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The Venomania Harem[note 1] was the group of women abducted by Duke Sateriasis Venomania throughout Asmodean. Composed almost entirely of beautiful women brainwashed to be his concubines, the harem lived in his mansion's basement and were used to satisfy the duke's lusts throughout the course of a year.



In December of EC 135, Sateriasis Venomania forged a contract with the Demon of Lust, gaining the power to brainwash women. After the New Year Festival the following year, the Duke brainwashed Lukana Octo during her return trip to Mystica. After failing to also brainwash a witness,[1] Sateriasis had Lukana live in his mansion's basement in Lasaland as his concubine. Several days later, in February, Sateriasis tracked Mikulia Greeonio to Abito and successfully recruited the witness into his harem.[2] Lukana then began tailoring new, revealing outfits for the harem to wear.[3]

Venomania Event[]

Afterward, Sateriasis enchanted and abducted Lolan Eve from Lisa-A and later Mirigan Adi from Evnemi. In March, he infiltrated the Glassred Mansion and brainwashed Carol Shields, using the maid to help him brainwash and abduct Gumina Glassred.[3] He then added Hakua Netsuma, Queen Yufina Marlon,[4] Sonika Sonic, Lazuli Blue, and Priema Soap to the harem. In April of EC 136, the Duke brainwashed Lilien Turner in Mystica before adding Mewtant Lusha, Tette Cetera, and Rio Neja to his harem.

The Duke then brainwashed Mickina Olliba and Neruneru Nerune, using the latter to lure out Princess Maylis Beelzenia and abduct her as well.[5] At some point, Venomania added Yuki Kaina, Rindo Blum, and Josephine Francois to the harem.[6] Sometime during the period, Lolan Eve died. Once Annlee Sweets was brainwashed and abducted, the old woman began monitoring the harem's health.[7] At some point, Sateriasis impregnated Lukana, Mikulia, and Maylis.[8]

Later that year, Duke Venomania attempted to abduct Elluka Clockworker before being fatally stabbed by a disguised Karchess Crim. As the Duke died, his Lust spell was broken and the enslaved women quickly fled the mansion, leaving the harem and Sateriasis behind.[7]


Following the Duke's assassination, many of the women returned to their original homes unharmed, although some died due to fatigue. However, due to their connection to him, many of the former harem members faced intense persecution by Levin believers thereafter. The Duke's progeny suffered similar persecution in the succeeding centuries.[8] Rumors of the harem ranged from claiming it was as little as twenty women to as many as a hundred.[9] At the world's end, several members reformed the harem and stayed with Venomania at his illusory mansion.[10]

Known Members[]






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