Welcome inside, Wiki-goer. What is it you desire? Do you wish to know your future? The future of your loved ones? Maybe you want to spy on people 0---0 I'm just a fortune teller, I don't judge.

What? I'm not a fortune teller?

I'm just a horny lady who performs plastic surgery?

Do you want to know the state of the wiki or not >:C


After much delay and momentous wiki-changing, it is finally time for the Six Month Report to make sure you can keep track of it all! A lot has happened, and we don't have much time, so let's get through as much as we can through the power of fortune telling.


I tried my best guys ;w;

Things That Were to Come

Before we get into consulting the future of Evillious, we shall peer into the past and see how well our previous predictions fared.

Some of the biggest items on the agenda concern releases we saw coming a long time before, which I'm sure everyone was relieved to receive at last. Similarly, although we haven't yet completed a lot of the promises we made for wiki updates, we've nonetheless made strides toward completing all our estimated projects. Look, every clairvoyant lady is gonna make a couple mistakes sometimes. Fate is actually very flexible.

Seven Deadly Crimes

Not too soon after the last report left off, we were given multiple new songs and a full new story with the release of Seven Crimes and Punishments. With the release, all of the Seven Deadly Sins songs were finally included, in addition to selected answer songs, on one album together. What old songs were included were given a thorough remastering in tuning and instrumentals. Similarly, we also received the second PV that was released for the album for the titular song Seven Crimes and Punishments. One detail of the PV was the song's English title marking SCaP as Clockwork Lullaby 7, meaning that mothy's enigmatic series is still alive and well. Due to these songs, we were able to expand a lot of character articles

Most fruitful among the album's contents was the multi-chapter short story included in the limited edition. As a result, many characters and locations have been greatly expanded, especially in regards to their afterlives or history after the destruction of Bolganio. The booklet for the album also provided some clarification on character relationships, including confirmation of Nemesis' relationship to Gallerian Marlon. As a result, we are currently considering them related as parent and child until new details arise.

Along with the Seven Crimes and Punishments album was also released a special yonkoma manga illustrated by Tamara, albeit only for those who were able to order their limited edition copy from Animate (which means that we're at the mercy of Japanese fans who are able to buy it if ever we want to get our hands on the manga.) Being a Yonkoma, it is naturally not canon and only for humor's sake, although it has nonetheless received an article.

Five of Pierrot... or was it Fifth Clown?


She sees you when you're sleeping, she knows when you're awake...

What we've been expecting since early 2014 has finally arrived! After much delay on mothy's part, on March 19 he finally released the fourth installment to the Deadly Sins of Evil series, Fifth Pierrot, a direct sequel to the Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep novel. As advertisement for the novel around its release, a short manga based on its contents was included in MIKU-Pack 13, illustrated by Ichika, in a similar vein to the Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep manga. As a result, hundreds of articles have been updated to accomodate the new information the light novel provides.

Multiple new pages have also been added (more details below). We've also been expanding our pages on certain organizations due to the information we've mined; as a result of this, World Police has had two of its subsections, Justea and the Interrogation Execution Department, given pages while all three pages have been given updates from the novel. As in the previous novel, Fifth Pierrot has given a wealth of information on Original Sin Story that has been given to pages as well, particularly Ghoul Children.

On a final note, the wiki established a new precedent in regards to title translating as a result of the "official" English translation of "Gobanme no Pierrot" on the book cover, "Five of Pierrot" and later "Fifth Clown". Due to the contradictions in precedent which the title presented, contradiction of distinction made in the novel's prose, uncertainty of actual collaboration between mothy and PHP regarding the cover, and poor quality of the translation itself, the wiki has decided not to take these title translations as absolute gospel. What this means specifically will vary from case to case, but in this instance it has resulted in us keeping the title as "Fifth Pierrot" and not "Fifth Clown"; whether this will change future titles is to be seen.

Wiki Things

As stated previously, there were a lot of projects that we promised in the last report that have not yet been completed, in large part due to the flood of updates from the Seven Crimes and Punishments and Fifth Pierrot stories. Nonetheless, we've done a lot that we said we would and then some.

Due to the greatly expanded roles information concerning supernatural beings, humans, gods, and Demons of Sin have all received their own articles. For Demons of Sin in particular, we've completely revamped our organization of the vessel of sin articles. We no longer classify the main article as "Sin of _____" and split up those functions it served. Demons of Sin, as mentioned previously, have now received their own character pages in addition to their vessels being given proper pages (formatted as our other magic tool articles).

These additions are sure to clarify the nature of the demons as beings with personalities and backstories in a way that hasn't been touched on previously. Similarly, the vessels receiving their own pages shall help clarify them as objects outside of the demons inhabiting them. While some information overlaps, these distinctions were deemed critical for our readers' understanding of the distinct relationship between the demons and the objects they inhabit.

From the information given in Pierrot and other releases pages have been made for Minds, Souls, and Bodies in the Evillious Chronicles, detailing how they function in mothy's universe. A page for the Black Box has also been added due to its prominence as a device in SCaP and Pierrot, in addition to the page for Punishment being clarified to include the entity associated with it in the novel.


Nemesis was also shocked

As a follow up to the decision to merged the pages of Nemesis and The Master of the Hellish Yard mentioned in the last report, a new debate concerning Hellish was started as a result of the information found in Seven Crimes and Punishments, finally confirming a distinction between the judge of the dead and Nemesis using the same name. Due to the implications of who the Master really is being only implications, it was decided that this Master of the Hellish Yard shall be her own separate article for the time being.

On a similar note, as many wiki-goers may know, Allen's fate post-death being elaborated on in EC the wiki led to a removal all connection that he may have with Re_Birthday; this issue has been touched again with Irregular also being elaborated on in the short story, portrayed separately from Allen and very differently from his portrayal in Re_Birthday. As a result, it was decided by the wiki to make Re_Birthday's singer ambiguous for the time being and cut all connections that Irregular may have to the song for the sake of caution.

Finally, the requirements for the new policy regarding converting minor character sections into their own pages has been drastically lowered to accomodate the many minor characters already receiving articles due to the new information provided. Many of these articles have already been created with more on the way. On similar notes we have not yet begun implementing our planned illustrator project due to the backlog of releases during these past six months, and apologize for the inconvenience this represents. We also apologize for not updating Elluka's article yet.

Things That Came

All that aside, we did get new things that were not entirely expected at the last report, which should make wiki-goers pretty happy. Because mothy and Ichika give a lot to their fans, we've been given a lot of raw material to work with as we continue to expand and improve on this archival website. While we have a pretty well drawn out schedule of what to expect in the future and had a well drawn out schedule of what we were getting beforehand, let's look at the surprises we got lately.

Names and Content

Like with the Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep novel, SCP and Fifth Pierrot also came with a bonus story. As of the bonus story, we have officially changed the "Freesis" surname to "Freezis" due to its undeniable origin to the "Freezis" cryogenic freezing chambers that appear in the story. While there are plans to expand our articles for these Freezis chambers and the Zorach and Asayev families that also appear in the novel, they are not currently implemented.

Apropos to the previously mentioned changes to vessels of sin, "Kayo's Scissors" and the "Golden Key" were renamed "Twin Blades of Levianta" and "Grim the End" to be consistent with the increased usage of these vessels' "official" names in Evillious material this past year.

Chat Policy

On a note not necessarily relevant to all of you reading this, chat has also undergone changes due to recent happenings. Due to an increase in intentionally disruptive users coming onto chat, more authority has been given to our chat moderators to take action against persons strongly suspected of being these prior offenders.

We have also solidified our chat's purpose and policy in response to repeated incidents over the past few years. It is important for users to understand that our chat policy is to have chat provided for the Evillious community. As a result, we are not permitting users who are not Evillious fans or have no genuine interest in the series; this includes (to name a few examples) users randomly coming on to loiter, friends invited by other users to chat with them, and users hoping to circumvent bans from other wikis. There have too many incidents in the past and there are countless other options for these users to interact with others online.

Due to more recent incidents, there's been an increase in chat moderators to more actively combat the threat and address user concerns. While these numbers may be necessary for the time being, they're being actively reviewed and may change in the future to filter out extraneous elements.


The wiki has been through a lot of changes both in how we handle articles and in templates. First in templates, the wiki has expanded its maintenance policy to include WIP tags for pages that are in need of heavy revisions or expansions. These tags (characterized by our unofficial mascots) should allow readers to more readily know which articles are still a work in progress and which are "up-to-date" at any given time. This tag also places these articles in their own category, allowing our editors to quickly find and look through the list of what articles are in need of maintenance. A similar tag has been created for blogposts mimicking our article formats to continue insuring that these "fanmade articles" are not mistaken for the wiki's actual articles.

As usual, we on the wiki also continue to struggle with translating terms, titles, and names for the sake of accuracy to mothy's original intent. To that end, certain names have received changes after much debate, such as the previously titled Wooden Girl ~Thousand-Year Wiegenlied and Kept Waiting for a Response, among others.

To make the process easier and not add more weight to threads, a forum thread dedicated just to retranslating has been posted and will be used hereafter. Users with an understanding of Japanese are encouraged to provide their input on this thread if they see a translation on the wiki that is out of place, if they believe they know a more accurate translation of a certain phrase, or if they simply want to lend support to suggested retranslations.

Things to Come

It is now time for what you have been waiting for this entire time; a prediction of things to come, both in the wiki, the fandom, and in Evillious at large. I sense that a lot of powerful things are on the horizon, and the spirits tell me that you should prepare yourselves for when they arrive. 

Get your tea-leaves ready.

Story of the Beginning

In this way, I look into the future by showing you the past. On June 13, mothy announced that he would be releasing the new Original Sin Story Complete Edition at Comic Market 2015. Much like Seven Crimes and Punishments the album appears to be a capstone album for the Original Sin Story song series; all songs from Acts 1 and 2 are included along with three entirely new songs, making twelve tracks in all. 

My psychic powers afford me little other details about the album, so time will only tell if it also comes with an expository booklet included, illustrations, or anything else that will expand on the Original Sin Story. We may also, with luck, be able to look forward to a new PV made to advertise the album as we've seen in the past. All in all, expect a lot of interesting tidbits on the past of Evillious in future.

Murder and Mayhem?

Farther ahead, I can see a faint glimmer of a's coming to it....The Tailor of Enbizaka? It is hazy, uncomfirmed, but a very real possibility. mothy had already referenced his original intent to release this light novel adaptation after Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep before deciding to sandwich Fifth Pierrot between them later down the line. While this decision was likely made years ago and there's been no direct confirmation as of yet, we are devoting our efforts to updating our articles before mothy's next light novel does hit shelves.

More Daughter of Evil

Earlier this year, PHP tweeted about there possibly being a new release during the summer, teasing whether this April 1st message was a prank or real. While only time will tell, there has been confirmation that both The Daughter of Evil: Clôture of Yellow and Wiegenlied of Green will be rereleased under the "VG" label to promote PHP's greatest vocaloid and game novel releases. Similarly, The Daughter of Evil: Act 3 is in development and will likely be unveiled in the coming months.

That's about all for now. Enjoy! Don't forget to tip your fortune teller.


A toast to the new wiki!


Special Honors

The following users are being recognized for their invaluable contributions to the wiki in the past six months for a vast majority of the above listed changes and for their continued support:

Servant of Evillious: I'll say it as many times as needed, I'd like to thank every user, registered and unregistered, for continuing to support this wiki, whether it was through fixing typoes found while reading articles, helping with various projects, or contributing to our discussion threads. These semesters have only gotten busier as they each go by and we keep reaching new milestones. Thank you.


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