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"I’m bearing in mind the fact that bizarre things can happen in this world."
―Willus Zorach[src]

Willus Zorach was an officer of the World Police and heir to the Zorach Family legacy. After losing his chance to become the commissioner, he continued his police work as an investigator for the International Works Department. Having slain Fifth Pierrot, Willus later investigated a series of murders in Rolled allegedly committed by the notorious assassin.


Early Life[]

Born into Zorach Family, Willus was raised in the facility deep beneath Castle Hedgehog sometime during the sixth century EC and taught about the Zorach family history; he was also taught of the duty of each family head to live in the underground facility, safeguarding the Freezis devices and other Leviantan relics left by the gods. When he was old enough, Willus attended proper schooling outside on the Marlon surface.[1] After the death of his father, the young Willus was made the new heir to the Zorachs to succeed the current family head, his grandfather; growing up, Willus saw an old woman named Angela occasionally visit with his grandfather.[1]

Seeker of Justice[]

"…Detective Zorach. I’ve heard rumors of you. That you were an excellent man, once being a top candidate for the World Police. But you lost candidacy out of your high-handedness, and smolder uselessly as an investigator for Justea."
―Bruno Marlon to Willus[src]

After finishing his schooling outside, Willus joined the World Police and made a family of his own, moving into a home in Marlon, although he continued visiting his grandfather in the underground facility.[1] Over the years, Willus helped solve numerous cases, becoming a highly commended officer.[2] During one of his visits to his grandfather, Willus found an advanced but broken revolver among the relics; with his grandfather's permission, he repaired it and kept it for his police work.[1]

Willus was eventually nominated to become the World Police's new commissioner; he was then disgraced and forcibly removed from the candidacy, becoming an investigator for the International Works Department.[3] Willus quickly became the department's ace investigator;[2] during this time, he taught fellow investigator Heidemarie Lorre how to fashion her a revolver similar in design to his own. In EC 607, Willus shot and killed the infamous Fifth Pierrot of Père Noël.[4] Later Willus became familiar with Ayn Anchor, a constable who had investigated the mysterious Toragay Epidemic, after Chief Hob Homer recruited him into Justea.

Rolled Serial Killings[]

"Obviously this is just my theory at this stage. But if the culprit is a member of ‘Père Noël’, then it’s hard to imagine that they’re just killing randomly. As far as I know, ‘Père Noël’ always commits crime with some profit in mind."
―Willus regarding the Rolled Serial Killings[src]

In early EC 610, Chief Homer assigned Willus as the overseer for the inexperienced Ayn to help investigate the recent serial killings in Rolled claimed to be perpetrated by Fifth Pierrot; the two then studied the eight confirmed victims, starting with the merchant Ton Corpa and then random prostitutes. The two arrived in Rolled on January 4 and checked into a local inn. That same day, Willus learned that another murder had occurred and headed, drunk, straight for the scene where Ayn was waiting for him. After Ayn quarreled with him over his drunken state and his lackadaisical approach to the investigation, Willus examined the body and noted the quick stabbing.

He then discussed with Ayn the motive for the crime, dismissing robbery; he quickly began to speculate that the killer was looking for someone but only knew they were a prostitute, possibly learning that information from his first victim Ton. He continued to speculate on possible motives before noting that the prostitutes all had the same late-twenties to early-thirties age range. Deducing that was the age range of the woman the killer was looking for, Willus announced they should look for the culprit's target rather than the culprit and search for women of that age range. On Willus' orders Ayn proceeded to check all the brothels.[2]

Over the next few months, Willus and Ayn eventually visited the brothel on Seventh block and met with its owner in a wheelchair; there they learned about Isabel Ismael, the most popular prostitute with a mysterious past. Determining Isabel was a potential lead, the two planned to interview her before abruptly learning that she had passed away, Willus discovering she had apparently died of Gula. During the period, he learned that she had been interested in fortune telling. Afterward, the lack of new victims cropping up in the city caused the trail to grow cold.[4]

On May 17, Willus received a letter from Chief Hob ordering them to drop the investigation and return to headquarters immediately. He also received a letter from Investigator Qyoichi revealing Bruno Marlon and other Freezis Foundation executives were meeting with political leaders at the Lucifenian Palace the following week. While looking over the investigation papers at their inn room later on, he spoke with Ayn over their lack of progress so far, as well as what he had learned about Isabel's death. Convinced that Isabel had been the killer's target, Willus was certain that his objective had been achieved.

The conversation then turned to Fifth Pierrot and how Willus had shot him three years ago, with the investigator noting that someone else must had taken up his name. Willus then revealed to Ayn the letter of recall from Hob, explaining how it likely meant Bruno was pressuring their superior and that Hob was encouraging them to rise to the challenge. He then presented Qyoichi's letter to him and the two determined Bruno was getting them out of the way of his meeting in Lucifenia. The two then headed back to Isabel's brothel to look for more clues, ignoring the recall order.[4]

The Unmasking[]

"We believe—that Vice-Commander Bruno is connected with ‘Père Noël’. And if that’s the case, then Vice-Commander Nicole, who has his eye on exterminating them, would be a sure nuisance to him, I expect."
―Willus presenting his deduction before the assembly[src]

After visiting the brothel, Willus had the owner reluctantly lead them to Isabel's personal effects in storage, and the two began sorting through the prostitute's belongings. Willus looked over a pile of documents, while watching as Ayn found a vial labeled as medicine and a crystal ball as per Isabel's hobby. When Willus discovered a list of names in the documents and surmised it was her customer list, he insisted to Ayn the worth of looking over her papers rather than searching for a weapon in her belongings. Not long after, he found another list of names with arrows between them, including Kaidor Blankenheim and Bruno Marlon.

Sharing this second customer list with Ayn, Willus determined that Isabel was in a different line of work before coming to Rolled due to its age and names on the list. Willus then learned from Ayn how Kaidor was Kaspar Blankenheim's fugitive uncle who had gone missing twenty years ago. Willus then instructed Ayn to head to Elphegort and investigate Kaidor Blankenheim's past, while he went to Marlon to hear more about Qyoichi's investigation into Bruno. Agreeing to meet in Rolled again that May 23,[4] the two split up and Willus returned to Marlon.

There he met with Qyoichi and learned Bruno had been secretly sending his subordinates to Maistia, the development of which was under the jurisdiction of the Freezis Foundation's other vice president, Nob Nicole. He also learned Bruno was making frequent trips to Elphegort and Lucifenia, discovering the man was frequently visiting Lucifenian President Julia Abelard and the Père Noël black market that Nob was working with the World Police to soon eradicate. The following week, Willus returned to Lucifenia and met with Ayn, learning on his end that Isabel Ismael was originally the fortune teller Yuzette Ora and Père Noël's Seventh Magician, who had apparently changed Kaidor's face to that of Bruno.

The pair deduced Bruno was part of Père Noël and plotting to have Nob Nicole assassinated at the Foundation's meeting with the Lucifenian government.[3] Rushing to the Lucifenian Palace, Willus and Ayn discovered everyone outside the meeting room save for President Julia Abelard, Nob Nicole, and Bruno Marlon. Realizing that the assassination was soon to take place, the two argued their way inside and burst in on the remaining three. Apologizing for the disturbance and introducing themselves, Willus revealed to the shocked Bruno how Hob had abandoned him and testified to his unjust activities.

As Bruno pressed him for evidence of Hob's claims, Willus changed the subject to Nob's assassination attempted and explained the evidence of Bruno planning to kill Nob and usurp his authority. He also pointed out his frequent meetings with Julia and his presence at the black market, suggesting Bruno was in league with Père Noël. He then allowed Ayn to take over and present all the evidence tying Bruno Marlon to Kaidor Blankenheim; shortly after, they had the defeated Kaidor arrested and sent to Castle Hedgehog for interrogation.

Kaidor was later assassinated in his Castle Hedgehog cell with a longsword in September; after talking the case over with Ayn, Willus headed to Castle Hedgehog to investigate it himself while Ayn returned to Rolled to investigate the new string of killings occurring there. By January 26, EC 611, the World Police determined Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb was the perpetrator of Kaidor's murder.[3]

Completing the Family Duty[]

"Willus. The time our family finished its role has finally come. There has been a revelation from God. Terminate the Freezises, he says."
"... Did he happen to say which Freezises, Grandfather? The family already on the ground or―"
"Of course, the Freezises for us are those."
―Willus and his Grandfather[src]

On January 30, EC 611, Willus went to visit his grandfather at the facility and learned that he had received a "divine revelation" for them to terminate the babies hibernating in the Freezis machines. Relieved to be saved from a life underground, Willus agreed to the arrangement and the devices were shut down, the babies inside killed. His grandfather then explained to Willus that the facility would be immolated in the lava below and, discussing their plans for the future, they prepared to leave it for the last time. Once they exited the castle tower, Willus' grandfather met up with Angela and the lovers departed together, Willus watching them leave.[1]

Meeting a Hero[]

"She’s gone completely insane."
"I’m not sure, I’m not sure. Perhaps by some chance she’s telling the truth."
―Ayn and Willus regarding Germaine Avadonia[src]

In early February, Willus and Ayn received a report that former President Julia had been found and arrested at Merrigod Plateau, claiming she was the "hero of the revolution" among other strange things. Traveling to the Elphegortean detention center where she was being held, Willus learned from a doctor's diagnosis that Julia was rapidly aging and would die in a few months. Afterward, he and Ayn entered Julia's cell to find the old woman claiming that she was Germaine Avadonia. Despite Ayn's skepticism, Willus patiently questioned Germaine and learned that she had been possessed by a witch over a century ago while fighting Neo Apocalypse.

The two later left the cell; as Ayn doubted the woman's story, Willus countered that it may be true in light of her rapid-aging condition, even citing a Freezis Fairy Tale his parents told him about a hunter who had ended up removed from his own time. As Père Noël was already crippled, if not destroyed, Willus convinced Ayn to sign documents allowing Germaine to be transferred to Lucifenia as she wished, having her placed under Ayn's custody.[5]

Personality and Traits[]

"Get ahold of yourself. Aren’t you supposed to be my overseer?"
"—Yeah, Chief Homer did tell me something like that. Well, relax, I don’t think of myself as being here to run surveillance on ya. Really, outside of the chief there aren’t any distinctions of rank in Justea. Even if you’re a newbie."
―Ayn and a drunk Willus[src]

Wlllus was an open-minded man, devoted to keeping order. Preferring to take life at his own pace, Willus had a laxed attitude and took a very laissez-faire approach to his investigations, sometimes looking at his tasks like a game. As part of this, he was a heavy drinker, sometimes even becoming drunk during his cases. He also took to heart Justea's lack of an internal hierarchy and treated all officers equally regardless of experience. Coinciding with his laxed attitude, Willus had a habit of repeating his first word or phrase in his responses at least once.

Despite these quirks, Willus was still a very responsible individual. Taught not to abuse his tools or abilities, he was a dedicated believer in fair justice and was particularly aggressive about pursuing corruption from within the World Police itself. He would also act more courteous and grounded in emergencies and did take his actual police work very seriously, even if appearing otherwise; he was similarly ashamed that he has ruined his chance to become the World Police's commissioner. Despite his significant abilities as an officer, he was also rather humble, downplaying his own accomplishments.[6]

Despite this sense of justice, and despite mentally preparing himself to take up his duty to take care of the Ghoul Children in the Freezis facility, Willus was willing to kill the frozen children without question to assure his own freedom to continue living as he pleased. Regardless, he was still a caring grandson,[1] and his experience with the facility influenced him to keep a broad perspective on magic and the supernatural.[6]

Skills and Abilities[]

Willus was an ace investigator, possessing years of experience from numerous cases. Becoming an expert in deductive analysis, Willus could quickly determine all the logical possibilities from whatever evidence was provided, becoming especially acute to minute details regarding the crimes. His skills in criminology extended to criminal profiling, swiftly breaking down a culprit's psychology based on the nature and history of their crimes. His analytical skills were so sharp that he could even use them when drunk.[6]

Aside from investigating, Willus was a trained gunman, employing the small, unique revolver model from the Magic Kingdom Levianta's era to great effect. Similarly, he was at least acquainted with knowledge of the advancements and incredibly magic once possessed by Magic Kingdom Leviantans.[1] Willus was also seemingly knowledgeable about Yukina Freezis' works and possessed a formal education.[6]

Character Connections[]

Ayn Anchor: Willus' partner in the second Fifth Pierrot investigation. Willus found Ayn to be a reliable and trustworthy coworker, although not sharing with him his secrets from his private life unless pried into. During the course of their investigation and afterwards, the two had an efficient working relationship, with Willus occasionally guiding Ayn towards the right course of thought.

Zorach (grandfather): Willus's grandfather. Willus had a cordial relationship with the man as family, and often visited him for both company and to prepare to take charge of his family legacy; as part of this, he also was willing to go along with his orders even if they seemed unbelievable. Despite this closeness, he wasn't aware of other aspects of the man's personal life.