Rin's original home to the orphanage in Rolled Lemy had been in before being adopted by Julia and her friendship with the boy. After being given the proper payment, Seventh Magician used the Venom Sword to change Rin's face as instructed.[4]

By EC 607, Seventh Magician learned that Fifth Pierrot was shot and killed by the World Police, resulting in Sixth Venom taking over for assassinations. The following year, Magician heard that Mayrana had managed to become mayor of Calgaround and that Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim was recruited as Second Dealer. During that period, she heard "Bruno Marlon" had been trying to make contact with First Santa Claus to try joining Père Noël, figuring it was due to Kaspar's recent recruitment into the organization. She also heard that Mayrana was attempting to make a connection with "Sleep Princess" of Père Noël.[2]

Visit One Holiday NightEdit

"It’s unlikely you are going to say... you want to change your face."
―Magician to Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb[src]

Toward the end of December of EC 608, while sitting in her shop for customers, Magician thought back on everything that occurred since joining Père Noël, including her old clients' new exploits. Receiving no customers throughout the day, Yuzette prepared to close up shop that night. As she stood up, she heard a knock and, surprised, answered the door to see Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb.

She welcomed Sixth Venom into the shop, throwing logs on the fire, able to guess by the beauty of his face that he hadn't arrived for the purpose of changing his face. Gatt replied that he had been dispatched to retrieve the Venom Sword, and Yuzette realized that it meant she'd outlived her usefulness to the organization. They discussed this matter further and its possible relation to Julia's upcoming election, need to cut off any loose ends. Gatt expressed his lack of knowledge on the matter, and Yuzette realized through the fact that he was telling her everything that he intended to give her a chance to escape.

Soon after, Seventh Magician noticed that he carried a golden dagger on his waist; she then realized that Julia had finally collected Grim the End and that Gatt would be able to kill her even with the demon's power. After Gatt told her he would return the day after and left, Yuzette took the Venom Sword from the back of the store and quickly finished getting dressed.[2] Taking her business records, crystal ball, some clothes and makeup,[1] she stepped out into the snow and muttered "Happy New Year" before making her departure.[2]

Hiding in Plain SightEdit

"She's disguising herself as a whore. I can only ascertain she's somewhere in Rolled. From thither however... I believe Seventh Magician changed her face with the Venom Sword. So it's hopeless to look for her when she hath a changed face."

After changing her face and identity to "Isabel Ismael" with the sword, Yuzette traveled to the city of Rolled, hoping to hide close to First Santa Claus where the mage would least suspect her to be. Deciding to make enough money to travel to the far East where Julia's influence couldn't reach her, the woman became a prostitute at the city's local brothel; hoping to also satiate her sexual appetite through the career, she hid the Venom Sword under the bed of her new room.

Isabel then began using the demon's powers to charm the visiting men into becoming her frequent customers, including two men named Jamal and Kevin. At some point, she considered using the power to acquire a harem of men like Duke Sateriasis Venomania before realizing the situation would make her too noticeable to Julia. As time progressed, she slowly amassed a sizable amount of savings for her desired escape while keeping her true identity as Seventh Magician below Père Noël's notice.

After a number of prostitute murders began occurring in November of EC 609, Yuzette read the report that the crimes were allegedly perpetrated by Fifth Pierrot in the Saintes Fauraux Newspaper. Confused about the claims the long dead assassin was responsible, the prostitute realized she needed to escape soon without making herself obvious to Père Noël. Around then Yuzette read about Beelzenia's declining political situation and considered fleeing there at the next opportunity to hide in the potential civil war.[5]

Later on, Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia visited the brothel, the disabled mage hypnotizing Yuzette into believing she was the owner of the whorehouse along with her attendant. Afterwards, the new "madame" ordered the women to remain indoors during the late night hours to avoid the killer.[1] Comfortable with her situation, the prostitute remained in-doors while awaiting her opportunity to escape without suspicion. Around that time, she told Elluka not to allow anyone but her regular customers to visit her.[5]

End of the LineEdit

"Did you think it would be so easy? I was still your mother's apprentice once."
―Yuzette in response to Lemy's failed attack[src]

On the night of February 11, EC 610, Elluka told Yuzette she had a new customer visiting; despite her previous refusal to take on new customers, eventually the sex-starved prostitute agreed to let him in. To her surprise, the visitor was a teenage boy, though this ultimately didn't stop her from preparing to do her job, undressing seductively. When he mentioned that he wanted to see a "magic trick", however, Yuzette realized to her great shock that he was Fifth Pierrot, aware of her time as Seventh Magiciain. She quickly recognized him as Lemy, now older than she remembered, as he gloated about how he'd finally found her.[5]

The cornered Yuzette decided to kill him and escape right away, getting dressed and pretending to give up. When Lemy attempted to stab her she grabbed the blade and fended him off, retrieving the Venom Sword from under her bed while her wound healed. Though admitting her usefulness in swordplay, she quickly enacted the sword's brainwashing magic in convincing him that Julia was really the one to blame for discarding her so quickly despite all of her service. Ultimately however, she didn't intend to achieve vengeance, preferring to be left alone.

Thinking that Lemy had been thoroughly charmed by the magic, Yuzette allowed him to hug her, taken in by his insistence that he wanted her. As he did so, however, he stabbed her in the chest with his knife, revealing after some conversation that he was in fact possessed by the spirit of Gretel, a servant who had been inside the Glass of Conchita. The wound surpassed her healing powers, done by another demon of sin, and so Yuzette succumbed to her injuries, hearing one last line of taunting from Gretel about her intentions to devour the world alongside Lemy and her master, the Demon of Gluttony.[1]


"Do you think Isabel could've actually been the culprit? The period of her death and the time the murders stopped match up."
"Interesting, interesting thought you thought, Investigator Anchor. However, I don't think the woman would be capable of committing these serial murders."
―Investigators Ayn Anchor and Willus Zorach[src]

After Yuzette's death, Elluka Clockworker replaced the former fortune teller as Seventh Magician, using her guise as "Margarita Blankenheim" to sabotage Père Noël from within before ultimately being discovered and forced to flee the organization herself. Through Elluka's hypnosis, Yuzette's autopsy was officially labeled as death by the Gula Disease and considered separate from the string of prostitute murders in Rolled.

While investigating Isabel's death, Justea investigators Willus Zorach and Ayn Anchor discovered Yuzette's business papers for her underground trade, pursuing her listing of Kaidor Blankenheim becoming Bruno Marlon.[1] The investigation after uncovered Yuzette's history as Seventh Magician and Kaidor's true identity, ultimately leading to Bruno's arrest and Père Noël's eventual downfall.[6]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Lemy. You say that I am a traitor. But you’re mistaken. I was the one who was betrayed…by ‘First, Santa Claus’. I showed her nothing but loyalty, even contracting with a demon for her. And in return, she has simply cast me aside. And yet, I have no intention of baring my fangs at her."

Yuzette was a materialistic and pragmatic woman, motivated by profit. She acted calm and rational in most situations, though only when the ends served her personal interests. Therefore, the woman had no issue taking up a job as phony fortune teller, originally believing that mages and magic being mere fairy tales was common sense even in her youth. However, she was not stubborn about her preconceptions, readily accepting the existence of mages and magic after meeting Julia Abelard and Mayrana Blossom.[2]

Due to her monotonous home life, Yuzette was enamored with the supernatural Julia introduced to her and became fascinated with magic and learning it, eventually deciding to leave her old life behind to study under the mage. Although inevitably failing as her apprentice, the young girl was a devoted student to her master and extremely loyal to her cause "correcting" the world. She was even willing to forge a contract with a demon to prove her loyalty and refused to seek vengeance on Julia after her former master betrayed and made repeated attempts on her life.[1]

However, the woman's practicality made her loyalties circumstantial, ultimately weighing the material gains of her relationships against the risks to her well-being. As a result, Yuzette seemed indifferent to whatever work she performed, regardless of its morality, so long as it wasn't dangerous to her life and bountiful to her finances. Likewise, she considered her underworld customers peculiar but never refused their requests as long as she was sufficiently paid for the job.

Still, she wasn't heartless and did take interest in learning at least something about her clients, wanting to understand who they were. She similarly asked to make sure her clients wanted their face changed, recognizing the absoluteness of her borrowed power.[2] Likewise, Yuzette questioned what it even meant to be "evil", seeing Julia's apparent desire to change the world for the better through her criminal organization as noble despite being considered "evil" by the general populace.[1]

Yuzette was also observant by nature and kept herself updated on current affairs and events. Due to her self-serving nature, Yuzette was not above spiting others she disliked and enjoyed getting back at her enemies when able, such as the envious Mayrana. She was similarly subject to anger when others acted impractical. She likewise doubted that any of her fellow members, being serial murderers, could demonstrate any sentimentality like mercy or compassion for each other.[2]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"Isn't that power of yours not your own? Through and through—it is the power of the Demon of Lust you have borrowed from my lady, you shouldn't forget that."

While not having any magical talent herself, Yuzette was proficient in faking her persona as a fortune teller. Having a keen intuition, the woman had a talent of telling individuals what they were hoping to hear for their futures and giving them appropriate advice. Additionally, her experience gave her a stronger intuition concerning the intentions and actions of others. Due to her instruction under Julia Abelard, she also possessed a great knowledge about magic and the vessels of sin.[2]

Due to her contract with the Demon of Lust, Yuzette had access to the demons' powers, able to brainwash men with her gaze.[5] She could also change the faces of others once each, into whatever appearance she chose for them.[2] As a contractor, Yuzette was also essentially immortal, unkillable by conventional methods save for damage from another demon's power and able to heal from any injury while relatively close to the Venom Sword.[1] As a drawback, she had to regularly indulge in sexual activity to satiate her lusts or she would suffer increasingly uncontrollable desire.[5]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Julia Abelard: Yuzette's employer in Père Noël. While initially skeptical at Julia's claim to having magic, she was later amazed by the woman's magic prowess and changed her beliefs. Although Yuzette understood Julia's true evil nature, she had no problem serving under her, believing that her true cause was ultimately noble. She was also able to naturally predict when the woman was preparing to have her killed and did not seek vengeance for it.

Mayrana Blossom: A rival and fellow member in Père Noël. Noticing the woman's contempt for her after she was chosen to wield the Venom Sword, Seventh grew to dislike Mayrana and enjoyed spiting her. As a result, whenever given the opportunity she would trip the woman up, although she was careful not to face the full brunt of her wrath.

Lemy Abelard: Yuzette's assassin. Knowing the boy as Julia's adopted son, Yuzette eventually lost track of the boy's growth and initially failed to recognize him as Fifth Pierrot. Later, during his confrontation of her, Yuzette was amused by his simplistic notions of good and evil and underestimated his power to withstand her brainwashing.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Yuzette's code number in Père Noël may relate to the magical and lucky connotation of the number seven in Western cultures, coinciding with her codename of "magician".
  • Her surname is derived from Hebrew, meaning "light"; interestingly, her pseudonym is also composed of names derived from Hebrew.


  • Fittingly, the brothel "Seventh Magician" worked at was located on the 7th block of Rolled.



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