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Welcome to Conchita Dining Room is a yonkoma manga included with the limited edition purchase of Deadly Sins of Evil: Evil Food Eater Conchita, released on September 24, 2013. The manga was illustrated by Tamara. It parodies the characters from the light novel's storyline, adding humorous exaggerations to their interactions throughout the novel.

Plot Summary[]

At the Conchita estate, Carlos is hired as the chef Josef, and greets his new employer Banica, asking her about all the previous chefs that had quit. Later, Banica, Arte, and Pollo attend to the mansion garden with Carlos accompanying them, talking about Banica's gardening habit.

Some time afterward, as Carlos prepares a dish, Arte and Pollo throw several items inside the pot, including Carlos' valuable teddy bear; when served the resultant meal, Banica finds it delicious. After being chastised for their mischievous behavior, the twins give Carlos an apology gift; to Carlos' own annoyance, it turns out to be a frilly apron.

Elsewhere, Platonic sulks in the Millennium Tree Forest with Elluka, the two trading insults; when Platonic asks about Elluka's age, the sorceress scares her silent. Platonic, having introduced herself to AB-CIR as a great thief and harboring dreams of an idyllic future, remains disappointed with her reality as Elluka's servant.



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