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"Don’t say such selfish things, Karchess... If our relationship is discovered, we’ll both be ruined."
―Yufina Marlon[src]

Yufina Marlon was the Queen of the Kingdom of Marlon and one of Sateriasis Venomania's many victims. After marrying Prince Martius and becoming Queen, she had an affair with her favored retainer, Karchess Crim, leaving her treasured keepsake with the Count while journeying to the Beelzenian Empire. While visiting Asmodean, the queen was enchanted and abducted by Duke Venomania, becoming the eighth member of his harem.


Early Life[]

Yufina was born in EC 110 within the Marlon Royal Family, the only child of the King and Queen of Marlon. Later, the princess received a Golden Key pendant as a keepsake from her mother, wearing it on her person at all times. Yufina was later betrothed to Prince Martius of Beelzenia to forge a political alliance between the two nations for the nation's planned conquest of the neighboring Lioness. As the couple prepared their wedding, the Five Dukes agreed to help arrange it and the two were married in a lavish ceremony.

During the period, Yufina became acquainted with Martius' siblings Janus, Febria, Aprilis, and Maylis. When her father suddenly died sometime after, Martius ascended the throne as King while Yufina became his Queen. Over time, Yufina became dissatisfied with her husband. She also met and fell in love with her favored retainer Count Karchess Crim, the two entering an affair and regularly meeting with one another in private.[1]


"Don’t worry, I won’t be that long in my stay in Beelzenia. It’s nothing political, little more than visiting my husband’s family."
―Yufina to Karchess[src]

In March of EC 136, Yufina agreed to join her husband at his homecoming to Beelzenia, learning they'd stay in the capital of Rucolebeni for a few days before touring the country and meeting the Five Dukes for three weeks. Traveling to the port town of Jamet the day before their departure, the young Queen left Martius and secretly met with Karchess again and exchanged the usual intimacies. Realizing she would be discovered if she stayed too much longer she tried to leave, only for Karchess to stop her.

As Karchess pleaded for her to stay, Yufina chastised him only to be touched by his insistence to be with her. She gave him her key pendant to keep until she returned; when Karchess became angered at what appeared to be payment for ending the relationship, Yufina clarified that she wouldn't be gone too long and promised to see him as soon as she returned. She then bid him goodbye and departed, returning to Martius and leaving with him to Beelzenia the very next day.

After arriving in Beelzenia two days later, the couple and their entourage took a carriage and arrived in Rucolebeni over a week later. Once they entered the imperial palace's throne room, the uncomfortable Yufina silently watched while Martius greeted and praised Janus. Once the other siblings arrived Yufina watched the "pig" siblings converse, before the more slender Maylis offered to give her a tour of the palace. With Maylis' insistence, the two left the other siblings to catch up as they explored the palace.

As the two talked, Yufina shared with Maylis her dissatisfaction with her arranged marriage and questioned if Maylis had anyone that she really liked, although the other woman denied it. The two were then interrupted by Baron Tae Conchita, and a confused Yufina watched him discuss matters of massacres and madness in Asmodean before he left. When Maylis inquired about her future plans in Beelzenia, Yufina mentioned that she and Martius would be visiting Asmodean, the Venomania Family's territory. She then listened to Maylis advise she make her stay in Asmodean as brief as possible, as the area would likely be dangerous. After Yufina agreed, Maylis playfully escorted her around the imperial palace.[1]

Venomania Event[]

The royal couple later toured the various regions of Beelzenia, with Asmodean being their last stop. Hosted by Duke Sateriasis Venomania, Yufina listened as her husband discussed Sateriasis' father. When Sateriasis suddenly interrupted and asked how long they'd be staying in Asmodean, Yufina explained they would be staying the night at Marquis Marcs Donald's mansion in Lisa-A before departing back to Rucolebeni and then Marlon. The royal couple then excused themselves and left.

Later that day, Yufina and her husband invited themselves to the Donald estate, welcomed by the Marquis. That night, Sateriasis attacked the mansion and its guards, abducting Yufina. Enchanted by Sateriasis' gaze, she followed him back to his mansion and spent the night with him. When Sateriasis asked where her vessel was, Yufina, unaware he was referring to her golden key pendant, denied having or seeing any vessel.[1]

A New Marlon[]

"At present, Yufina is the only rightful heir to the throne that carries the bloodline of the Marlon royal family. It seems Karchess is amassing the support of the surrounding gentry with that fact as his backing."
―Elluka's notes[src]

When Karchess successfully stabbed Venomania later that year, Yufina broke free of the Duke's spell and fled with him;[2] hunted by both Marlon and Beelzenia, the two eloped and went into hiding. Plotting to overthrow Martius' reign and reestablish her bloodline as the rulers of Marlon, Yufina backed her new husband when he established a new, "legitimate" Marlon country, attracting the support of the surrounding nobles. Two years after Venomania's demise, they pulled a successful coup over Martius' government.[3] During this period, Yufina and Karchess sired children.[4]

World's End[]

Following her death, Yufina's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 999, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[5] After Allen and Riliane later created a new world with the Re_birthday function, Yufina participated in the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace[6] before being presumably incorporated into the Fourth Period.[7]


Following their deaths, Yufina and Karchess' lineage continued to rule over Marlon for centuries, eventually conquering Lioness and gaining complete hegemony over the entire Marlon Island. The Golden Key Yufina carried continued to be kept in the royal family's possession for several centuries, with tales of Karchess' triumph over Duke Venomania to save his beloved passed down to future generations since that time.[8]

Personality and Traits[]

"Please hold onto this for me until I return. It’s very precious. Treasure it as though it was me–"
―Yufina to Karchess[src]

Yufina was a proper but affectionate woman. Self-conscious of the political world she inhabited, the young royal acted prim and befitting of her status. Well grounded and mature, she had the sense to keep her public image unsullied and be cautious about any potential threats to it, even her own relationship with Karchess. Similarly she would never share her personal feelings out loud, such as her opinion that Martius and his siblings were like pigs. A proud patriot of her nation, Yufina also felt sorrow that her country's history would have ended within her generation, though accepting the political situation.

Despite this, Yufina wasn't emotionless, having a need for affection and the more exciting affair she had with Karchess. As such, she was unsatisfied with her lukewarm political marriage and disgusted by her husband physically, in addition to being frustrated by his subservient nature. She also greatly valued the golden key as a memento from her mother, considering it an extension of herself and rarely allowing it to leave her possession.[1]

Skills and Abilities[]

As a member of the Marlon Royal Family, Yufina had a great deal of political clout among her constituents and was highly favored by Marlon's nobility. She also a possessed some political tact and a proper manner for interacting with fellow aristocrats and royals. However, the Queen lacked any combat training and was therefore useless in a fight, relying heavily on guards to protect her.[1]

Character Connections[]

Karchess Crim: Yufina's lover and eventual husband. Finding him more exciting, cute, and of stronger character than her husband, Yufina loved Karchess and carried on a physical relationship with him despite the risk of their discovery. Although occasionally incensed by his carelessness and anxious that her political position would be jeopardized by the relationship, she was nonetheless touched by his romantic affection for her. She thus found comfort in their affair compared to her relationship with her husband.

Martius Marlon: Yufina's husband. Although appreciative of Martius' kind and respectful nature, particularly towards her, Yufina had no love for the man and was frustrated by his weak character as a ruler, while also finding him dissatisfying as a husband and like a pig in his corpulence. Although insisting that she didn't hate him, she nonetheless held no scruple against cheating on him with another man and later overthrowing his rule.

Maylis Beelzenia: Yufina's sister-in-law. Surprised by the princess' more straight-forward nature and beauty, particularly compared to that of her siblings, Yufina befriended Maylis and appreciated her sympathy towards her as a woman in an arranged marriage.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Yufina's surname, Marlon, is a reference to Mammon, the patron demon of Greed.
  • Her name is partially inspired by the name of her representative UTAUloid, Yufu Sekka, with both names sharing the first three letters.




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