The Venomania Bloodline were the lineages descending from Duke Sateriasis Venomania and some of his victims from the Venomania Event. Carrying his blood in their veins, they were burdened by persecution and inherited his Lust magic.


Early HistoryEdit

During the Venomania Event in EC 136, Duke Sateriasis Venomania impregnated Lukana Octo, Mikulia Greeonio, and Princess Maylis Beelzenia.[1] Following his assassination in EC 137,[2] the women escaped; later on, Maylis and Lukana birthed daughters while Mikulia birthed a son. Afterward, Mikulia fled her hometown of Abito with the boy while Maylis gave her daughter to Baron Tae Conchita and Lukana began travelling around Bolganio with her daughter. Mikulia eventually settled in a Lasaland whorehouse with her son.[1]

After Mikulia's death, her son traveled to Calgaround around EC 150 seeking Countess Mikulia Calgaround, whom he believed was his mother, before being killed by the countess.[3] At some point, Maylis and Lukana's daughters had two children each;[4] one of Lukana's grandchildren's lineage eventually settled in the Kingdom of Elphegort.[5] The Conchita lineage eventually became Marquises of Beelzenia.[6]

Conchita DynastyEdit

After the death of Duke Gastolle in the civil war with Asmodean in EC 212, Marquis Tetippea Conchita replaced him as one of the Five Dukes and gained control of the new Re Tasan province. Later in the century, Tetippea's successor, Duke Tasute renamed the territory the Conchita province. After Duke Tasute's death, Muzuri Conchita inherited the title in the late third century EC.[6] Around that era, the other of Lukana's grandchildren's lineage split into two more branches.[4] The duke later married Megour Glassred, and the two sired their daughter Banica in November, EC 296.

Following Muzuri's death in August of EC 321,[7] Empress Juno appointed Banica as his successor two months later and restored control of the Conchita province to her.[6] Between EC 324 and EC 325, Banica entered a romance with Carlos Marlon,[8] becoming pregnant with his son. After Banica devoured herself in August of EC 325, the infant was taken in by Elluka Clockworker and eventually given to a servant at the Beelzenian Imperial Palace.[9] Banica's son later sired two children.[4]

Era of ChangeEdit

Descended from one of Lukana's grandchildren,[4] Zenon Octo was born in Elphegort on July 31, EC 461 and followed by Sarah Octo two years after. Their mother committed suicide in EC 467. Sarah later died in EC 473 and Zenon left to Asmodean, becoming "Gast Venom", before being exiled in EC 477 and becoming a mercenary.[5] One of Banica's grandchildren's lineages led to Germaine on November 5, EC 480. After her family was killed by Leonhart Avadonia two years later, the knight adopted the baby.[10] In EC 500, while contracted to the Lucifenian Royal Family, Gast was killed by Germaine during the Lucifenian Revolution.[11]

In EC 508, Germaine was possessed by Abyss I.R. and used as her medium. Following the end of the Jakoku Civil War in EC 549, Gaou Octo was made the magistrate of the newly united nation's Izami region and the samurai family began safeguarding the Twin Blades of Levianta.[12] Around the turn of the 6th century EC, Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb became part of the criminal organization Père Noël.[13] After being defeated by Elluka Clockworker on January 29, EC 611, Gatt was arrested by the World Police later that day.[14]

Jakoku TribulationsEdit

Gaou's descendant, Gato Octo, later sired four children.[15] The eldest daughter was named Kagura;[12] two of the other children eventually sired Gakuga and Anan Octo.[15] Kagura later had her body stolen by the Demon of Envy at age sixteen;[16] trapped in the Twin Blades while the Demon fled and eloped with Nagare Sudou, the Octo family subsequently disowned her. In EC 822, "Kagura Sudou" gave birth to a girl, Kayo.[15]

Gakuga was disowned sometime after and later married Kayo in January, EC 838; afterward, the Demon of Envy left the Sudou Family. Later that year, Gakuga and Kayo had a son, Ren. The family was later caught in the huge fire sweeping through Enbizaka at the end of the year, killing Ren and severely burning Kayo and Gakuga. Following the fire,[17] Gakuga was recovered by a traveling monk and, suffering amnesia, joined his profession.[18] Around the same time, the Octos took in Kayo until the tailor recovered from her burns in early EC 842.

After swapping bodies with Elluka "Ma" Clockworker,[15] Kayo systematically murdered the Miroku Family with her tailoring scissors throughout the year before being arrested. She was later convicted by Magistrate Gato and executed toward the end of the same year.[19]

Evillious AffairsEdit

Anan's lineage eventually lead to Nyoze and Gammon Octo, who both joined the Leviantan military.[20] Around the same time, Ma took on the identity of "Kayo Sudou" and had an affair with Gallerian Marlon, birthing a daughter, Nemesis in EC 964.[21] After escaping prison in EC 982, Nyoze hid with Nemesis in Rolled, Lucifenia. In December of that year, Nemesis shot and killed Nyoze. Around that time, Gammon founded the anti-government organization Tasan.

Nemesis joined Tasan soon after and the two helped spark the Leviantan Civil War in August of EC 983.[21] Following the conflict, Nemesis was imprisoned and Gammon reorganized Tasan as a USE political party.[22] After Nemesis was released from prison in EC 989, the party invited her into the organization and elected her as its vice leader.[22] Sometime during the EC 990s, Gammon attempted to infiltrate Evil's Theater and was captured by its inhabitants,[23] leaving Nemesis to take over the Tasan Party.[22] Four years later, Nemesis became the dictator of Elphegort and plunged the world into war before destroying it in EC 999.[21]

Hell on EarthEdit

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the dead members of the Venomania bloodline residing in the Heavenly Yard were dragged back down to the earth as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[24]

Known MembersEdit




  • Due to Venomania being a demon contractor, his descendants carried the genes to develop Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome;[1] they also possessed Lust magic, potentially granting them unique powers.[12]
  • In Heavenly Yard, the narration describing the god Sickle's thoughts notes that many of Venomania's descendants end up directly involved in events relating to the vessels of sin, musing it could be considered their "curse".
  • When answering fan questions, mothy stated a descendant of a Lust contractor is more powerful the further along in the family line they are.



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