So, this is my first blog post and forgive me for any mistake I make. I'll try to make it pretty and readable. Also, this is a mere theory, with lots of speculation in the middle of it. Not to take too seriously.

We know very little of the Envy epitome, as Mr. Mothy is yet to give us more information about it, but he left some clues scattered through many different places for us to make crazy, different theories. I will try to bring the pieces together and see what could indeed have happened at the time of the song.

Now, shall we begin?

Firstly, the basics. Kayo Sudou was a tailor from Enbizaka, a town in Snakeland. Apparently, she had a really beautiful black hair, so beautiful that made a particular sorceress really envious of it. As a result, Elluka swapped bodies with Kayo and stole her mother's scissors (Bad Elluka!) and placed a pair of fake ones in their place.

It wasn't enough, however, as Lukana's body was already possessed with the demon of envy, which was probably the cause for poor, innocent Kayo to commit a terrible sin. After Elluka left, she started believing that a man was her lover, who was being unfaithful for her. We all know that lovers in evillious are always the cause for destruction, specially the unfaithful ones. Oh well, in the end, she started killing the poor man's wife, stealing her red Kimono, his first daughter, stealing her green sash, and his second daughter, stealing her yellow hairpin. After that, she was like GOTTA WEAR THEM ALL she wore the clothes she stole from the women and presented herself to her so-called lover. What a shame he didn't recognize her. For being such a bad lover, she killed him. What a lovely woman.

IMG 1111

I'm gonna kill you then I'll rape your dead body so be ready

We all understand that her "lover" wasn't really her lover. But - and now we begin with the "what if"s - what if he actually WAS her lover?

Let's think a little bit once again. Kayo was so beautiful that even Elluka got envious of her body. Of course, this is all according to MA, and we all know that she isn't very reliable. However, let's just believe that she was actually saying the truth. If Kayo was so pretty, it is just normal that she had someone on her life. But then, Elluka stole her body.

Now, this is when I saw this. If we look at Ma's profile, we'll see something... Interesting and not that interesting at the same time. "Real name, Sudou Kayo".

Of course, you would say "but that it's obvious! That's because she stole Kayo's body, DUH!". I'll congratulate you on that reasoning. That is not incorrect at all. But for me, when I saw this mere sentence, I realized that Elluka didn't just take her body. She also took her identity. After that, Kayo was left in another body, and worse: She wasn't "Kayo" anymore. No one would recognize her. Not even her lover.

Even though many would say that Kayo didn't even realize the body swap occurred (despite it being so obvious) and that she committed the crime without ever knowing she wasn't "Kayo" anymore, I think that would transform her crimes... Less envious. So I made up another theory. Also, I'll be calling the family members by their vocaloid names (we may assume that the lover is Kaito), because my organization has seen better days. 

Kingdom luka

Look at me. Now look at your wife. Now back at me. See this? It's your wife's hea-- Kimono.

Kayo actually realized she wasn't herself anymore. She needed to begin a whole new life. And that was what she did, but her mistake was to keep seeing her ex-lover: who was now with another woman, after Kayo's "disappearance". You may say "but the children didn't have time to grow up!", then I believe that the two daughters weren't in fact Kaito's daughters, only Meiko's. That happens a lot, and it isn't that shocking. Moving on with the epitome.

Kayo wanted Kaito for herself again. She wanted to steal him from Meiko, because SHE was her real lover. Not Meiko. But she couldn't just say "Hi I am your missing lover let's get back together". She wasn't even as beautiful as she was before her body got stolen. Also, she had Envy inside her. Maybe she thought that, if she stole the prettiest thing of each of the females in Kaito's life, she would be as beautiful as she was in the past, and when she showed up for him... He would remember her, despite Kayo's appearance! Yes, that makes sense. It doesn't? Well, it did for Kayo. She killed every woman in the family of four and stole their most precious items, wearing them afterwards and showing up to her lover.

Of course, it didn't work out as she planned. "Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you", he said. After understanding that he would never come back to her, she decided to deprive anyone else of being with her lover. After all, he was hers. Not from anyone else. She killed him, and the rest... Well, we don't have any information on what happened next. Maybe she hid him in the closet and started talking to Kaito's dead body as if he was alive? Who knows.

Uff. That is my theory of what actually happened on the envy epitome. Maybe it doesn't make that much sense, and maybe there is a bit of information that may ruin my entire theory. It was worth trying, however. I'm sorry for any english mistakes, and don't forget to comment!

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