Yarera III was a criminal living in the Lucifenian Republic and the elder brother of Zusco Jr. Kidnapping a young Lemy Abelard for an attempted ransom scheme, the brothers were intercepted by World Police Constable Ayn Anchor, mistaking the disguised cop as the Père Noël assassin Fifth Pierrot.


Early Life

Born during the 6th century EC, the child was given the name of his grandfather. Yarera III scrounged to make a living for himself, growing up to become a thug along with his younger brother, Zusco Jr.. At some point, he became familiar with Père Noël and its chief assassin, Fifth Pierrot.[1]

Encounter With Pierrot

In EC 606, the brothers hid in a dark alley nearing 1st Block and waited to kidnap a rich aristocrat returning home from the circus showing at Milanais Theater to sell for a hefty ransom. After a curious, finely-dressed boy wandered by the alleyway, Yarera grabbed him and dragged him into the shadows of the alley, intending to make him the target. Zusco Jr. confirmed he was Senator Julia Abelard's son, thus able to fetch a substantial amount for his return.

When the Lemy insulted his name , the thug became angered at the provocation, explaining that he inherited it from his dead grandfather. He then punched the boy in the cheek, telling him to be quiet. Zusco then chastised Yarera for the act, but the elder brother remained insistent upon his violence. The two then heard a voice telling him to get his hands off the child. Yarera's eyes then turned towards a young man dressed as a clown further down the alley.

After hearing Zusco's attempt at intimidating the youth, Yarera witnessed his partner lunge at the clown before quickly being slammed to the ground and fainting shortly after. Cursing at him, Yarera moved back as the pierrot took Zusco's knife and started moving towards him, once more demanding he release Lemy. Finally recognizing him as Fifth Pierrot, Yarera released the boy. Taking his unconscious brother's body, Yarera III fled.[1]


The Yarera Bloodline continued well into the centuries afterward, with Yarera III's descendants eventually adopting the moniker as a surname and establishing themselves as prominent businessman on the world stage. The Yarera-Zusco Firm they created went onto compete and almost eclipse the Freezis Foundation.[2]

Personality and Traits

Yarera III was a proud and rugged man. Having lived a life of poverty, Yarera was devoted to making enough money for him and his brother to at least get by. Lacking scruples with criminal activity, the man was daring and even willing to attempt swindling the rich or influential to get ahead in life. Despite his poor status, the man had pride in his name as the grandson of the original Yarera and took offence to the name being disrespected. Combined with his poor temperament, Yarera III was quick to anger and preferred using brute force and violence to accomplish his goals.

Aside from himself, Yarera III demonstrated a care and consideration for his younger brother, Zusco Jr. and made sure that both he and his brother were safe from harm. While the brothers were critical of Père Noël for affecting their own interests, Yarera was also terrified of the criminal organization's infamous assassin Fifth Pierrot and did his best to avoid directly offending the group.[1]

Skills and Abilities

Due to his large frame and physical stature, Yarera III was a burly and intimidating man, making him excellent muscle for him and his brother's schemes. In spite of this brute strength, he lacked much apparent skill in fighting professional cops or assassins.[1]

Character Connections

Zusco Jr.: Yarera III's little brother. Working well in tandem with his brother, Yarera III often had Zusco Jr. alongside him as his lackey, the two struggling to earn a living together. He demonstrated some amount of concern for his well-being, taking time to pull them both out of danger when necessary.



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