Welcome, potential Evillious fan/wandering anon! Some of you get confused with terms and abbreviations we use in comments or jokes and such. I'm just gonna list these with explanations.


  • BSS - Short for Blood-Stained Switch. A patient with HER pushes a button and kills her father, saying it was the other her.

  • CF - Short for Capriccio Farce. I'm not even going to TRY to describe it, just click the link.

  • CL - Short for Clockwork Lullaby, a song with mysterious ties to Evillious Chronicles.

  • DoE - Short for Daughter of Evil. Mothy's big hit that sparked the rest of the Evillious Chronicles.

  • DoE (second use) - Short for the Demon of Envy, the Leviathan. Not commonly used so far. usually referred to as just "Envy". (i.e. "Kayo was possessed by Envy.")

  • DoG (second use) - Short for Demon of Greed, Mammon. Not used. Referred to as "Greed".

  • DoL - Short for Demon of Lust, Asmodeus. Typically not used. Referred to as "Lust" instead.

  • DoP - Short for Demon of Pride, Lucifer. Usually referred to by its full name or just "Pride".

  • DoS - Short for Demon of Sloth, Belphegor. Usually related to as "Sloth".

  • DoW - Short for Demon of Wrath, or Satan. Abbreviation not used often. Normally called "Wrath" or by its full name.

  • FML - Short for Full Moon Laboratory. A song with mysterious ties to EC (and Full Metal Alchemist but that's not important). Also a common internet phrase meaning "f--- my life".

  • MOTG - Abbreviated nickname for Master of the Graveyard. She's a phantom of the Glass, but is actually a deceiving woman. A god named Behemo held the same title.

  • MOTHY - Abbreviated nickname for Master of the Heavenly Yard, first Sickle, then presumed to be Irregular. Also the preferred pen name for the creator of EC.

(There will be more added, don't worry!)

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