Unusually for this fandom, we've had a period of relative inactivity, both for mothy and the wiki itself, save for our continual revisions of articles based on previous releases (more on that later, though.) Nonetheless, some interesting things have been happening since the last six-month report. And it is the duty of this six-month report to let everyone know about it.

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What Did We Promise Again?

Looking over the last report, it does seem that we did promise a couple of things to come at you in the coming months. Let's begin by checking our progress on that, shall we?

A Beginning But No Middle


Featuring the not-Kagamines Kagamine Twins!

The next big album release since Seven Crimes and Punishments – the next album release period – has arrived! In August 16 at Comiket, mothy released the Original Sin Story: Complete Edition capstone album as promised. Thanks to the users of a Chinese forum, the wiki was able to obtain information on the album some time after its distribution; we were also able to listen to all of the Original Sin Story songs, including three new ones--Barisol's Child is an Only Child, The Song I Heard Somewhere, and Queen of the Glass--and remixes of pre-existing songs. 

The result of this is that we have a great many more details on the Original Sin Story that promise to be expanded on in other potential OSS media. Particularly with the release of Barisol's Child Is an Only Child, we've had hints even further back into the 

past about the nature of the Second Period, revelations about the relationship between Levia and Behemo, and others. The album booklet also dropped many teasers concerning Maria, Adam, and more that we are sure to see expanded upon in the future. These details have all been added to their respective articles for fans to look over.

Unfortunately despite the teasers that were discussed in an earlier report and its long development time, Ichika has so far not released the third act of her Daughter of Evil manga series. Luckily, following the New Year we've received word that the third manga will be released in January of this year, and will presumably continue the plot as left in the second act.


At least we got a chibi.

Fear not, all you Daughter of Evil fans; even though we didn't get more manga adaptation yet, the story was nonetheless expanded even more than it already was or needed to be. On August 17 of this year PHP marketed a re-release of the first two Daughter of Evil novels, Clôture and Wiegenlied, under the VG title.

These re-releases function as revised copies made by mothy, now that he has more experience as an author. They include more plot details that mothy felt he should have included the first time around, as well, and foreshadowing for other parts of the series. Ichika has confirmed that she will be making her manga based on these revised versions of the novels, and we on the wiki are including any and all new details presented within them to articles.

Deadly Sins of Evil: The Eastern Addition


Illustration for the front cover

Swooping in with hardly any teasing from mothy, the next book in the Deadly Sins of Evil series has been released, and without any strange name changes! In mid-December of 2015, after announcing its upcoming release earlier that year mothy spoke about the upcoming novel in a livestream before finally releasing The Tailor of Enbizaka on the 21 of December, and buyers on the wiki received their copies soon after.

Information from the novel contains a wealth of details on the region of Jakoku, including long tracts on its culture and history, as well as a new map to show the island and its regions like Onigashima. As a result, many articles related to this island nation will be expanded upon in the near future, and we have several new characters to add to the "Tailor of Enbizaka" minor characters page, and some characters on this page will be or already have received new articles. More location and family pages have also been made as a result of novel information.

The world building and twists within the end of the novel also led to many dramatic changes on preexisting character articles. As an example, this novel reveals substantial things about the Demon of Envy, much the way that the previous two novels expanded on the Demons of Sloth and Wrath.

What Even Happened?

Infinite Expansion


They weren't important enough to get profiles with color, mind you

As always, we at the wiki have been working hard to expand our page count and improve upon articles to the best of our ability. As a result of our deliberately lowering standards for how much information a character requires before getting a page, over time many minor characters have been receiving pages that they did not previously have before. Examples of this are Ilotte Venomania, Aai Freezis, Maria Moonlit, and Clive, all of them from far removed arcs and yet all beneficiaries of our lowering page standards. This rash of new character pages also counts many of the minor characters in the Tailor of Enbizaka arc, such as the Miroku family, who have now much larger roles as a result of the novel's release.

Aside from just adding more articles, the wiki has of course been polishing up pre-existing ones by adding new information from novels, tweets, and songs as needed. As an example, in addition to making new articles for minor characters we have been adding new minor characters to the lists that were previously overlooked. Another part of this polishing up is, as discussed before, changing the titles of articles and names in the text itself to fit with more accurate translations.

Shortly after the previous six month report was published--as in, a day after--the title for "Abandoned on a Moonlit Night" was revised to become Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night , fixing a misreading of the original kanji in the old title. Similarly, the subtitle for "And Then the Girl Went Mad " was changed to "Ending Tale on a Moonlit Night" to fix the same misreading in that title. Other translation changes include a new spelling for the "Jaakko", once "Jaques" family.

Misc Happenings

It's not often a topic of conversation around here, but fan should keep a lookout for updates on the Lunacy of Duke Venomania novel and related articles due to new and ongoing fan translations. Over these past couple months we made a lot of progress on Chapter 3!

Wait What's Happening

Releases In Store


More Ichika Iroha!

In the end of The Tailor of Enbizaka, we received what you might call a "tentative advertisement" into the final novel for the Deadly Sins of Evil series. Mothy already mentioned in a livestream his interest in doing a novel for Judgment of Corruption; now it seems that Gallerian is going to be reading it alongside us, with the character Ma also writing a "judgment" novel revealed in the final chapter of the Tailor novel. Fans can look forward to this release sometime in the far future, as we continue to get new material from other eras of the Chronicles.

On that note, mothy also mentioned in the livestream that he has commissioned Ichika to make a Survival 'Ma' PV. Fans presumably will get to enjoy the sight of Irina's heartbreaking betrayal rendered in Ichika's art style soon enough. And maybe Kiril.

Fan should also keep watch for the release of The Daughter of Evil: Act 3, mentioned above. With the release of the manga we are sure to have an influx of images to add to articles, along with visual illustrations of the story revisions made in the untranslated VG versions of Cloture and Wiegenlied to make them better understood by English-speaking fans.

Wiki Plans

Recently, the wiki has taken up an exciting new project that will lead to even more articles in our expanding website. Titled the RL Project, this project intends to give articles to many of the contributors to the Evillious Chronicles aside from its primary author, such as artists, companies, other Vocaloid producers, etc.

Thanks to this project, we will now have an article for many of the other contributors that users felt were not getting the attention that they deserved. This includes contributors such as Ichika or Sozunosuke, Tamara, PHP, and more. Individual articles in this project are being created at the discretion of individual users, so there is no timetable for when it will be completed, but hopefully we'll have most of the articles presentable by the next six month report.

As always, the wiki hopes to continue with our polishing and updating of articles; hopefully, by the next six month report, we will finished all our updates on Fifth Pierrot and will at least be finishing up all our edits from the Tailor of Enbizaka novel. Keep your fingers crossed for us finishing Elluka and Irina's pages.


Special Honors

The following users are being recognized for their invaluable contributions to the wiki in the past six months for a vast majority of the above listed changes and for their continued support:

Servant of Evillious: It may not have been as busy a I'd have liked, but I thank all users, bother registered and unregistered, for their continued support to the wiki in even the smallest ways. Your help has made this new year very bright and hopeful for the site's continued growth and progress.


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