aka Rose

  • I live in Magic Kingdom Levianta
  • I was born on October 4
  • My occupation is college student and aspiring author.
  • I am of female body parts, but my mind doesn't give a rat's behind about the cisgender system
  • PsychoticSilverRose

    Nemesis didn't see the doll as 'Michelle' because Eve wasn't present in the doll by then. (Nemesis will not be important in this blog. Why she saw past the illusion Gallerian was under is for another discussion.)

    Some of us now believe that Eve is the demon of Sloth, right? And we know that she became Mikulia, Platonic, and Margarita. During this time, until Elluka revealed her deception, and that the real Margarita had died before marrying Caspar. We know that Eve and Elluka did battle of some kind. Two powerful mages, one immortal, revived by the Sin Ark and made the vessel of Levia-Behemo, and the other potentially a demon...

    However, we don't seem to know the exact conclusion of the battle. Did Elluka successfully absorb Eve and dissolve…

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  • PsychoticSilverRose

    Ok, so we know Maria Moonlit gave a prophesy about the end of the world, which started Project ‘MA’. We know that she was the queen of Levianta. My original base theory is that she gave a fake prophesy and had HER, short for Hereditary Evil Raiser syndrome, and that she planned to have the world destroyed from the start, not Irina planning to spread chaos and evil throughout the world and create an evil utopia. Irina may just be continuing things as part of Maria’s plan.

    Now, we also know that the birth/survival rate of anyone with HER is extremely low. But from recent information translated, we’ve learned that these ‘ghoul children’, people who were not naturally born, have a higher survival rate and are more often than not, carriers of th…

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