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The Venom Sword[note 1] was one of the vessels of sin, inhabited by the Demon of Lust. Duke Sateriasis Venomania was among its most prominent owners, infamous for causing the Venomania Event.



Originally, the katana was used by Raisa Netsuma in combat before it was taken by Gammon Loop Octopus and given to Adam Moonlit during the massacre of Nemu village.[1] When Hänsel and Gretel created the vessels of sin in EC 014,[2] the katana was used as the vessel for the Demon of Lust. Afterward, the twins released the vessels into the world.[3] At some point, the sword ended up in a village in Asmodean.[4]

Mage and Duke[]


In EC 135, the sorceress I.R. acquired the vessel after destroying the town in search for it.[4] In December of that year, I.R. offered the blade to Cherubim.[5] The man accepted the sword and stabbed himself with it, sealing a contract with the Demon of Lust. With the sword's power, Cherubim took on his brother's face and identity as "Sateriasis Venomania".[6] Mishandling its power, Sateriasis accidentally wiped his own memory soon after, driving the Demon into a half-slumber.

Sometime after, in January EC 136, "Sateriasis Venomania" regained his memories and the Demon reawakened.[7] With his power to seduce and manipulate the mind of women, Sateriasis utilized his abilities to grow a sizable harem and kill anyone who investigated their disappearances through his demonic powers. Over time, the Demon of Lust's brainwashing magic began to weaken in several women.

Later that year, the sword was taken by I.R. and the mage fled.[8] After that, Sateriasis was fatally stabbed by Count Karchess Crim, the demon left the Duke and returned to its vessel.[9] At the Levia-Behemo temple in the ruins of Magic Kingdom Levianta, I.R. dubbed the katana the "Venom Sword" as a tribute to Venomania.[10] In EC 324, AB-CIR used the vessel to change Carlos Marlon's face to that of the famed cook, Josef Crim.[11]

Daughter of Fog[]

Some time later, the Venom Sword was acquired by the family of one of Venomania's descendants and eventually passed down to Zenon Octo in Elphegort. After his mother committed suicide in EC 467, the orphaned Zenon used the weapon for killing and swindling. While crossing the Elphegort-Asmodean border in EC 473, the boy attempted to mug Abyss I.R. with the sword; he was then swiftly defeated by the mage and deprived of the weapon.

Abyss I.R. later gave the Venom Sword to General Shalgham in Asmodean in EC 477. Shalgham then gave the vessel to his stepdaughter, Yvette Jacobi. Yvette kept the weapon in her possession while acting as Zenon's, since becoming "Gast", long dead sister, Sarah Octo, in the Misty Mountains. When Gast expressed his desire to leave the Asmodean army to Yvette, the Demon of Lust possessed him.

Under the demon's influence, Gast convinced himself he had to kill Shalgham. Yvette then show the deserting solder the sword and he forcibly took it from her. The following night, Gast waited by the ruins' altar when Abyss I.R. appeared and the teenager attacked her with the weapon. Easily defeating him once again, she retrieved the sword and left.[12]

Story of Evil[]

Around EC 482, Abyss I.R. gave the sword to Queen Prim Marlon in Marlon. Using the vessel, Prim seduced King Arth while she visited the Kingdom of Lucifenia.[13] Later on, in EC 499, Abyss I.R. gave the sword to Mikina Freezis and the woman give the blade to her husband, Keel, for his collection. Afterward, the merchant stored the vessel in their mansion's treasury in Elphegort.[14] Keel later brought out the blade to show it to King Kyle in EC 500.

After touching the sword, the monarch became possessed by the Demon of Lust.[15] Perverted by lust, Kyle grew madly infatuated with Keel's servant Michaela and began to consider leaving his responsibility as a ruler behind and run away with her. A few weeks after deciding on this plan, Kyle sent a formal letter of rejection to Princess Riliane.[16] During the ensuing Green Hunting, Keel and his family fled from the mansion with the vessel and it was later stored in their new home in Marlon.

Afterward, Keel gave the vessel of sin to Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia in exchange for the rest of his collection and the mages sealed it.[15] Sometime after, Abyss I.R. transplanted the Demon of Lust from Kyle to one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia.[13] Later, in EC 501, Elluka examined the katana at a tavern in Asmodean and removed the seal after discovering the demon was missing.[15]

While the two mages attempted to infiltrate the Lucifenian Royal Palace later that year, King Kyle wrested the Venom Sword from before the two escaped and kept it at the palace. Gumillia later retrieved the Venom Sword from Kyle in EC 505 and it was eventually resealed. Later that year, Abyss I.R. took the sword along with the other vessels of sin assembled at Lioness Castle and removed their seals.[17] Eventually, the Demon of Lust returned to its vessel.[14]

Père Noël[]

In the late EC 590s, Julia Abelard gave the Venom Sword to Yuzette Ora in Rollam as part of her recruitment into Père Noël, with Yuzette forging a contract with the demon. Over the years, "Seventh Magician" changed numerous criminals' faces through the Demon of Lust's power in exchange for hefty sums of money.[18] In EC 597, Magician used the sword to change Kaidor Blankenheim's face to that of Bruno Marlon. Later on, she used the sword to change Mayrana Blossom's face to a slightly altered version of Julia Abelard's visage.

In late December of EC 608, Magician took the sword and fled from her shop in Rollam.[19] After Yuzette was killed by Gretel while possessing Lemy Abelard on February 11, EC 610, the Demon of Lust returned to its vessel and the sword was collected by Lemy and stored in the treasury of Julia's mansion in Rolled.[18] On January 26, EC 611 Julia took the vessel while fleeing her mansion and stored it in Pale Noël's tomb at Merrigod Plateau. Later on, it was found by the World Police on January 30 and stored in their vault.[20]


At some point, the sword was located by Anan Octo in the Evillious region. After the samurai died, his descendants continued guarding the sword over the years, settling in USE Levianta.[21] After the current guardian, Nyoze Octo, was accused of murder around the early EC 980s, the sword was confiscated as evidence by Judge Gallerian Marlon and stored in his home's treasury. Days later, the judge gave the sword to Ma and the playwright confirmed its authenticity before leaving.[22]

After the completion of Evil's Theater in December of EC 982, the weapon was transferred there.[23] When Gammon Octo was captured, Waiter used the sword to cure his curse. In EC 999, Lilith used the sword to stab Ma when she confronted with Nemesis Sudou at the theater. After the destruction of the Third Period, Michaela summoned all seven vessels together for Allen Avadonia. The Demon of Lust then manifested himself and became his guide, leaving his vessel.[24]


Similar to other vessels of sin, the Venom Sword served as a container for the Demon of Lust's essence and allowed the demon to possess or influence a host;[15] this influence mainly involved amplifying the host's passion, causing them to act impulsively.[12] As part of the contract with the demon, the user could voluntarily infuse their blood with Lust magic by impaling themselves with the sword;[25] doing so allowed the user to freely use the vessel's power without the vessel itself.[8] As a result, offspring produced by the contracted user had the possibility of developing HER and passing it onto future generations.[10] As the demon was the source of the Venom Sword's magic, sealing the vessel subsequently sealed the demon and left the object powerless.[26]

The Sword was unusually light and easy to handle, allowing it to be used even by the weak and inexperienced with great skill.[12] The demon's power could also be invoked to brainwash the preferred sex into becoming irresistibly attracted to the owner, regardless of sexuality. The sword could also erase part or all of an individual's memories via its brainwashing power.[8] Additionally, the vessel's wielder could use the sword to alter a person's face, allowing the holder to change the face to that of another person or create a new or slightly altered face. In order to do this, one only needed to imagine the desired face and swipe the sword's blade at the targeted face. However, the power could only be used once per person.[19]

Despite its power, manipulating memories had the potential of backfiring on the user if mishandled, erasing one's own memories and forcing the demon into a half-sleep.[7] In addition, the power was not absolute and could be eroded over time due to one's sexual, rational, or emotional responses to certain actions.[8] Similarly, while the person's libido was greatly increased, they were required to consume the life energy of others through sexual intercourse on a regular basis to maintain the power.[27] Like all the vessels of sin, the Venom Sword was able to kill a demon contractor through the Demon of Lust's power.[28]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The vessel's representative sin is derived from Lust of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • The sin's original form, the flower, is depicted in Chrono Story as a lavender rose, given to those who are believed to be enchanting.
  • Swords symbolize virility and have phallic associations in some cultures.
  • The sword's design as a katana is possibly a reference to Duke Sateriasis Venomania's representative Vocaloid, Camui Gackpo; Gackpo is often portrayed in official artwork with a samurai aesthetic.





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