The Genderswapped EC Project is a fan-made YouTube project started by Lenfield on her YouTube channel (that doesn't share the same name, but it should be pretty easy to find the videos) that creates videos of her genderswapped Evillious fanfic by manipulating the pitch in Audacity to make the song sound male or female, these videos are often accompained by a summary and fansub lyrics in the description box. She didn't actually start writing proper fan fics until October 1, 2013 where she wrote genderbent versions of the events from the Original Sin Act II, and is planning on writing more in the future.

But enough talking in the third-person, I mostly wrote this post as a basic oversight of my fan fiction and serves as naviagtion to the fake profiles made for the charcters featured. Though it is likely that I'm under the influnce of that doll I got for Chirstmas because so far they're all pages from the actual Wiki just with a TON of words that were changed.

Timeline so far

Date Event
001 BEC Project MA starts
001 BEC Project I: Eve Zvezda fails



Adam Moonlit and Eve Zvenda disappear. Lilila TwiRight takes over the project
001 BEC Apocalypse Leader, Palea Noel is arrested for the murder of Cain and Abel and is put on trial where she is found guilty on all charges and sentenced to death. At her execution chair, she met a woman who looks exactly like her that offers the chance to live in exchange for particpation in Project MA.
Janurary 1, 000 EC Hansel and Gretel are born and the EC (no idea what they stand for) is established througout the Levin faith. However, Palea reflects on her life as a Ghoul Child and her crimes and runs with the twins.
001 EC Adam Moonlit, under the influnce of lunacy, kidnaps Hansel and Gretel, thinking they're fruits, and kills Palea Noel. After showing them to Eve, Eve snaps free from the Venom drug and tells him that he kidnapped two children. Adam realizes that Eve would go into hysterics over the sight of the dead mother, but is forced to reveal the body after Eve tells them that he can give the twins back to the mother. The later bury it in the middle of the forest and  raise the children as their own
002 EC Eldoh has a secret meeting with a young wizard named Elluki Cirkrassio, and the two became aqquainted
??? EC At some point, Elluki Chirkrassio and Irino Clockworker meet up while studying at Leviathan University (that is the only possible explanation for their connection to Project MA I can think of) and Elluki meets Kirillia through him. They eventually get engaged, Irino feels happy for them ,but is secret jealous of his soster's love towards him.
October 1, 013 EC After the murders of Milkio Eights and Dr. Leohart "Leo" Lee, security is tightened for the 7th project with Phedora Utkin. However, Elluki is murdered by Irino right in front of Pheodora and the security camera. Security tries to stop him ,but he locks all the doors leading the Patheon, unsafely trying to get the Divine Seed into Pheodore. Kirillia then enters the Pantheon by the power of Deus ex Machina through a lock pick she accidently carried inside and is horrified at Elluki's murder and Irino's descent into insanity. Her original plan was to lead the authorities to the Pantheon ,but then she heard a whisper similiar to her lover's voice telling her to put him the Ark of Sin. She does this ,but unwillingly causes the Leviantan Catastrophe in the process. Leaving Elluki immortal, Irino mortally wounded and descrution raging through the country and its neighbors.
Janurary 1, 014 EC Due to famine caused in Elphegort, Adam and Eve have no choice but to leave Hansel and Gretel in the forest to defend for themselves. However, they come under the influnce of the Lunacy and go back home only to killed a green haired warlock and his blue haired henchwoman. Moments later, Hansel realizes that they just killed their foster parents and tells Gretel about it. They then split their "fake, pretencious father's" body into seven pieces and prays that someone will cleanse the filth brought about by his action
015 EC Eldoh calls for Elluki (now with his  changed to Clockworker in memory of his lost love) to collect the Seven Deadly Sins in order to prevent the destruction fo the world.
116 EC Cherubmina is born to the Venomania. However, horrified that Cherubmina has another face on her cheek, she commits suicide. Leaving her father to hide her in the basement
126 EC Cherubmina was all alone, until she was discovered by her younger half-sister Saterjisa, remarked by her beauty and long purple hair. They quickly became best friends and would often sneak away from the mansion to play together. At some point, Cherubmina was introduced to a friend of her's namaed, Gumino Glassred, the son of a wealthy marquis. They were all the best friends, but one day he started making fun of Cherubmina's looks, saying that no man would ever marry her for some strange reason.
136 EC After hearing that Saterjisa was engaged to Gumino, Saterjisa became jealous and enraged. Suddenly, she is approached by a Netsuman man with a red cat and offers her a contract. In exchange for her soul, she can gain the power to gain the revenge she desired with the power of the Venom Sword. She instantly accepted, stabbed herself and forging a contract with the Demon of Lust. She then killed her family, and stole her sister's face and intentity, becoming the new Duchess of Venomania. With her new found power, "Saterjisa" becaming travelling around the Beelzenian Empire and abducting men for her harem, including Gumino. To make a long story short, she eventually kidnapped King Yufino Marlon and that causes Kachess to cut her hair short and dress in men's clothing so he can kill Venomania. However, while running from the mansion, the men were horrified to discover that some of them got Venomania pregenant and has been abandonding them in the forest so they wouldn't get in the way of her lust. Tests confirmed that three of the surving ones belonged to Lukano Octo, Mikulio Greonio and Prince Meitis Beelzenia respectivly . Prince Meitis gave his to Baroness Toyia Conchita, Mikulio abanonded his daughter at the steps of an orphanage and Lukano just raised his child on his own. However at some point, Lukano and Elluki switched bodies allowing him to inhabit it for the next 700 years.
141 EC Mikulio moves to Marigold and becomes an improvished flower salesman. One day, a noblewoman came to Mikulio with a propossal that Mikulio accepted. Before the wedding however, a leechous harlot started flirting with him, saying that he remembers that he saw him with a purple haired woman once. This causes Mikulio to kill her in order to hide the fact that  he was "ever in love with that whore!!!!"
144 One night, Mikulio is walking home from work when he is suddenly approached by a little girl asking "Are you my daddy? Brother Rindo said that my dad had green hair, so I came to Eldogort". Realzing it was her, Mikulio killed her and buried her in the same well he buried the prostitute to hide his secret.
November 296 EC Kronos Conchita is born
306 EC Kronos' mother, Musuli Conchita dies of diease
311 EC Kronos is engaged to Princess Carla Marlon ,but it is dissolved in Janurary a year later due to his strange behavioir
316 Kronos travels throughout the Evillious Region in order to find food-preserving methods to resolve Beelzenia's food shortages and found several new cuisines to take home.
August 319 EC Kronos shows up unnounced at the Gureibian harvest festival's tomato eating contest, winning by an overwhelming majority
321 EC Meguro Conchita dies of a heart attacking, allowing Kronos to take over the position as Warlord.
July 323 EC Kronos collapse from a mysterious illness and wanders between the border of life and death for three days. Growing extremely thin in the process
November 323 EC Kronos reveals his new slender body at Duchess Oruhari's banquet and suprises everyone attending.
November 324 EC Questions about the diease that made Kronos so slender began circulating as Kronos begans taking excessive amounts of comfort in the dining hall. Instead leaving the supervision and mangment of his territory to his butler Hellio and his maid Arte.
325 EC The Epitome of Gluttony results in the deaths of Josepha (really Carla Marlon), Helio and Arte, and finally Kronos himself. via his cannibalistic actions Elluki Clockworker is sent to invesitgate with an ex-thief named Organon ,but it was eventually closed. Instead assuming that they all fled to another country.
399 EC Lucifenia gains indepence from the Beelzenian Empire and establishes the monarchy.
475 EC Lucifenia declares war on Asmodean, starting the Asmo-Beelzenian
474 EC Princess Kyla Marlon is born to Antoinette Marlon as the heir to the Marlon throne
477 EC General Mardig defects from the Asmodean army
480 EC The Sanosun Bridge Oath is signed by King Andre Lucifen d'Autriche and Elluki Clockworker, becoming the Lucifenian Court Mage
484 EC Princess Kyla Marlon meets Keela Freesis and Mikino Sfraz at a banquet and becomes close friends with them.
485 EC Prince Rintoine and Princess Alanrice Lucifen d'Autriche are born
489 EC Kyla considers leaving the Marlon royal family to become a painter ,but Antoinette hires multiple art critics to criticize her and had her art tutor John assisanated. Forcing Kyla to abandonded her dreams and burn all her paintings that weren't bought by Keela Freesis. Including one of a sweet,little blonde boy
490 EC

The Goula Plauge starts spreading, letting Lucifenia take advantage of the oppurtunity and invade the southren countries.

491 EC
  • The six-year old Prince Rintoine is possesed by the demon of Gluttony.
  • Keela and Mikino flee to Elphegort and start a shop in Aceid that ends up unsuccessful. Eventually their first son, Yukino is born.
  • King Andre dies of the plauge, leaving Queen Alaina as monarch and the end of the Asmo-Beelzenian War
  • A political scandal resolves in Princess Alanrice being adopted by Dame Lolita Avadonia under the name Alena and the queen tells the public that her daughter is dead. Leaving Rintoine as the only heir
Janurary 492 EC Charles Langley is kidnapped by a group of bandits only to be rescued by Germanus and Alena Avadonia
??? 492 EC Mikino Sfraz aquires the Marlon spoon from Queen Antoinette
494 EC The King of Marlon dies
495 EC Mikino Sfraz's enraged father threatens to take his one year old daughter Shawna away. However, he uses the Marlon spoon to kill him and burn his daughter's back
Janurary 499 EC
  • Queen Alaina dies of the Goula plauge, leaving Prince Rintoine to become king. However he refuses to be called king in memory of his long dead father until he comes of age. Alena then starts working at the palace as a maid along with Charles Lanley
  • Meanwhile, Elluki foretells Lucifenia's destruction and meets up with Eldoh and gets premission to reincrainate two forest spirits into Michael and Gumillio. Michael taking the form of Adam Moonlit and Gumillio taking the form of the long dead Prime Minister Gumino Glassred.
April 499 EC Michael meets a boy named Romycin after collapsing near the Millenium Tree
September 499 EC

Michael and Romycin flee to Aceid in order to avoid a rioting mob wanting to kill Romycin for a crime he didn't commit where they are hired by Keela Sfraz as servants.

December 27, 499
  • Rintoine turns fourteen years old
  • Keela Freesis returns from the celebration and hears Michael singing. Deciding to feature him in the monthly ball
Janurary 500 EC Michael meets Kyla Marlon
April 500 EC
  • Lolita Avadonia is assassinated within the Lucifenian Royal Palace
  • Germanus with four others form the Lucifenian resistance soon after to avenge her death
  • Kingdoms of Marlon and Elphegort send aid to the Kingdom of Lucifenia to relieve mass starvation among the citizens
May 500 EC
  • Lucifenia invades Elphegort; begins systematic genocide of green-haired populace dubbed the as "Green Hunting"
  • Michael, the target of the genocide, is hidden in a well in the Millennium Tree Forest
  • Romycin is captured by Lucifenian forces; kept for questioning
  • Michael is killed by a "golden-haired assassin"; Alena Avadonia arrives to find Michael dead
August 500 EC Romycin is released after almost three months of confinement
November 500 EC The Lucifenian Revolution begins
December 500 EC
  • The Lucifenian Palace is invaded, the Son of Evil is captured by the resistance
  • Kingdom of Marlon implants itself as the ruling government; Princess Kyle Marlon become the country's new queen as she assures it is a temporary procedure until order is made
  • Romycin, now a monk at the Eldoh monastrey, recives a tree sapling containg Michael's soul from Elluki and Gumillio
December 26, 500 EC "The Son of Evil" is executed
Janurary 501 EC
  • Romycin discovers a starving orphaned boy near the Port City and takes him to the monastrey with the other orphans
  • Marlon annexes Lucifenia; Lucifenian Resistance fighters rebel as Kingdom of Marlon attempts to eradicate its members
  • Germanus Avadonia, former Resistance leader, is added to the Witch Hunt
  • Elluki Clockworker and Gumillio spy on Lucifenia; their names are added to the Witch Hunt after they are discovered
502 EC Elluki and Gumillio encounter Abyss IR and takes over Elluki's body. With Elluki's soul sharing Gumillio's body
503 EC Commander Antoine Mouchet is ordered to defeat Lucifenian Resistance; recaptures and guards Retasan Fortress with her forces
504 EC
  • Charles Langley becomes a Beelzenian Commander for the former Lucifenian Resistance
  • Germanus Avadonia joins former Lucifenian Resistance forces as Beelzenian soldier
  • Yukino Freesis begins travels abroad
505 EC
  • Yukino Freesis travels from Asmodean to Lucifenia's Retasan Fortress before heading to the Beelzenian Empire
  • The Kingdom of Marlon declares war on Beelzenia; undead army witnessed attacking border encampment commanded by Charles Langley
  • Beelzenia counterattack leads to the capture of Retasan Fortress
  • Queen Kyla Marlon attempts to capture Germanus Avadonia and co-conspirators after they discovered infiltrating the Lucifenian Royal Palace. Eventually she is possesed by the Demon of Vanity, but is turned back to normal by Michael's singing voice. 
  • Kyla escorts Germanus and company to the Marlon main island
  • Germanus and Gumillio encounter Abyss I.R. possessing Elluki; Elluki manages to wrestle control of her body back from the sorcerer
  • Antoinette Marlon is killed by her son, Neyro
  • Abyss I.R. is assumed dead after his stuff cat body is slain at Anonymous Coast
508 EC
  • Abyss I.R. possesses Germanus and, in conjunction with Neo Apocalypse, causes the Four Horsemen Incident
  • Battling Antoine, Abyss I.R. is injured and flees
  • Elluki Clockworker and Gumillio become involved in the Four Horsemen Incident
  • Charles Langley collects the Twin Swords of Levianta and travels east to Snakeland; reforges the vessel as a pair of scissors
562 EC "Rinto" dies surrounded by the orphans he took care of
609 EC
  • 24 citizens of Toragay found dead; Toragay is plunged into a panic
  • Elphegort government entrusts the Freesis family with investigation
  • Traffic between Aceid and Toragay halts completely; Père Noel is suspected of involvement in killings
  • Margarito Blankenheim eradicates his entire hometown of Toragay before committing suicide
  • Freesis Foundation investigation team is dispatched; Toragay is found in a state of ruin
610 EC The Serial Killings of Lenabelle Abelard begins and starts occuring nightly
Summer 610 EC VIII. the Sniper meets a female member of the Freesis Foundation he was tasked in assasinating and falls in love with her and become a couple by fall.
Winter 610 EC
  • After VII. the Magician is labeled a traitor and flees, Lenabelle is killed by VIII. the Sniper during his next nightly murder mission
  • I. the Santa orders VIII. the Sniper to kill his lover; Gumillio completes the mission before committing suicide
  • Elluki is given a letter from Irino, challenging him to a duel
611 EC Battle of Marigold Plateau ensues between Elluki and Irino; "Jules" is killed for the last time
842 EC In the eastern island nation of Snakeland, Kayou Sudo performs serial murders in Enbizaka.
872 EC Aishikeru Treaty Signed between Marlon, Levianta, Elphegort, Lucifenia, forming the Union State of Evillious
978 EC USE Chief Justice Gallerina Marlon's husband and son die in boat accident
980 EC
  • Gallerina speaks with a closest friend, Ve, about the Seven Deadly Sins
  • The judge begins collecting the Seven Deadly Sins
982 EC Gallerina constructs a theater at the center of the Millennium Tree Forest
August 983 EC
  • Gallerina Marlon judges General Umono Ausdin innocent of wars crimes
  • Levianta Civil War erupts; Gallerina and General Ausdin are killed
  • Ve takes Gallerina's collection and stores them in her movie theater
990 EC
  • Strange singing from the forest results in adventurers entering the Millennium Tree Forest in search for Gallerina's treasure
  • Rumors spread of the forest becoming a forest of no return: Evil's Forest
998 EC A meeting is held between theater inhabitants in search of the last vessel

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