First came Lust, blooming like the Flower

Loving with love and a bit more

But with that bit more rose a lust for power

Lust became a sinful desire amongst the romance-poor

Second came Gluttony, growing like the Seed

Food is necessary and a human need

But eat too much, too fast, or with fuss of the taste

A good pure life you have just put to waste

Third came Vanity, shining like the Stone aglow

Being happy about something you’ve done is all fine and dandy

But insisting everyone’s love and attention is what they owe

Then you are as rotten as what happens to teeth when met with candy

Fourth came Sloth, slowly ambling like the Wind

A bit of rest to think is not a sin

But procrastinate until your life does not matter

I couldn’t think of a thing any sadder

Fifth came Envy, swirling like the Spring

Hoping to become as good as your neighbor is not an unusual thing

But taking it from them to better yourself is a cruel act

An envious person is a malevolent serpent, this is fact

Sixth came Greed, which rose from the Soil

Enjoying your pay is not strange after plenty of toil

But waste your time on metals and materials for your avarice to feed

There is no engulfing fire like Greed

Seventh, last not least, is Wrath, sprouting up like the Forest

Under reasons, emotional release is alright

But too much will set your heart and everything you love alight

Slaying what angers you is not best

For ridding of what ails you will not rid of your rage

It will forever form your mental cage

And so the Sins came to existence and spread like ash in the Wind

It planted itself in everyone like the Seed would to Soil within

Hidden deep under are a few Stones waiting to be told who is truly the best

Lying deep, deep in the gentle Forest

From buried Seed comes the Flower

Which derive their water from the Spring

Thank you for lending your ears for a short hour

And beware the Seven Deadly Sins, for a sin is a terrible thing.

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