There are several Evillious reversal fics, ranging from Riliane and Alexiel switching places to Michalea being discriminated for her green hair until Clarith came along. And this fan fic is basically going all out and is basically the Mirror Universe from Star Trek or Bizarro World from the DC Universe. A lot of commentors gave suggestions for an idea of reversed sinners, which I was skeptical about at first. It doesn't help that KAITO was involved in a lot of incidents, hence the phrase "IT'S ALL KAITO'S FAULT!!!". But then I got the idea to do this fan fic in the exact opposite of the release order. Like so:

  • Lust=GUMI
  • Gluttony=KAITO
  • Pride=Neru (It counts since she's a Miku derivative)
  • Sloth=Gackpo (oh dear O_O)
  • Envy= Iroha (since TSoE came before Venomania and Irina and Elluka switched roles in this version)
  • Greed=MEIKO
  • Wrath=Rin (Is it....A GRETEL WHO DID THIS!?

And here's some other reversals

  • Irina is now the heroine and Elluka is now EL
  • Eve Zvenda is now the real mother of Hansel and Gretel and Meta Moonlit commits the Original Sin. So pretty much: Good news is that there's more KaitoXMeiko, the bad news is that the Original Sin still happened!, the changes were not for the better.
  • Maybe Ly Li is a prostitute while Milky is an aristocrat...maybe.
  • The Demon of Sloth originally possesed Venomania's mother ,but after dying in child birth the demon possesed her son. Which is why the Clockworker's Doll is Gackpo
  • Sateriasis the only child of the Venomanias and Gumina is deformed (one commentor suggested the idea of Gumina having another arm since Seraphs have six wings. I'm thinking of a smaller arm on one arm and maybe six fingers on the other). I guess I unintentionally flipped her the bird by putting her in Cherubim's shoes.
  • Cherubim exists, he just has no deformities or realationship with Sateriasis other than being his servant. So he's pretty much like Carol Shields in this universe.
  • Rajih is now a Glassred victim
  • Lilien is replaced with a girl with salmon colored hair named Iris (think of those pictures that have Iroha with orange hair and you'll hopefully get my drift)
  • I was thinking about adding two OCs inspired by this cover of LoDV with Gumi ,the problem is that they have very stupid names. Got any name suggestions for Yuuma and Piko that aren't Yumino and Pikono?
  • Kachess is now a Glassred victim and sired a child with her that became the Conchita bloodline
  • At first I thought of bringing back Yufino Marlon for this ,but then I decided to make it Toy Marlon and Yufina Conchita (LOL the latter even rhymes!)
  • Maylis actually does something by killing Gumina
  • Maylis marries Toy ,but not for political reasons like her sister (possibly Aprilis) did. So pretty much her part in Toy's rebellion is kind of like a "screw you" to her.
  • Thanks to said marriage the "blue hair" factor is out of the royal family (since brown or black hair is the most common in Marlon). But are not strictly Beelzenian either, hence why Allen is king despite being an Orthodox Lucifenian
  • Maylis' bloodline eventually led to Maia Marlon (sorry if it's a bit unoriginal), who became a chef to Caius Conchita. But don't worry Germaine still exists here
  • Arth chooses Prim as his wife and Anne has been planning revenge ever since
  • Gast Futapie defected from Asmodean, became one of the Three Heroes, then a butler later, adopted Rin, you know the rest
  • Mariam leads the Venom Mercenary group. Though she isn't a Venomania descenant (she's a Glassred though) ,the name just honors their legacy, since Sateriasis lived (he was just forced to defect to Elphegort) and the Glassreds are not one of the Five Dukes.
  • Both Hansel and Gretel make it to the 6th century in the form of Allen and Rin Marlon. The latter being seperated from her twin since she replaces Ney. Though there still isn't a Gretel in The Pere Noel Saga, due to Gretel still being fused with the glass. Thus making Allen even more depressed after losing his sister
  • And yes, they were also taught the "three different people can look identical" horsejockey, in order to avoid suspions in case they meet in the future.
  • Allen and Rin are a little bit older than their half siblings ,but like Arte and Pollo somehow still look like they're fourteen
  • Allen is the smartest incarnation of Hansel due to the fact that his mother groomed him to be a good politican and have a great intellect (until the next reincaranation anyway)
  • Allen's obedience to his mother is justified by him also imaging Eve's figure in Anne and he actually does love Nediva due to her similarity to his mother....until the Vessel of Lust made him fall for Gumillia and then holding a grudge aganist Nediva for killing her.
  • Nediva Lucifen d'Autriche is the younger sister of Cillian (or Kyle as he was later known by).
  • I haven't decided on wheter or not Michaela needs glasses, though she'll likely be far sighted due to originally being a bird
  • Anne's brother, Genesia Sui, murders Prime Minister Presi
  • Keel is now a pawn of Anne
  • Michaela switches places with Gumillia, since she has stronger magic here. But they still have the exact same personalities as their canon versions
  • I guess Gumillia is now a Tsundere to Clarith XD
  • GUMI's charcter in Gackpo's "Prince Who Brought Sleep" is a Glassred descendant
  • While Lemy is still loyal to I. The Santa, he's also very close to VI. The Swordswoman
  • MEIKO is now an USE Judge
  • OMG I just realized how ironic the Rin version of Muzzle of Nemesis is!
  • Evil's Theater Cast:
    • ???-MOTC
    • MEIKO-GEAR (and like Rule!63 Gear, she's now Irregular's mother)
    • Iroha-Ma (duh!)
    • GUMI-Gardner
    • Neru-Waiter
    • Kikaito-Irregular

(Mock) Pages

Oh dear =_=, luckily I only do this when I feel like it

Got any good names for?:

  • Marquis "Waitisthatguysupposedtobethesamurai" Felix
  • Judge "Whothefudgeisthis" Marlon
  • A Piko Glassred Victim
  • A Yuma Glassred Victim

Links to Covers

Note: Obviously not all of these were not made for this or even requested by me (with the exception of Fem!Mothy requesting the JoC for me and I actually requested BurningMoon for a Rin version of Muzzle of Namesis) ,but whatever.

  • Moonlit Bear -MEIKO (fun fact Kiyoteru is in there. I was actually considering having Seth replace Adam, but I went with Adam fleeing with Meta to kind of making fun of the fact that some of the more hard core KaiMei shippers think everything in Evillious could have been avoided if Adam fell for Meta)
  • Recollective Musicbox -Iroha Nekoruma 
  • Lunacy of Marchioness Glassred-GUMI (ft VY2, Utaune Piko, Kaumi Gackpo, Hiyama Kiyoteru  and Kagamine Rin/Len) (very ironic that she's wearing a skimpy maid outfit in this considering this that Cherubim got let out of the basement in exchange for being a servant)
  • Evil Food Eater Conchita-KAITO (It took me a while to realize that this is a pitched down version of a KAIKO cover of this song, hence why the instrumentals are lowered down)
  • Ryusouta made a GUMI cover with Galaco for Wooden Girl once ,but sadly it got deleted. He did say that he'll send me the MP3 IIRC though
  • Daughter of Evil -Hatsune Miku
  • Servant of Evil-KAITO
  • Regret Message-Hatsune Miku (APPEND)
    • Ballad-Hatsune Miku (Solid Append) (sorry that I keep posting links to the arranged covers, I REALLY love the arranged versions of the Story of Evil, they're so purdy! DX)
  • Re Birthday-Kaito V3 (I think I can hear Miku in the background, can anyone confirm this?)
  • Tailor Shop on Enbizaka-Nekoruma Iroha
  • Judgement of Corruption -MEIKO V3
  • The Last Revolver-Rin Kagamine APPEND
  • Muzzle of Nemesis (BurningMoon Version) -Rin Kagamine Append
    • ParadiLenKagamine Version-Rin V3 (Upcoming)

Just in case I made a playlist on YouTube

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