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The World Police[note 1] was an international police organization established by the Freezis Foundation. Coordinating intelligence and officers from every government, the force helped manage security and law enforcement across the entirety of Evillious, especially in international disputes. The police cracked down on criminal activity threatening the interests of the governments and business active in the region.



Following negotiations between Freezis Foundation CEO Shaw Freezis and all the Evillious governments, the World Police was established in EC 573, headquartered in Bariti, Marlon; officer Ayn was made the first commissioner of the organization.[1] Setting up a branch within each nation in Evillious, the World Police coordinated the local police networks into their central intelligence departments. At the same time, the Interrogation Execution Department was established in secret by the Freezis Foundation.

Alongside the separate national branches, the International Works Department was based at the headquarters and was given emergency power to supersede government authority for international cases.[2] With funding from the Foundation, the police began cracking down on criminal syndicates throughout the region. As time progressed, the World Police gained great success in putting down criminal organizations and helping maintain security for the local governments.[3]

International Investigations[]

After several of the original manuscripts of Yukina Freezis' lost works were discovered being sold on the black market, the foundation issued a Lost List naming all missing manuscripts for the public to be turned in upon discovery. As the years progressed, the foundation had the World Police mercilessly crack down on copyright defilers and criminal syndicates illegally distributing the famous novels.[4]

Sometime during the EC 590s, the World Police became aware of the criminal organization Père Noël and began to investigate the crime syndicate and its supposed members.[4] In EC 597, the World Police opened a case to investigate the town of Lioness' sudden burning, confirming eye witness reports that the arson was caused by the famous mage Elluka Clockworker.[2] The World Police later began pursuing the fugitive Kaidor Blankenheim following the murder of his wife around EC 588.[5]

Following an attack on the deputy mayor of Elphegort on August 15, EC 609, the World Police's Elphegort branch opened up a case looking into the matter in Aceid, later involving the International Works Department. After discovering Père Noël's involvement, Chief Thomas Ackerman announced the investigation's findings that the criminal organization's leader "First Santa Claus" took credit for the attack on the deputy mayor.[4]

Toragay Epidemic[]

On August 31 of EC 609, the World Police's Elphegort branch opened an investigation into the sudden death of Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim. During the investigation, evidence to a potential underground market was discovered in the Blankenheim Mansion's basement. Pressured from the Freezis Foundation, the World Police halted its investigation into the supposed black market.[1]

On September 4, Chief Thomas Ackerman announced their findings that Kaspar was discovered dead in his home by his father-in-law, Dr. Marx Felix, and determined to have died of respiratory failure from tobacco. After Dr. Marx was discovered in a coma in his home on September 19, the World Police opened another investigation into his sudden coma and announced they would carefully handle his case in relation to Marquis Kaspar's sudden demise.

Determining from his autopsy that he and Kaspar suffered a mysterious disease, the World Police closed the case and charged Constable Ayn Anchor with the case's post-processing. On October 6, the World Police opened another case in Rolled, Lucifenia following the murder of Ton Corpa in his home and disappearance of the manager's idol, Rin Chan, adding the International Works Department to the investigation.[6]

Following the death of Shaw Freezis on October 17, the Interrogation Execution Department was tasked with informing Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre of their great-grandfather's death and escorting them to Marlon to mourn his passing. The Elphegort branch later opened an investigation into the mysterious deaths of the 24 orphans and staff of Toragay's Charity Institute that same day. Confirming Heidemarie's presence, the police announced they were considering all possibilities in the cause and were searching for Heidemarie's whereabouts.

Shortly afterward, the Freezis Foundation had the World Police enact a state of emergency and quarantine the town to prevent an epidemic outbreak, cutting off traffic leading to and from the town at all checkpoints. On October 19, the Interrogation Execution Department delivered the sisters to the Freezis Foundation and interim leader Bruno Marlon had Hanne and Heide arrested for suspected involvement in the Lioness Burning Incident and Charity Institute deaths, respectively. Later that day, the two women broke out of prison and escaped the Marlon island.[2]

On October 21, one of the police unit's blocking Aceid's checkpoint to Toragay were attacked by Hanne and Heidemarie while restraining a coachman from entering Toragay; the three quickly escaped the officers in pursuit thereafter.[7] In November, the World Police dispatched a team to survey the state of Toragay. On November 8, the World Police officially announced that all residents of the town had died to a mysterious illness, totalling over 300.[7]

Rolled Serial Killings[]

Following the murder of five prostitutes in Rolled throughout the months of October and November, the World Police's Lucifenia branch opened an investigation into the murders. After the Saintes Fauraux Newspaper reported receiving a letter from the alleged perpetrator, "Fifth Pierrot", the World Police announced their suspicion of Père Noël's involvement despite not yet confirming the letter's validity.[8] The International Works Department was later added to the case in early January of EC 610.[9]

At some point, Freezis Foundation Vice President Nob Nicole began cooperating with the World Police to find and shut down Père Noël's black market.[10] After the World Police arrested fellow Vice President Bruno Marlon on May 23, an investigation was opened into the disguised Kaidor Blankenheim's connection to Lucifenian President Julia Abelard and Père Noël. Kaidor was transferred into the Interrogation Execution Department's custody several months later.[11] After Kaidor's assassination in early September, the World Police opened an investigation into his death, involving the International Works Department.

On December 26, President Julia's son Lemy was confirmed killed and identified as the serial killer Fifth Pierrot.[12] On January 26, EC 611, Commissioner Hank Harewood held an emergency conference at the Marlon Headquarters, announcing they wanted Asmodean Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb as the suspect for Kaidor's murder. That night, the World Police stormed the Abelard Mansion and arrested the household staff as persons involved with Père Noël, opening an investigation into Julia's whereabouts.

On January 30, the Elphegort branch received a tip that Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb was captured outside of Calgaround, arresting him.[13] Later that day, they raided Pale Noël's tomb at Merrigod Plateau and arrested Julia as Père Noël's leader. Soon after, she was transferred to the Lucifenian branch under the International Works Department's surveillance until her death in March of that year.[14]


After Penry Marlon established the Dark Star Bureau in Levianta in the 9th century EC, the World Police began collaborating with the bureau's court system, particularly in relation to trials of international interest.[15] In the mid-10th century EC, as impossible occurrences became widespread throughout the world, the Freezis Conglomerate used the World Police to arrest their former ally Elluka "Ma" Clockworker in EC 944,[16] charging her with being a witch responsible for the happenings and charging her with the murder of Mata Corpa.[17]

They additionally began having the World Police arrest all of their other opponents and anyone else accused of witchcraft, to be judged in a series of trials.[16] In EC 958, Lana Ray was one of the individuals arrested on charges of witchcraft.[15] In EC 960 Ma, now a playwright under the alias "Kayo Sudou", was arrested on charges of witchcraft, illegal movie screenings, and assault. The World Police also began searching to arrest Ma's apprentice, an unknown male witch.[18] Around this time, the World Police arrested the serial killer Jorm Zusco on multiple counts of murder.

Later on, when Loki Freezis' crimes, including the hunting of human beings and attempted murder of Gallerian Marlon, were brought to light, the World Police succumbed to public pressure and arrested him for trial.[19] Since then, the World Police continued arresting individuals suspected of witchcraft, albeit most of them were found innocent by the judge Gallerian. By EC 964, the World Police had learned that head judge Hanma Baldured was Ma's apprentice and stormed the Dark Star Bureau courthouse to arrest him, only for Hanma to use magic to escape custody.[20]


Over the next few years, the public clamored for a police force unaffiliated with the corrupt Freezis Conglomerate. The Dark Star Bureau then established its own private police force, Police Neutrality, as a rival force to the World Police.[21] When the S.S. Titanis sank in EC 978, the Freezis Conglomerate pressured the World Police to declare the event an accident and barred Police Neutrality from carrying out an investigation. Following an investigation carried out in secret by "PN",[22] however, the World Police was forced to bring the perpetrators, the criminal gang Zeus and Bindi Freezis, to custody.

Later on, Jason Jack was arrested for the murder of the prostitute Medea Col, before a Police Neutrality investigation suggested that Nyoze Octo was the culprit.[23] The World Police also shut down the Graveyard restaurant on charges of not owning a license and serving dubious food to its customers.[24] At some point, the celebrity Scherzer was arrested for assaulting a woman and later released. When it was discovered he was responsible for kidnapping several women, the World Police stormed his mansion, arrested his staff, and rescued the women. The police then arrested Scherzer himself on several charges of kidnapping and confinement.[25]

In EC 982, the police in Rolled investigated a series of murders of famous individuals, although failing to uncover the perpetrator.[26] In early EC 983, Tony Ausdin was arrested and charged with the slaughter of the village of Zenosai and the murder of his fellow soldier Shiro Netsuma, only to be judged innocent later. When the Leviantan Civil War broke out later that year, the World Police sent in soldiers to quell the riots, to no effect.[27]

After the civil war, the leader of PN Bruno Zero was liberated from the people's army and then arrested and tried for his crimes in PN.[28] Under influence from the populace and the Tasan Party, Elphegort also created its own justice system separate from that of the rest of the USE.[29]

Organization and Structure[]

The World Police was headed by a commissioner and was composed of multiple departments such as the International Works Department and the Interrogation Execution Department. Due to being founded by the Freezis Foundation, the World Police was heavily influenced by the company and its owners.[1] Within the organization, potential commissioners were nominated and elected, although some could be forcibly removed from their candidacy.[11]

The World Police staffed intelligence and police officers from the different nations in Evillious. It also maintained branches in every nation and coordinated with local police networks in order to enforce the law in their respective areas. Aside from this, the World Police also possessed a central intelligence network maintained by local police officers.[1] As new, unrelated law enforcement organizations and judicial systems sprang up in response to the monopoly the World Police held, the organization gradually weakened in influence.[29]

Known Members[]


Conceptualization and Origins[]

  • The World Police may be based on the International Criminal Police Organization, or INTERPOL, an intergovernmental organization facilitating international police cooperation.


  • Despite being called the "World Police", it is unknown if the organization's reach actually extended beyond Evillious




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