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  • SiRenfield

    And now...

    March 27, 2015 by SiRenfield

    A random AMV I spent one or two hours on if you don't count breaks. Kind of helps that the song is from Umineko and is about the Seven Sisters of Purgatory . Enjoy, even if it's not the best. In news that matters, I'm now unsure whether or not to contiune making AU articles due to new releases such as the new Gift novel and Seven Crimes and Punishments making things a little more confusing.

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  • SiRenfield

    Rin Futapie

    August 17, 2014 by SiRenfield

    The following is a fanmada article and oh hey look, I'm back

    Rin Futapie, birth name Rin Marlon, was the Thirteenth Princess of the Kingdom of Marlon and a spy for Abyss E.L. and her mother, Queen Anne. Born the illegitimate daughter of King Arth and Anne, Rin was given to Abyss E.L. to be experimented on. Sent undercover to the Lucifenian Royal Palace and subsequently adopted by Gast Futapie, she became a maid at the palace, working to ensure Lucifenia's destruction for her mother.

    In EC 482, Queen Anne gave birth to twins. To hide her infidelity with King Arth from her husband, Anne gave the elder child to Abyss E.L. and the sorceress named her "Rin". Over the years, Abyss experimented on Ney for her magical research while also training her…

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  • SiRenfield

    Pretty self explanatory

    Beautiful lady visited my former and present

    You put that smile becomes a new woman

    This force is put in the hands of a deal with the devil taboo

    Let's go all the sinful woman saw fascinated

    I got on the ability to attract women

    The man in the basement of the building to live alone

    Tsurekomi one after another woman to love

    I created a harem

    Satisfaction that the blade pierced the taste of libido that hid poison

    Blood, sweat and turn into drops of purple blends soon

    Can return to the reality of most, if Dakiae stripped of his clothes

    I collapsed last picture of the old burn

    I want to forget that the person we all laughed irony

    Kissing adorable daughter, despite the adoption of

    Her childhood friend was making fun of me again until


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  • SiRenfield

    Hello....I have been mysteriously absent for some reason. So to make up for it, I quickly made made another "Google Translate Sings" in order to celebrate the upcoming release of Nuzzle of Nemesis. Well at least it's before Half Life 3 (obvious joke is obvious)

    Father gave me Revolver with live ammunition in In order to stand for

    Goodbye my love

    If you start as
    Also in the fireworks festival was with two people I want to see
    I'm sorry that something
    I do not even Two people since the beginning Because too much difference

    Under the cherry blossom trees I "wrong" is filled
    You were a man aside "justice"

    But I grew to love

    You shoot a person, but this is not the first time Shooting wonder if crying for the first time
    Bad question, because I am
    Do not not…

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  • SiRenfield

    Gast Futapie

    April 19, 2014 by SiRenfield

    The following is a fanmade article

    Gast Futapie is the Head of Staff and one of the Three Heroes of the Kingdom of Lucifenia. An expert in espionage and assassination, Gast imparted all she knew to his foster daughter, Rin, and acted as one of Princess Nediva most loyal followers.

    Born in EC 461 to Head of Intelligence Futapie, Gast enlisted in the Asmodean military at a young age, becoming part of Silver Sparrow Unit. Excelling in his abilities, he attained the rank of general by the age of twelve. In EC 477, Gast and her unit were assigned as the vanguard of Golden Dragon Unit for the invasion of the Kingdom of Lucifenia through the Babul Desert. While heading to their assigned location, Gast betrayed his unit and rebelled before fleeing to…

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