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The Yarera-Zusco Firm[note 1], later known as the Yarera-Zusco Conglomerate[note 2], was a company owned by the Yarera Family. Competing with the rival Freezis Foundation over the centuries, it eventually grew into one of the most powerful businesses in Evillious.



At some point, the Yarera Family founded the firm, establishing its headquarters in Aceid, Elphegort.[1] It later began heavily competing with the Freezis Foundation.[2]

Eastern Operations[]

Around the 9th century EC, the firm established a trade house in Enbizaka, Jakoku. Importing Jakokuese products, the firm's trade was limited by the nation's isolationist policy.[3] In EC 838, the firm suffered a loss of its properties due to the great fire that struck Enbizaka. The following year, the president's son Kiji Yarera was sent to Enbizaka. The firm later invested in Enbizaka's reconstruction efforts. During the Enbizaka Murderer Scandal in EC 842, Kiji had the firm's employees thoroughly investigate the murder of Miku Miroku.[4]

Court Dealings[]

Eventually, the firm grew into a massive conglomerate. In EC 961, deputy head Gusuma Yarera had the company pay a bribe to Dark Star Bureau head judge Hanma Baldured to cancel the execution of Jorm Zusco. After gaining the president's consent, Gusuma gave Hanma another bribe to rule against Loki Freezis. Later on, the conglomerate supplied officers for the Dark Star Bureau's police force, Police Neutrality.[1]

Organization and Structure[]

Functioning as a business firm, the Yarera-Zusco Firm maintained a president as its chief executive employee and was owned by the Yarera family. Following the president's death or retirement, the position was presumably passed down to the former president's oldest male heir,[4] who was sometimes given the position of deputy head.[5]

Following its expansion into the Akuna region, the foundation also maintained branch managers to oversee its international business operations.[2] Aside from this, the firm staffed officers that could function as investigators for the company.[4] Following its expansion, the Yarera-Zusco Conglomerate had an affiliate blimp company; it also supplied officers for Police Neutrality.[1]

Known Members[]


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The firm's name is derived from the ancestors of its founders, Yarera and Zusco.
  • In business, a firm is a private company that works for the purpose of economical profit; meanwhile, a conglomerate is defined as a corporation that is made up of a number of different, seemingly unrelated businesses.




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