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  • I live in New York, US
  • I was born on November 25
  • My occupation is Artist
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    Note: the story is in the first person, but the infomine switches between that and third person

    Lich ~ Elphegort, the Millennium Tree Forest ~

    • The first scene is the black Rollam, or Lich who had been driven out of the forest, coming back to the forest uninvited to visit Held.
    • Held, seeing Lich, isn't too happy.
    • Lich says that Held looks like he's about to wither and die sometime soon.
    • Held admits that he will soon leave the Ground World.
    • But the world will no longer change due to the absence of the gods, as the people of this world, while still weak, have become independent.
    • Held calmly asks Lich why he came, although a hint of anger is present in his voice.
    • Lich tells him not to make a face like that, and that he's only come to say farewell.
    • Part…
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    Italics are paraphrased text, bold text are direct quotes, and unedited text between brackets are notes.

    • First, the protagonist this time is someone who has a long history with the Twin Blades of Levianta, Chartette Langley... 's father, the Langley smith, Smith Langley.
    • The time setting is after the Lucifenian Revolution, when Chartette's already begun her journey.
    • There are three people working at the Langley smithy, and one of them is a girl named ナギサ=クーロン (Nagisa Coulomb?). She started working there from a very young age, and Chartette thinks of her as a younger sister. While the Langleys make swords and shields, her specialty is firearms, and her ideas are always very new, and Langley [unspecific but likely Smith, not Chartette] is very in…
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    My Translations

    July 21, 2014 by Scarletta Agni

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    • AMN - Short for Abandoned on a Moonlit Night. A boy and girl are abandoned by their parents, then defeat an evil witch and her henchman.

    • BSS - Short for Blood-Stained Switch. A patient with HER pushes a button and kills her father, saying it was the other her.

    • CF - Short for Capriccio Farce. I'm not even going to TRY to describe it, just click the link.

    • CL - Short for Clockwork Lullaby, a song with mysterious ties to Evillious Chronicles.

    • DoE - Short for Daughter of Evil. Mothy's big hit that sparked the rest of the Evillious Chronicles.

    • DoE (second use) - Short for the Demon of Envy, the Leviathan. Not commonly used so far. usually referred to as just "Envy". (i.e. "Kayo was possessed by Envy.")

    • DoF - Short for Daughter of Fog, a short story rele…

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  • Scarletta Agni

    First came Lust, blooming like the Flower

    Loving with love and a bit more

    But with that bit more rose a lust for power

    Lust became a sinful desire amongst the romance-poor

    Second came Gluttony, growing like the Seed

    Food is necessary and a human need

    But eat too much, too fast, or with fuss of the taste

    A good pure life you have just put to waste

    Third came Vanity, shining like the Stone aglow

    Being happy about something you’ve done is all fine and dandy

    But insisting everyone’s love and attention is what they owe

    Then you are as rotten as what happens to teeth when met with candy

    Fourth came Sloth, slowly ambling like the Wind

    A bit of rest to think is not a sin

    But procrastinate until your life does not matter

    I couldn’t think of a thing any sadder

    Fifth ca…

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