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"You don't mean 'Please stop', do you? You mean 'Please harass me some more'! Gya ha ha!"
―Yarera sexually harassing a waitress[src]

Yarera was a member of the Venom Mercenaries and the older brother of Zusco. Joining the legendary Gast Venom as part of his mercenary army, Yarera was hired by the Lucifenian Royal Palace as an extra soldier in the wake of political unrest within the Kingdom of Lucifenia. Raping and pillaging as they pleased, he and his brother unintentionally sparked the Lucifenian Revolution.


Early History[]

Born in Asmodean sometime during the 5th century EC, Yarera and his younger brother Zusco grew up as warriors, learning swordplay and a special technique to travel by wire.[1] The two eventually joined the traveling Venom Mercenaries and worked under the group's leader, Gast Venom. Causing mayhem wherever they went, the brothers and their group became infamous across the Evillious region.[2]

Service Abroad[]

"Listen up, we're the soldiers protecting this country! To take money from ones as great as us... Don't you think it's presumptuous?"
"It's as my big brother Yarera says! Rather, you should be telling us our money's no good here and to come over every day!"
―Yarera and Zusco[src]

In EC 500, Yarera and Zusco accompanied Gast during his visit to Keel Freezis at his mansion in Elphegort to negotiate buying the Venom Sword he desired. Instructed by their head to wait outside the premises, the two eventually got bored of waiting and entered the main gates to meet with him, seeing him come back empty handed. After being chastised for not waiting, the two learned that Keel had refused to sell the sword and, at Gast's command, followed him off the mansion's premises.[3]

Later that year, the Venom Mercenaries were hired by the Kingdom of Lucifenia to make up for its shortage of domestic troops during the Lucifenia-Elphegort War. Yarera and Zusco took up posts in Rolled and were among the rest of the mercenaries who raped and pillaged as they pleased under the royal palace's authority.[2] During this time, Yarera met and entered a relationship with a woman who later conceived his child.[4]

One day, the two visited a tavern in Milanais Square and drank heavily, entering into an argument with the tavern owner over paying their tab. After Yarera kicked the man in the stomach, the two left, satisfied, without paying. The two later returned to the tavern on another day, noting how crowded it was this time. After becoming drunk once more, Yarera watched his brother harassing a waitress and laughed, mocking her pleas for him to stop.

Once a one-eyed man kicked Zusco in the face, Yarera tried to intervene only to be pummeled mercilessly by his female companion; the woman continued to beat him up until Zusco returned with the other mercenaries. After they were all surrounded by the patrons of the bar, the mercenaries were tied up and brought outside the tavern and witnessed the woman, Germaine Avadonia, announce the start of their revolution before the crowd in Milanais Square. Shortly after, the revolutionaries threw Yarera and his brother into the Orgo River along with the other mercenaries.[2]

The Pirate's Life[]

"Ye scallywags! This ship is being commandeered by th' Yarera pirate crew! Surrender quietly and hand us all yer loot and food!"
―Captain Yarera[src]

After surviving the ordeal, Yarera became captain of his own pirate ship, with Zusco as his first mate, and the two led the "Yarera Pirates" in plundering the Hark Sea. In EC 505, the two were offered a substantial amount of money by Abyss I.R. to abduct a blue-haired man voyaging to Marlon. Seeing the money as their chance to get out of piracy, the former mercenaries accepted and the pirate band set out in six ships for the Royal Victoricia.

Approaching the Marlon vessel and assuming it was a merchant ship, the pirates fired their cannons at the Royal Victoricia and continued to approach even as the vessel sank their other ships one by one. After ramming into the side of the Royal Victoricia, Yarera called out to the enemy admiral and declared their ship commandeering of the ship; as, in response, sailors from the Royal Victoricia boarded their vessel, Yarera and Zusco quickly dispatched their opponents and boarded the Royal Victoricia alone using Zusco's wire glove.

Once onboard, Yarera spotted their quarry and prepared to do battle, briefly knocking out the admiral of the ship while Zusco secured the blue haired man, Kyle Marlon, as their hostage. As he called for the sailors to return to their own vessel, he was eventually witness to a woman in red clothes vomiting on the deck and recognized, to his horror, that it was Germaine Avadonia. Determined to get his revenge on her for their last meeting, he poised to attack with Zusco and watched Kyle and Germaine prepare for battle before beginning his approach.

After struggling with the two, Yarera and Zusco quickly began to lose the battle while his subordinate pirates were captured by the sailors. Deciding to flee instead, Yarera let Zusco take him back to their own vessel with his wire glove and they began to sail away from the Royal Victoricia, leaving behind their captured crew. As they gloated about their escape, the vessel was attacked and pulled under by a giant Ziz Tiama, killing the brothers.[1]


After his death, Yarera's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 999, he and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[5] Afterward, the two were invited to a dinner party at the Lucifenian Royal Palace held in Princess Riliane's honor and joined the other guests in the Hall of Mirrors. Later during the festivities, Yarera inhaled the Eighth Gift in the palace air and fell into a deep slumber while Zusco called his name.[6] Later, when Allen Avadonia hired Gast and the Venom Mercenaries to help the Lucifenian souls drive back the Tasan Party soldiers attacking the Lucifenian Royal Palace, Yarera joined the mercenaries and commanded the attack.[7]


Shortly after their deaths, the giant ziz tiama that sank their ship was defeated by the Royal Victoricia.[1] Yarera's son carried on his name, with his eldest grandchild continuing the naming tradition while the secondborn was named after Zusco. Yarera III and Zusco Jr. later became booze-loving thugs like their namesakes, eventually attempting to kidnap the affluent Lemy Abelard in EC 606.[4]

The Yarera Bloodline continued well into the centuries afterward, with Yarera's descendants eventually adopting the moniker as a surname and establishing themselves as prominent businessman on the world stage. The Yarera-Zusco Firm they created went on to compete with and almost eclipse the Freezis Foundation,[8] and a prominent member of the firm, Gusuma Yarera, expressed pride at his heritage as a descendant of a pirate.[9]

Personality and Traits[]

"S-sirs, this just won't do!"
"Whaaat? You would take our money for this swill?"
" 'Swill' can't be that bad if you're swallowing it down!"
―A Lucifenian bartender and Yarera[src]

Having a nasty personality and no respect for others, Yarera was a cruel and impatient man who, as a mercenary, used his brute force to bully regular civilians. Regularly taking to drink, the man also would become even more unscrupulous once drunk, taking enjoyment in the fear and discomfort of other people, women in particular. As the leader of a pirate band, Yarera continued to harm innocents for money and held no sense of responsibility to his crew, willing to abandon them to their captors once he and his brother were able to escape.

Despite this, Yarera had the personality of a leader and was able to have six ships worth of men under his command. He also had a close relationship with his brother and appeared to enjoy staying among large crowds of people; additionally, he somehow was able to have a relationship with a woman fond enough that his descendants were named after him. While serving under Gast Venom's command, he did not afford any particular importance to their leader's whims and instead spoke to him on more informal standing.

Skills and Abilities[]

Trained in assassin techniques from a young age, Yarera was a capable swordsman and able to quickly dispatch his foes, making him valuable as a mercenary and notable as a pirate. In addition, he was physically strong and large, making him a powerful adversary. Becoming a pirate captain in a five year period, he also demonstrated leadership skills that allowed him to amass followers quickly, as well as skills in adapting quickly to his environment as he took up the role of a pirate captain.

Despite this, Yarera had a low tolerance for pain and was easily overwhelmed by more skilled swordsmen. As a pirate he also made amateur mistakes and could only handle low-scale targets; additionally, the swordsman wasn't especially intelligent, unable to recognize when he'd been deceived and often outwitted by simple maneuvers.

Character Connections[]

Zusco: Yarera's little brother. Yarera often had his brother follow him as a subordinate and trusted him as his second after becoming a pirate captain. Balancing Zusco's small size with his strength, Yarera utilized Zusco as a useful partner during their battles.

Gast Venom: Yarera's superior in the Venom Mercenaries. Although content to follow Gast's direction whenever he gave it, Yarera took a lax approach towards following Gast and didn't show him any particular respect.

Germaine Avadonia: Yarera's opponent. After their humiliation and near-death at Germaine's hands at the start of the Lucifenian Revolution, Yarera and his brother both harbored a desire for revenge against the revolutionary leader and so became enraged to see her once again.



  • Yarera is described as having stubble and being significantly larger than Zusco, while also wearing impressive armor during his days as a mercenary.[2]