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The Yarera Bloodline, later known as the Yarera Family[note 1], was the lineage descended from Yarera of the Venom Mercenaries. Acting as common criminals for over a century, the lineage eventually became a prestigious family of businessmen native to Elphegort.


Early History[]

During the late fifth century EC, Yarera and his brother Zusco lived in Asmodean and took up work as mercenaries, joining the Venom Mercenaries led by Gast Venom. At some point, Yarera sired a child. After the group was hired by the Kingdom of Lucifenia in EC 500, the two brothers served in Rolled before being defeated by the Lucifenian Resistance.[1] Becoming pirates afterward, Yarera and Zusco attacked the Royal Victoricia before they and their ship was sunk by a giant Ziz Tiama.[2]

Crime and Coin[]

Yarera's lineage continued through Yarera II, leading to Yarera III and Zusco Jr. taking up a life of crime in Rolled. In EC 606, the two thugs attempted to kidnap Lemy Abelard before being intercepted by Constable Ayn Anchor and forced to retreat.[3] Sometime after, the lineage adopted "Yarera" as a surname and later established the Yarera-Zusco Firm in Elphegort, becoming wealthy merchants.

Sometime during the EC 800s, the president of the firm sired a son, Kiji. The young man was later assigned to manage the company's branch in Jakoku. In spring of EC 842, Kiji impregnated Miku Miroku with a child before her death later that year, contributing heavily to the murder investigation.[4]

Over the centuries, the family's business flourished, becoming a massive conglomerate by the 10th century EC. At some point, a woman married into the family, becoming president of the conglomerate and siring two children, Gusuma and Mira. Later on, Gusuma became deputy head of the conglomerate while Mira was employed at the USE Dark Star Bureau. In EC 962, Mira birthed a daughter, Michelle, before marrying the child's father, Gallerian Marlon, the following year.[5]

Known Members[]





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