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  • Octofan

    Translated from original Chinese here: by Tako ^.^

    ~*Description of Project MA*~

    In order to prevent the devastation of the world, Project MA was commenced. It was quite difficult to carry out the project.

    First Project: MA candidate Eve Zvezda failed to give birth to twins. Test subject disappeared soon after.

    Second Project: Meta Salmhofer, the ‘Witch of Marigold’ managed to safely give birth to twins, yet escaped with the twins afterwards. She is now being tracked down.

    Third Project: Project was suspended due to test subject’s frail body and resulting death.

    Fourth Project: Test subject was murdered by ‘Apocalypse’. Project was suspended.

    Fifth Project: Test subject was punished as the birth did not result …

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  • Octofan

    Twin Switch AU

    June 13, 2013 by Octofan

    I have a thing for well thought out AUs and "what-if" scenarios made for my favorite stories; it’s kind of neat to explore what makes a tale develop the way that it does, or how characters will change or stay the same. One part of this is is reversing the roles of characters. Generally I've found this to be really, really hard to pull off--there are often too many complexities involved--but sometimes people can do it when the story opens up that possibility itself. 

    A popular role reversal that I've seen is when people take Allen and Riliane and swap their circumstances, so that now it's "Alexiel and [Insert name here, usually Rin.]" This one, I think, is especially popular because it's been brought up in story how strange it is that two pe…

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  • Octofan

    Well, I lost most of the other theories I was going to include in one blog post when my computer froze up and I had to reboot, but maybe this should just be one clean topic anyway.

    So to preface this, all the sins go through three stages in the series: Original Natural Form, Artificial Vessel, and Awakened Vessel. I think this applies to the Original Sin as much as the other ones, and so this theory relates to all that. Like so:

    Because the Original Sin becomes split into seven others, it doesn't have a specific artificial form, but I do have an idea what the natural form was.

    • First, in the Heartbeat Clocktower PV there is a brief part of the song where all the gears slide into each other and form a brown gear. In general brown is the paint c…

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