Yatski[note 1] was a farming village situated atop a cliff in the Kingdom of Elphegort. Ruled over by the Felix Family and later the Blankenheim Family, the village acted as a major trauben fruit grower and wine producer for the entire Evillious region. It was southwest of the capital of Aceid and just north of the Lake of Amusement and the Millennium Tree Forest.


Early HistoryEdit

At some point before the late third century EC, Yatski was founded as an orchard village specializing in growing and harvesting trauben fruit for a variety of products. Loved for its high-quality products including the Yatski L'Opera wine, the village's wines were exported internationally to aristocrats across Evillious at high prices, allowing the village to prosper.[1] At some point, a shaman family settled in the village and provided healing and spiritual aid to the villagers.[2]

Reign of EvilEdit

In EC 499, the chieftain of the village was discovered stealing from the village taxes by his nephew and poisoned him. He then blamed the death on the hated Netsuma girl living in the village, Clarith, forcing the girl to flee before she could be arrested by the mobbing villagers.[3] After the events were reported to Earl Felix by the chieftain's son, Ayn, he was arrested and removed from the political position.[4]

During the Green Hunting in EC 499, a army unit was deployed to protect Yatski from the invading Lucifenian army and was swiftly overwhelmed and forced to retreat; the female villagers were soon after slaughtered by the soldiers as part of the genocide.[5] The village came out of the Felix Family's jurisdiction after the family was deposed from power by Lucifenian army shortly after,[6] replaced by the Blankenheim Family.

World's EndEdit

In EC 999, Yatski was completely decimated by Punishment. Following the end of the Third Period, the destruction site merged with the Hellish Yard along with the rest of the ground world.[7]




The lands given for growing their produce, including trauben; members of the village were called to the vineyards and paid to work allotted portions of the fields for a collective effort. As well as trauben, the broad fields grew grains also to be made into bread and alcohol.[3]

Clarith's HomeEdit


A small house where Clarith and her adoptive mother lived during their time in Yatski. Following the death of the Yatski shaman and Clarith's flight to Aceid,[3] the building was abandoned; it was later sacked by the Lucifenian army but left intact.[5]



The graveyard just north of Yatski. It maintained the various graves of the village's dead and was enclosed by the surrounding forest.[3]

Yatski HeightsEdit


The elevated cliff end outside the village itself. It maintained a road leading down the cliffside to Aceid. A wood grew atop the cliff, making it easier to escape.[8] From the heights, it was possible to see the entire capital city in the distance, including its individual larger buildings.[3]


A bar located within the village. Established at some point, it continued to exist during the EC 900s.[9]

Known InhabitantsEdit


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Yatski's name is shared with several real world Germanic towns and provinces in Europe; Elphegort is inspired by Germany.
  • The trauben fruit harvested by the town for its jam and wine is the German name for "grapes"; the fruit is likewise consistently portrayed as grapes.






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