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"I have to write the rest of the story."
―Yukina Freezis[src]

Yukina Freezis was a famous writer in Evillious and the creator of the Freezis Fairy Tales. Writing stories since childhood, Yukina developed into a popular novelist at a young age. During her youth, she traveled throughout Evillious to learn more about the Vessels of Sin and The Daughter of Evil. Among her most popular works was "The Daughter of Evil", depicting the true story she learned during her travels.


Early Life[]

Born in Aceid's Central District on December 4, EC 491,[1] Yukina moved into the Freezis Mansion in the Elphegortean capital's Northern District with her parents, Keel and Mikina, while very young. After the birth of her brother, Shaw, in EC 493, Yukina was neglected by her parents as they focused their attention on the family heir. Nonetheless, as Yukina began to show a love for writing her own stories, Keel often bought her Rollam bird feather pens and encouraged her,[2] Yukina becoming close with her father. Over time, Yukina also listened to her mother tell her the story of how she eloped with Keel from Marlon when she was pregnant with her.[3]

The Budding Novelist[]

"Next, I'm going to write about The Daughter of Evil!"
―Yukina's resolve as a child[src]
Cha yukina.png

After the birth of her sister, Aile, in EC 495, Yukina began acting out as her mother gave all her attention to the sickly infant, unwilling to hire a nanny to take care of her.[4] Around EC 497, Yukina became terrified of graveyards when her mother read the story of Vampiress Vanika to her.[5] In EC 499, her mother gave her a notebook for her ninth birthday.[6] Later on, the child came under Clarith's care and quickly grew attached to her. On December 28, Yukina boisterously greeted Keel when he returned from Princess Riliane's birthday party.[2]

During the Green Hunting, Yukina was forced to say a tearful goodbye to Clarith when she and Michaela had to leave; like the rest of her family, she was later imprisoned at the Lucifenian Royal Palace and was released two months later, staying at Corpa's mansion in Rolled. A few days later,[7] after meeting Germaine Avadonia and York Le Corbusier when they met with Keel,[8] Yukina reunited with Clarith after her release from Lucifenian custody. Several days after, however, she had to give Clarith another tearful goodbye when she left to join the Held Monastery.[7]

During the Lucifenian Revolution, Yukina and her family fled after the area was liberated by the Resistance and moved into the Freezis Mansion in the Kingdom of Marlon. Living there in Bariti, the family was visited by Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia sometime after and the mages lived with them for several months.[9] Sometime after they left, Yukina wrote a story about a snake and a frog while her father read his mail. After finishing her story, she had Keel read it and planned to write about The Daughter of Evil next, captivated by the recent Revolution against Riliane's reign.[10]

Journey Abroad[]

"Hm? Did you run away from home?"
"I'm not sure I'd put it like that, but... Right now I'm in the middle of a journey to broaden my views."
―Germaine Avadonia and Yukina[src]

From then on, Yukina paid close attention to people involved in the revolution and studied the event closely. In EC 501, she heard Elluka and Gumillia's names again when King Kyle added them to the Witch Hunt.[8] As time passed, Yukina wrote numerous books, published by her father,[11] and grew in fame as a novelist across Evillious.[12] Around EC 504, Yukina read the historical account of Will Jaakko and became interested in his writings about the "Vessels of Sin" and those said to be possessed by them.

Finding the name "Elluka Clockworker" included in the century-old text, Yukina became interested in researching the Sins and understanding exactly what happened with The Daughter of Evil and Kyle's current regime. Sneaking away from home, she voyaged to Holy Levianta.[12] While journeying throughout the country, she met a teenager who related the tales of Banica Conchita being possessed by a red wine glass that made her into an "Evil Food Eater".[13] She later entered Asmodean and investigated the Venomania Mansion ruins in Lasaland but found nothing.

While there, Yukina received instruction for proper fencing from a group of mercenaries before crossing over to Lucifenia; deciding to cross over into the Beelzenian Empire,[12] Yukina checked into a hotel at Retasan Fortress and stayed there for three days before approaching the gate to Beelzenia. On the way, her hat was blown off in the wind but a soldier, really Riliane Mouchet, caught it for her. Although trying to pass through the front gate, she was ultimately denied passage by the two guards on duty. Although trying to bribe one of the guards for passage, she was told that his "demonic" superior, Commander Mouchet, would never allow him to be bribed.

Yukina following after Lily

Yukina finally gave up and returned to the hotel, where she went to have supper. Spying Riliane Mouchet from earlier, she sat down to dinner with her and shared her experiences in Retasan; she soon learned that Marlon's Lucifenia and Beelzenia currently faced friction due to Beelzenia harboring criminals, hence the lack of traffic between the two. As her new friend introduced herself as "Lily," and not knowing she was really Commander Mouchet, Yukina eventually began to criticize and insult Commander Mouchet in the process of explaining her treatment at the gate. At that moment, when a soldier arrived to deliver news to Lily, Yukina learned her true identity and was mortified, although Lily brushed it off.

Over the course of five days, Yukina and Lily spent time together while walking through the streets and talking. On the fifth day, Lily promised to help Yukina get to Beelzenia; while shoe shopping, Yukina pretended to only be interested in the ancient city in the empire when asked about her reasons for going. She then came up with a plan to use the weight of her Freezis family name to get her passage to the empire and had Lily send a messenger to that effect.

Eighteen days later, Yukina awoke to the sound of Lily shouting outside and she learned that she had obtained permission to pass into Beelzenia. Brought to the gates, Yukina watched her friend hurriedly bark orders for the gates to be opened and she learned that King Kyle had ordered troops to arrive that afternoon. As Yukina prepared to go, Lily directed her to go to Rucolebeni and the girl received her permit. She afterwards said her farewells to Lily and departed into Beelzenia.[12]

The Footsteps of Conchita[]

"Right! I've got it! I'm going to spend some time here with everyone for a while!"

Ignoring a summons to the Imperial City, Yukina arrived in Rucolebeni and visited the Conchita Mansion, although she failed to find the Glass of Conchita inside. While she gawked at the landscape, she met with Gumillia and the two had an eager reunion. After staying with Gumillia at a hotel, Yukina had her agree to help her meet the revolutionary hero Germaine Avadonia the next day, and they set out to meet up with Chartette Langley. On the way, Yukina learned about what had happened to Gumillia since they last met, how she had become the adviser to the Beelzenian Emperor after Elluka went missing and Kyle began his Witch Hunt.

Arriving at the cemetery, Yukina was introduced to Chartette Langley and subsequently learned that the woman was a big fan of hers. On the way to the camp, she also learned more about Chartette's heroism during the revolution. Once they arrived, they entered headquarters looking for Germaine while Chartette explained how the original resistance army became Beelzenian soldiers and she became their captain. Inside headquarters, Yukina was reintroduced to York and met his son-in-law Minage Le Corbusier. Ultimately, finding that Germaine wasn't in headquarters, Yukina went to look around while Gumillia left the camp and Chartette was caught up in work.

Not long after, Yukina found Germaine passed out by the trees in a drunken stupor. Tending to her, Yukina chatted with Germaine and learned how Kyle's had suddenly begun trying to eradicate her and the Resistance. She also learned that Kyle's belief, that Germaine had murdered Michaela to incite the revolution, was false. Yukina then decided to live with the Langley troops to better acquaint herself with them and Germaine,[8] obtaining permission from the Beelzenian Emperor to stay. As Yukina decided to tour the country and learn more about Banica Conchita, the emperor appointed Duke Oruhari to be her guide.

Yukina cowering behind Chartette

Over time, the Duke took Yukina across Grabia to visit places associated with the famed Evil Food Eater; two weeks since meeting the Langley Unit, he took her to Crescent Moon Sea, after which Yukina decided to drop her investigation into Banica and focus on Princess Riliane, returning to the Langley Encampment. During this time, she agreed to meet Gumillia at the capital city. The next day, Yukina told Chartette of her approaching meeting; as Chartette needed to go to the capital too, the two departed and walked through the graveyard together.

Uneasy, Yukina chatted with Chartette until they spotted the hostile Ney Phutapie, a former maid that had worked with Chartette, through the fog. Yukina watched as she and Chartette exchanged banter and Ney revealed that the armistice between Marlon and Beelzenia had ended. When Ney shifted her attention to Yukina, Chartette furiously interrupted before Yukina could introduce herself. As the manic woman began taunting them both, she poured wine onto the ground from what was really the Glass of Conchita, and the unwitting Yukina and Chartette fled to Rucolebeni.[5]

Arriving in town, Yukina and Chartette breathlessly discussed what they had just seen agreed to continue on to the capital, conversing about Ney's behavior and new position as a soldier. They then came upon a figure attacking the citizens; when Chartette went to handle the situation, Yukina realized that the figure was a white humanoid monster. After Chartette stunned the creature with her rocket glove, the two sought shelter by a bar. There they discussed the monster they had seen, before they headed inside and found Germaine. Failing to rouse the drunken woman, Yukina directed Chartette to borrow her sword.

Not long after, the monster approached and Chartette went outside to fight it; meanwhile, the bartender confided to Yukina that the creature was her son who had died of the Gula Disease. When the fight was over, Chartette and Yukina rested before the city guards took the corpse monster away, and then the pair traveled towards the Imperial City themselves. On the way, they noted the Beelzenian army retreating from the massive undead army towards Rucolebeni.[5]

The White Army[]

"Do you think that person was sick or something? He looked so bizarre. And he seemed to have lost his sanity."
"I kinda doubt it was a person to begin with."
―Yukina and Chartette[src]

Finally inside the capital, they met with Duke Oruhari, learning that all the nobles were convening to discuss the white monster threat. As Yukina waited for Gumillia to finishing speaking with the Emperor, she listened as Duke Oruhari claimed the undead creatures were "corpse soldiers" from the Vampiress Vanika tale. After Chartette had finished her report, she returned to Yukina and explained that they had to prepare to battle, before notifying her that Gumillia was too busy to see her. Along wishing to tag along with Chartette, Duke Oruhari ultimately prevented this as the situation was too dangerous.[5]

Yukina tries to interview Gumillia

Three days later, Yukina snuck out from the Imperial City and became a medic for the Langley Unit, eventually spotted during her duties by Germaine. As Germaine began to begrudgingly allow her to help, the group was approached by Riliane Mouchet on horseback, who desired an audience with the Emperor. Following Lily back to the Imperial City, Yukina met up with Gumillia and told her about what had happened Ney, learning she was likely responsible for reanimated corpses using the Glass of Conchita. After Gumillia was called away, Yukina met with Lily again and learned how Ney had taken over her job as commander of Retasan, hence her defection.

After she and Lily chatted further, the latter revealing that the Emperor planned to attack Retasan Fortress the next day,[14] Yukina caught up with Gumillia in the halls. Although she tried to ask her in more depth why she was wearing glasses when she hadn't been the last time they met, the girl ultimately received no full answer.[15] Soon after, Duke Oruhari introduced Yukina to Bruno to keep tabs on her while she was in the city, not knowing he was her former butler. The child took advantage of the situation and had Bruno collect information on the battle's progress while she stayed in Rucolebeni. During her meeting with him, she learned her father may have hired him to watch her.

When Yukina traveled the Rucolebeni bar to see Germaine, she was surprised to see Lily there as well and questioned the two on their relationship to each other. The excited girl watched as the two former enemies talked and drank together, Lily eventually persuading Germaine to help join the fighting in Rucolebeni. Three days later, Bruno reported how the deadlock between Beelzenia and Marlon was broken and Germaine, her fighting spirit rekindled, staged nightly raids to undermine the fortress' defenses.[14] Two months later, he reported that Gumillia resigned as the Emperor's adviser and was staying at Retasan's De Bono Pavillion.[14]

The King and the Girl[]

"You seem pretty drunk right now, so I'll come by the palace tomorrow to visit you then. I just came here today to greet you."
―Yukina to King Kyle[src]

Entering Retasan, Yukina found Gumillia heading to Lucifenia to find Ney and the Glass of Conchita, having hired Germaine as a bodyguard. After talking with Gumillia and Germaine about this, Yukina invited herself along. Pointing out that Ney was likely at Lucifenian Royal Palace, she explained her plan to have them pose as her servants and let her status as the daughter of Kyle's friend, Keel, to allow them to enter. After Germaine and Gumillia conceded to the plan, they traveled to Rollam and checked into a hotel there.[14]

Learning that Kyle had gone to a banquet held by Corpa, Yukina went to the party and, finding Kyle in the courtyard, greeted her father's friend for the first time in years and announced she would visit his palace the next day.[11] Alongside her disguised compatriots, Yukina met with Kyle the next day in the Hall of Mirrors under the guise of proposing he negotiate Marlon's current embargo with Elphegort. As Kyle poked holes in her pretense, Yukina was taken off guard before Kyle brushed the matter off. The king then suggested she take a tour of the Lucifenian Royal Palace and she happily obliged, accompanied by her "bodyguards".

After wandering around the palace for several hours, Yukina eventually came into the Heavenly Yard, where she met with Kyle again; the two got to talking and the girl learned that Kyle kept one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia as a gift from his mother. Although failing to convince him to tell her about his other treasures, Yukina eagerly accepted when the king suggested, due to the late hour, that she stay in the royal palace for the night. That night, Yukina, Germaine, and Gumillia attempted to steal the mirror, before being discovered by the Special Maneuvers Task Force.

While Germaine diverted their attention, Yukina took the mirror and fled with Gumillia to Princess Riliane's room, escaping through its secret passage to the royal stables. Shortly after they arrived and began making their escape, Kyle followed after them and took back the mirror from Yukina. As she watched her former friend's obsession over the mirror, Yukina learned from Gumillia that he had been possessed by the demon inside of it. As Kyle and Gumillia argued over whether or not this was true, Yukina tried as well to convince Kyle of how much he had changed in light of his recent imperialist policies.

During their conversation, the girl watched with horror as Kyle underwent a demonic transformation; sprouting wings, the king flew off into the night sky.[6] Yukina and Gumillia met up with Germaine and, two weeks later, headed into the Millennium Tree Forest by nightfall. As they walked, Yukina ended up talking to Germaine about Kyle's terrifying transformation and was shocked by the woman's lukewarm response to it. After some time, Gumillia led all three of them to the Freezis family's hiding place, an old well used by the family for emergencies.

As Germaine inspected the well for some time, Yukina told her of how this was the site of Michaela's death; from Gumillia, she also learned that Kyle had been there recently, although he was long gone by now. After leaving the site, the three of them came across the grave of a soldier named Ayn and prayed to it before moving on.[16] Soon after, the demon-transformed Kyle tracked the three to the forest and Yukina witnessed the entire battle against Kyle. Later on, Shaw and his entourage appeared with a summons from Keel for Yukina and Kyle to return to Marlon; with Kyle, Gumillia, and Germaine, she boarded the Royal Victoricia that Shaw had sailed to them in, bound for home.[17]

Return Home[]

"Oh my! What a dramatic development!"
―Yukina regarding the pirate attack[src]
Cha17 yukina.jpg

The next day, during their voyage, Yukina went above deck and talked with Kyle; when the ship was later approached by pirates, Admiral Dylan and Kyle both forced Yukina below-deck for safety. There she encountered the seasick Germaine, and she brought her back above the deck to avoid her vomiting in the ship's interior. Back on the main deck, Yukina saw Kyle facing off against two of the pirates. As Kyle and Germaine prepared to face the pirates, Germaine weaponless, Yukina gave her a replacement sword that Chartette had given her to give to Germaine.

Afterward, she watched as Kyle and Germaine fended off Captain Yarera and his brother Zusco. She was then witness to the ship being attacked by a giant octopus, Kyle putting her under Germaine's protection until the monster was defeated.[13] Once the party arrived at Jamet, Yukina took a carriage home with her brother and two attendants while Germaine and Gumillia followed behind and Kyle proceeded to Marlon Castle. As they entered Bariti, Yukina chatted with Shaw and was saddened to see a nearby Levin church handing out medicine to victims of the Gula disease, which had spread in Marlon.

After they arrived at the Freezis Mansion, Yukina waited until Keel was summoned and she finally reunited with her father. After introducing him to Germaine and Gumillia, she learned that dinner was being prepared but decided to visit her mother and sister before eating. After talking briefly with Shaw, went to Mikina's room and Yukina walked in on her playing the harp. As she reunited with her mother, Yukina listened to her playing and apologized for running away from home. Aile then burst in to greet her sister, before straining herself from the exertion, and not long after that Shaw fetched them all for dinner.

After eating with her family, Germaine, and Gumillia, Yukina watched when the drunk Germaine ranted about their terrible experiences at sea, horrifying her parents. With Shaw, she hurriedly moved everyone to retire for the night. That night, while Yukina was going to sleep, she spotted Gumillia walking into the Column Forest.[4]

Battles at Home and Lioness[]

The next morning, Yukina learned from Keel that Prim Marlon and the mage Abyss I.R. had been responsible for manipulating the events that transpired. After Keel left to find Kyle over a week later,[4] Yukina was visited by Elluka, carrying a red cat on her shoulder. While they discussed what had happened, Yukina became concerned by Elluka's uncharacteristic behavior; after Elluka and Gumillia went to talk privately in Column Forest, she shared her worries with Germaine and the two were alerted to Elluka and Gumillia fighting in the forest.

Rushing to the battle, Yukina learned that Abyss I.R. was controlling Elluka's body as she attacked them. After a brief struggle, Elluka regained control of her body and the group returned to the mansion. Once assured it was the real Elluka, Yukina learned from her how Elluka had lost her body while investigating Kyle's possession by the Demon of Lust and the Demon of Pride, using the Swap Technique to leave her body and reside in Gumillia until now. After Yukina asked about Abyss I.R.'s identity, she and the others watched in surprise when Abyss' pet cat arrived, the girl dismayed to learn it had been adopted by Mikina.[18]

Yukina prays for Kyle's safe return

Later on, Yukina eavesdropped on Kyle, Gumillia, Elluka and Germaine in an adjoining room, learning he was planning to confront Prim and Ney at Castle Hedgehog. She later rushed into the room herself, begging Kyle to let her join him as well. Despite her protests, Kyle eventually persuaded Yukina to stay behind where it was safe, after promising he too would come back safely.[19]

Soon after, Yukina traveled to Lioness with Keel to help distribute the weapons he was supplying to the soldiers; during the Hedgehog Upheaval the next day, she remained at the castle in Lioness to avoid the undead soldiers. After the battle, Yukina met with Kyle, Keel, Gumillia, Germaine, and Elluka in one of Castle Lioness' bedrooms while Kyle explained what had transpired with Queen Dowager Prim and Ney.

After Kyle fully briefed them on the situation and the group took stock of the vessels of sin they'd collected, Yukina joined the discussion about what to do with Ney and helped convince Elluka to try healing the young woman's psyche with her magic. Later, she like everyone else was alerted to someone outside, which Keel went investigate before being knocked out. As the room was enveloped by a blue flash shortly afterwards, Yukina saw someone wearing an Almoga Mobarez mask in the doorway before being rendered unconscious. Once she and the others awoke, they discovered the vessels of sin missing, Keel seriously injured, and Ney dead.

Yukina later returned to the Freezis mansion and discovered Mikina had left home shortly after they had departed from Lioness. Combined with her memory of the figure in the Almoga Mobarez mask, Yukina deduced her mother was the culprit who attacked them and stole the vessels of sin. Over the course of two weeks, she used the Freezis' information network to search for Mikina. Learning from Clarith that Mikina had recently visited the Held monastery, Yukina wrote a letter to Kyle explaining herself and then departed for Lucifenia.[20]

Search for Mikina[]

"Furthermore I think this is a Freezis family matter. And since my father has yet to awaken, I am the eldest member of the family–so I have to solve it myself."
―Yukina in her letter to Kyle[src]

Yukina and Clarith reunited

After she arrived, Yukina wandered in the port town, unable to find the monastery, until she ran into Germaine and learned that Germaine had been released from service as Gumillia's bodyguard. After explaining how she was trying to visit Clarith at the monastery, she reluctantly allowed Germaine to guide her the rest of the way. When they arrived at the front gate, she watched as one of the monastery's orphans, Denis, confronted them over their business there before he was stopped by Clarith.

Overjoyed to see her old friend, Yukina and Clarith warmly greeted each other before the latter brought them inside and served her and Germaine tea. After talking briefly, Yukina requested Germaine allow her and Clarith to speak privately and the woman left. Catching up with Clarith, Yukina learned that Mikina had frequently visited the monastery and often spoke about the vessels of sin, having even visited just recently. Afterwards, Yukina chatted with Clarith over her adventures for the last five years.

When the two ran out of tea, Yukina watched as a young woman, Rin, came and replaced it. Not long after she'd introduced herself and Rin did likewise, she watched as the girl, who unbeknownst to her was the infamous Princess Riliane, panick upon hearing that Germaine Avadonia was waiting in the other room. Confused, Yukina saw Germaine enter and watched her share an awkward greeting with Rin before leaving. Although demanding Clarith to tell her the relationship was between the two, she received no answer.

Later on Yukina went to bed, deducing that Rin was actually Riliane before falling asleep.[21] Two days later, Yukina learned from Rin that Mikina was spotted on the beach and she rushed out to look for her mother in the dark of night, eventually spotting her being confronted by Germaine and called "Abyss I.R." Shocked, she interrupted the conversation and watched as Abyss, using her mother's body, tried to pass herself off as Mikina before Germaine quickly explained that she'd hijacked her body, her spirit having all along been in the red cat.

She furthermore watched Germaine locate the red cat in a shed nearby, and the cat quickly returned to Mikina's body. As Yukina and Germaine tried to intimidate Abyss, the sorceress brought out the Marlon Spoon as a weapon. During Abyss' ensuing conversation with Germaine, Yukina demanded that she release her mother as she tried to attack the red cat herself. Abyss, in response, began to tell Yukina about how villainous her own mother really was, only for Mikina herself to fight to prevent it. Abyss shortly after regained control of the body and, instead, forced her to speak.

From her mother's own lips, Yukina listened in horror as Mikina detailed how she had been coerced into collaborating with Prim and Abyss I.R. and had facilitated many of the events that transpired, complicit in Michaela's murder and Kyle's possession. Abyss then retook control and, as Yukina stood demoralized, used the Marlon Spoon to engulf the girl in flames. As Yukina neared her end, she heard the voice of Allen Avadonia encouraging her to survive, so that she could write the story of Germaine, Riliane, and even herself; as Yukina then tried to escape her dire situation, Allen reassured her that she would have help from his sisters.

Yukina witnessing Allen's spirit beside Germaine

At that moment Rin, having become worried for Yukina, arrived and attempted to steal the spoon from Abyss I.R., forcing her to release Yukina from the fires. When Abyss tried again to attack the group with the Demon of Greed's power, only for it to fail from the interference of the Demon of Gluttony and Ney. As Abyss tried to flee with her red cat, Yukina watched Germaine skewer it with her sword, accompanied by Allen's spirit. While Germaine retrieved the body, which turned out to be a stuffed toy, Yukina rushed to tend to her unconscious mother.[3]

Later Life[]

Throughout her life Yukina continued writing and publishing stories, several based on the incidents caused by the vessels of sin. During this period, Yukina wrote and published a fairy tale about Princess Riliane's terrible reign, entitling it "The Daughter of Evil". Determined to fulfill her promise on the beach,[22] she also published a book entitled "The Daughter of Evil", detailing the true story of Princess Riliane and the vessels of sin.[23] In EC 508, Yukina journeyed to eastern Levianta and was caught up in the Four Horsemen Incident caused by Neo Apocalypse.[24]

Eventually, Yukina reunited with Kyle after he became a painter and the two began to live together in Lucifenia.[25] Following the establishment of the Freezis Foundation in EC 531, Yukina began publishing her works under the conglomerate's Freezis Publishing.[24] Around the EC 540s, Yukina began writing her own personal memoirs. Sometime after Elluka and Gumillia departed for the East in EC 548, she decided to revisit eastern Levianta but, before that, to stop in Calgaround to investigate the tales she heard of Countess Mikulia Calgaround.

Accompanied by Kyle, she journeyed to the town and learned the folklore surrounding Mikulia, as well as seeing a portrait of her and her husband and becoming shocked by her resemblance to Michaela. After returning to Aceid, with Kyle staying behind, she wrote of what transpired in her memoirs, certain that Michaela's resemblance to Mikulia was no coincidence. Afterwards Yukina wrote the story of Mikulia, the "Flower of the Plateau".[24]


Following her death, Yukina's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there with her family and friends. In EC 999, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[26] After learning Keel was invited to a dinner party at the Lucifenian Royal Palace held in Princess Riliane's honor, Yukina begged her father to take her with him. The former merchant conceded and the two joined the other guests in the Hall of Mirrors before the girls ran off. Later during the festivities, Yukina saw her father and others collapse in the Hall of Mirrors,[27] before eventually falling into a deep sleep herself.

Yukina eventually woke up and gathered with everyone else in the Hall of Sounds. As the group discussed the Tasan Party soldiers surrounding the palace and her father brought up the possibility of conjuring illusory weapons to battle the soldiers, Yukina pointed out that they seemed to be limited to making illusions of things they knew from when they were alive, conjuring a gun and firing it at Lily to prove her point. Met with Lily's angered reaction, Yukina joined the group about to do battle.[28]

Later on during the conflict, Yukina stayed in the palace stronghold with Arth and Anne. Seeing Kyle demonically transformed once again and taking out the Black Box flying over the troops, Yukina expressed her worry that the transformation would affect Kyle's mind, although reassured by Arth. Yukina was then told by Arth the story of a prince turning into a mud golem, tipped off by Anne that Arth was really talking about himself. Yukina was later present when they were joined by Nemesis Sudou, watching as she defeated Black Box.[29]

When all the souls of the Third Period started singing the Clockwork Lullaby to restrain Ma, Yukina eventually joined in their singing.[30] After Allen and Riliane later created a new world with the Re_birthday function, Yukina participated in the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace[31] before being presumably incorporated into the Fourth Period.[32]


"Yukina Freezis was a major writer of fairytales whose works continue to be beloved by people all over the world even now, decades after her death."
―Hanne Lorre in the Schuburg Newspaper's 58th edition[src]

By the time of her death, Yukina had written and published over a hundred different books, with numerous other tales still unpublished. Her unpublished works, including Flower of the Plateau, were later traded and sold on the black market at high prices for collectors, known as the "Lost List". Yukina's fame immortalized her in Evillious' history, famed for her Freezis Fairy Tales, and efforts to recover Yukina's lost works were pushed by the Freezis Foundation; her personal memoirs similarly gained critical appeal among her fans.

Around half a century after her death, Elluka read Yukina's memoirs and promptly investigated her mysterious experience in Calgaround. After discovering the same portrait at Calgaround's library, Elluka immediately understood Yukina's concerns. The original copy of her unpublished Flower of the Plateau was eventually acquired by Second Dealer and given to Sixth Venom, who handed off the fairy tale to Elluka during her visit to Calgaround's library.[24]

Personality and Traits[]

"Ho ho ho. I'm impressed, young miss Yukina. You always have such interesting ideas."

Yukina was a cheerful and independent girl. Having developed a love for writing at a young age,[10] Yukina came to believe that the pen was mightier than the sword and was excited by stories,[12] wishing to document dramatic events for others to read or making up her own with her boundless creativity.[33] As such, she was constantly writing down her experiences or ideas.[6] This accounted for her love of the exotic that developed into a fascination with the occult,[8] although she maintained a healthy skepticism.[8] Yukina also was driven to seek out the truth of affairs that were shrouded in mystery so she could recount them herself.[12]

Yukina's interests led her to have a great love of books,[4] as well as also giving her a strong wanderlust that inspired her to go off on her own.[20] Intelligent and willful, Yukina was unafraid to explore the world, learning to take care of herself, and was undaunted by the political ramifications of her actions.[12] Despite this, Yukina was traumatized by tales of "Vampiress Vanika" when she was little and thus afraid of graveyards, as well as being forced to often stand on the sidelines of battles because of her small stature.[19]

Having been raised with strong values by her parents, Yukina was an honest girl who believed in justice and kindness. As such, she strove to be polite to those around her even if at times acting rash and "unlady-like", although she would accidentally insult others out of her own naivete towards a situation. She was also angered by those who hurt others for petty reasons, and wished to help others regardless of the risks involved. This caused her to become frustrated with her inadequacies in battle and saw it as a sign of her weakness;[19] she eventually saw her own writing as being her means to help people.[34]

Particularly after she began to travel, Yukina tempered her kindness with a growing savvy about the world. As part of this, she was although reluctant still willing to use shady methods to achieve her goals, like using the influence afforded by her Freezis name.[12] She also had an awareness of her cute appearance when older and used it to sway others to her cause.[20] Over time, Yukina's continued experiences hardened her belief that often times "coincidences" were actually "laws" that she had yet to uncover.[35]

Skills and Abilities[]

"And the story that Miss Yukina made was very interesting. That she could write something like that at just nine years old–! I think she has a natural gift."

Yukina was an intelligent girl with a creative mind; a prodigy in storytelling from an early age,[10] she constantly wrote and took note of her situations to craft into interesting stories, both fiction and non-fiction.[14] As her parents built on and supported her authorial talent, Yukina's works gained her mild popularity in Evillious by the time she turned fourteen,[8] and her tales made her famous in Evillious' literary history. In addition, her research for her stories gained her many insights into past historical events.[24]

Like her father, Yukina was very perceptive and a capable investigator, as well as able to make use of her father's connections in the Freezis Firm's information network.[21] Her journeys abroad furthermore gave her insight into the world outside of Marlon,[4] as well as heightening her sense of intuition.[15] While in Asmodean, Yukina learned swordplay but was not a skilled practitioner, and had little fighting ability due to her weaker stature.[12] Although not able to give aid on the battlefield, Yukina was more than capable of giving support on the sidelines, such as nursing wounded soldiers.[14] She also took advantage of her cute appearance.[20]

Character Connections[]

Keel Freezis: Yukina's father. Yukina had a close relationship with her father and enjoyed spending time with him, having him read to her or showing him her latest written works. She was willing to disobey him if necessary, such as in going out on her quest to discover the truth, but worried over his reaction to her doing so and did not want him to worry.

Mikina Freezis: Yukina's mother. Yukina loved her mother deeply and was concerned by her later disappearance, traveling to Lucifenia to find her. She was horribly shocked and demoralized to discover the wrongdoings that Mikina had committed under Prim and Abyss I.R's influence, but the girl easily forgave her mother.

Shaw Freezis: Yukina's younger brother. Despite feeling frustrated by her parent's constant attention to Shaw, he and Yukina had a close relationship as siblings. This relationship is demonstrated as the latter was able to be persuaded by the former to return home, while Shaw had traveled all the way to Lucifenia to find her.

Clarith: Yukina's caretaker and later friend. Yukina became enamored of Clarith's appearance and enjoyed spending time with her while writing or playing games, appreciating the company when her parents were unable to spend as much time with her. Yukina was noticeably upset when Clarith had to leave the Freezis' employ and would visit her in the monastery.

Germaine Avadonia: A traveling companion of Yukina. Yukina had a high opinion of Germaine's character, believing her a great hero for her role in the Lucifenian Revolution and appreciating her great swordsmanship. The two became close over the course of Yukina's quest and she was thankful for Germaine coming to her aid on multiple occasions.

Kyle Marlon: A friend of Yukina. Yukina and Kyle became friends as an extension of his friendship with her father, and the two became close over the course of her quest to find the truth. Yukina cared deeply for Kyle's well-being and wished to aid him with his endeavors, such as his confrontation of Prim. She enjoyed spending time with him, choosing to live together with him in Lucifenia after they were reunited.

Gumillia: A friend of Yukina. Yukina enjoyed spending time with Gumillia when the latter temporarily lived in the Freezis mansion, although she had difficulty remembering her years later. Yukina was delighted to see Gumillia again in her travels and stayed with the girl for some time, curious about how she'd changed over the years.

Chartette Langley: Yukina's biggest fan. Yukina was appreciative of Chartette's tour of Beelzenia and looked to her swordsmanship for protection when threatened by Ney, the two becoming good acquaintances.

Riliane Mouchet: A woman that helped Yukina. Yukina was appreciative of Riliane's aid getting her through Retasan Fortress and the two became good friends over the days they spent together, Yukina running into her many times afterwards.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Her personal belief that the pen is mightier than the sword is a reference to Edward Bulwer-Lytton, the popular English writer who coined the phrase.
  • The Freezis Fairytales may be inspired by the Brothers Grimm's fairytales, reaching similar fame well beyond their lifetime.
  • Yukina's name is inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Yuki, sharing the same four letters in its beginning.


  • Several songs by mothy are confirmed to be Freezis Fairy Tales; in The Daughter of Evil series, excerpts from the fairy tales are placed at the beginning of several of the light novels.
  • Yukina shares the same birthday (December 4th) with her Vocaloid.[36]
  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Yukina was voted as the eleventh most popular character in The Daughter of Evil Series by Japanese fans, along with Chartette.




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