Has it really been six months already? Has it? No it hasn't we were delayed okay a lot has been happening Well, the last blog was late so you'll just have to deal with it. >8C

Either way, it's been a very eventful last six+ months, and we've a lot of ground to cover over what's been happening here and in the Evillious Fandom. So buckle your seatbelts so you won't escape, it's going to be a long journey OOO/


That's the spirit, Margy!

What Was Supposed to Happen?

Remember all those upcoming releases and wiki promises we talked about at the end of the last report? I don't either. Well as it turns out, mothy did not disappoint over the summer and school year, and the wiki's subsequently been through a lot. Here's the rundown for those of you behind on the news:

Judgment of Corruption 2: This Time it's Personal

What we had been hoping for on the horizon from the last report has arrived! On August 8 of 2014, mothy released the PV for the final song in the Seven Deadly Sins Series, The Muzzle of Nemesis, and the fandom exploded with activity. The mysterious Wrath protagonist was confirmed as Nemesis Sudou in a move that links the arcs of Greed and Wrath together and saves mothy on paper for light novels.

New information mined from the PV caused a multitude of changes to our articles. Given Nemesis' shocking relationship with Ma and Gallerian, many serious changes has been made to all articles involved and several more have been made, including an article for the Leviantan Civil War. As a bonus, the PV also confirmed the canonicity of The Last Revolver with Nemesis as the protagonist.

Not so long afterwards, mothy released the album for The Muzzle of Nemesis at Comic Market 86, and with it we received four more new songs, all of which add and expand on the histories of characters in the Chronicles. The album also included an informative booklet offering more insight into the late 900s era of Evillious, which has been fully detailed on all relevant articles. As a side note, we've also received from the booklet a new timeline (complete with a new dating system, BT, for events taking place before the EC Calendar) and confirmation on the ages of some characters.

Not too long after that, on October 15, mothy released a PV for The Journey of Two Mages. While on the album itself the song was shown as pretty light-hearted, letting us see what Elluka and Gumillia were up to when they traveled east for the first time, the PV reveals's still mothy's bounciest and least serious song. It involves assaulting people with wind. The PV is available for all users to see here, uploaded to mothy's own new Youtube channel (see below).

It also lead to our decision concerning the wiki's official stance on the Master of the Hellish Yard, in what could be considered one of the most closely run debates in this wiki's history. Over the course of eight days, multiple users from the wiki participated in a discussion of whether or not to consider the Master of the Hellish Yard as an interpretation of Nemesis and to subsequently merge their articles. All things said, there were high tensions and it ended up being achingly close in the end.

But it was decided that the evidence given by mothy suggests too closely a narrative where Nemesis is the Master (not as a supernatural entity, but as someone who assumed the title and was perceived as a supernatural entity by Gallerian) rather than a narrative where two separate ladies exist and do the same exact things. As a result, we merged the articles--feel free to check Nemesis Sudou's page to see our treatment of the information, and the debate on which this information was decided is located on the now-closed first iteration of the Evils Album discussion.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

The Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep novel has also by now been released, with information that eclipsed even the Wrath song in its importance. To start off, the title for the song has been confirmed as mothy's official English translation damn it and we've received multiple new characters from the novel and a wealth of info on pre-existing ones, many of which can be seen in the new Minor Character list for Gift. The mysterious members of Père Noël, II. Blue and VI. Samurai, have been updated as Second Dealer and Sixth Venom, among others. (If you'll notice, we've also updated our treatment of Père Noël codenames.) Numerous edits have been made for the Père Noël group page as a whole for the organization's history section.


Then there's the twist everyone saw coming.

We also updated all relevant articles related to the new plot twist concerning Eve Moonlit. In the wake of this discovery, there was debate over merging the pages of all Eve's personas--however, the nature of how she adopted these personas have lead us to treat them as reincarnations, at least in terms of keeping the pages separate and considered their own characters.

Aside from this, however, the novel gave a lot of exposition about the world of Bolganio, not only in the early 600s but in the days of the Original Sin Story. What really happened with the Sin, sneak-peeks about the characters of that series, way too much information about trade organizations, all of is contained in this book. Our Levin page has even received a complete restructuring based on the new information given (and cults revealed) in the first chapter of the novel. The religious monastic order founded by Clarith in the Fanbook, known now as the Sisters of Clarith, have also been given much more detail in this novel.

Unfortunately, even given all this, we don't have the Fifth Pierrot novel as of yet. The release date has been moved to March, so we'll have to be satisfied with everything else we get in the meantime.

Second-Act Breakup


Chelsea stop you are being watched now.

While there was some delay as The Daughter of Evil: Act 2 manga's release date was pushed back from November to late December, the manga made for a nice Nativity Festival treat to Evillious fans. Our second volume of the Daughter of Evil manga covers the majority of Chapter 2 of Wiegenlied, beginning from Michaela's rescue as a robin and ending with Clarith's mother's death--not including all the new scenes covered over the pages. Witness the horror of routine racial discrimination and emotional/physical abuse, tempered only by genuine character development and promise of friendship! 8D

As with the last manga, Ichika's beautiful illustrations have given us the opportunity to move more minor characters off The Daughter of Evil's minor character list. Discount Kaito and Discount Meiko have finally received pages, alongside our beloved Eugen. Characters unable to receive new pages without names, as in the Yatski Chief and Clarith's mother, nonetheless have faces you can see on the Minor Character List. 8D New images have also been taken and added to the wiki from the manga where appropriate, adding illustration to scenes, spells, and locations. Information and images have, for example, been added for the village of Yatski shortly after it received its own page. As a final note, we've made a change in infobox images for Gumillia based on a colored illustration inside the manga.

Those New Projects

Well even next to all the new releases we've kept busy improving on what we already have. Our Compendium of translations continue to be added to with novel and manga transcriptions and information from new releases, while page revision on the whole is an ongoing process as users find and correct all grammar and spelling mistakes. 

We've completed Lasaland and the Marlon Castle pages promised from the last report. In addition, we've added even more articles for long-existing locations by mining information from guidebooks and older light novels: look out for the articles such as Bariti, and Castle Hedgehog used with our mined Praefacio info. Aside from locations, a new event page has been made for the Battle of Castle Hedgehog and the New Four Horsemen Incident.

Unfortunately with the storm of updates required for the new releases, some of our promised projects have been put on the backburner--Our Trivia Revision Project, as well as our plan to make English song lyrics available on the wiki, have yet to be completed. It is our hope, however, that we'll be able to renew efforts for these projects in the near future.

On top of all this, our SUPER SECRET PROJECT:


A complete English translation The Daughter of Evil: Act 1, available here on Tumblr and made by the contribution of multiple parties! A lot of work went into making this translation as closely accurate and professionally formatted as possible, so I recommend checking it out. This is, of course, our biggest project next to the pre-existing translations being more refined from the last blogpost, such as Retrouver of Silver and Her Reason, (although some translations, like the elusive Twiright Prank and Venomania Manga, are still in the works.) 

What Happened?

With all that out of the way, it hasn't all been follow-ups and fulfillment. There's been a lot of curve-balls thrown our way too, the good kind and the bad.

New Releases

While the Waltz of Evil databook has been released for some time now, only recently have we received the word that mothy had e-mailed to registered buyers four bonus comedy stories, which we at the wiki have recently gotten our hands on. These stories are non-canon in the events of the chronicles, but nonetheless contain some interesting tidbits. Check them out on their main article.

On a similar note, mothy followed up on the Gift novel with another e-mailed short story for registered buyers; unlike the Waltz of Evil stories, this story is canon and provides its own set of revelations, as you may see on its article. Among others, the characters of Kaidor Blankenheim and a former Seventh Magician were revealed with this bonus story and have since received their own articles (despite lack of an image, a situation that I will be elaborating on later down in this report).


Our Most Revered God of the Sun

It's been an especially good time for comedy releases, however, with the release of the comedy book Quartets of Evil. Tamara's best chibi work has been included in a compilation of yonkoma manga covering every era in Evillious' Seven Deadly Sins Series and Clockwork Lullaby Series. Her artwork even included a non-canon design for Gatt Coloumb, which allowed us to give the Père Noël member his own article more quickly.

As that yonkoma manga was released into the fandom, our own more familiar comedy series, Aku Musu and ~Opera Buffa~, both came to their conclusions recently. After their final chapters were released online, the second volumes of both comedy manga were made available for purchase on January 27. Due to the lack of focus on these manga at this time, we haven't kept the content of these volumes updated in their respective articles.

The website for the Seven Crimes and Punishments album, covered in more detail below, also gave us more information on Kayo Sudou by her character profile alone--information on her husband, mother, and child have been updated to her page and added where appropriate on the Seven Deadly Sins Minor Character list. We are also following updates on the albums contents and special bonuses.

In promotion for the album, mothy has also uploaded a new PV for our viewing pleasure, Glassred Portrait! Or, as according to the PV, The Portrait Glassred Drew. The song covers the viewpoint of Gumina Glassred as seen in the The Lunacy of Duke Venomania, post that period of her life. Translations for the song are expected to be made in the new future, and in addition to the song mothy has given some shocking information about Gumina and her family life after the Venomania Event. 


Meanwhile the Story of Evil continues to pervade game media

Although they aren't considered actual Evillious releases, an issue recently brought to the wiki's attention are the NND Livestreams hosted by mothy and his artists, which include their commentary on the Evillious Chronicles and their own respective contributions to the story. In the future, we would like to try extracting any potentially relevant information but have no plans for such a project currently.

We also have no plans to do anything with recently recirculated The Servant of Evil manga, as the story has no relation to Evillious beyond having the Story of Evil songs as inspiration and have reorganized its page accordingly. We continue to acknowledge its existence in relation to the official canon storyline told by mothy, but are not pursuing it beyond that.

Back in the Info Mines

Lots of information over the past few months have been mined from a variety of sources, including notes and mothy interviews located in the series' databooks. For the most part this has been useful for small location or event updates and trivia. In addition, as always we are continuing to refine and clean up our past translations and information from this era of Evillious; as such, changes have been made when new novel scenes were discovered or examined in more detail, which can be viewed on all related articles.


Not another word.

Aside from the Daughter of Evil, information is still being processed and mined from the Evil Food Eater Conchita and Lunacy of Duke Venomania novels. The result is ongoing expansion on the Minor Character lists, character pages, and other related articles for the period.

Refined translations and double-checking have also led to a correction in a previous inaccuracy. In our current translation of the Venomania manga, it had been believed that the spoon found in the Misty Mountain tomb was the Marlon Spoon we all know and love--in fact, it's a completely different magic tool altogether--this we know because Irina puts it back. Don't worry, she was frustrated too. Her subordinate, Tette Cetera, has also received major updates in who she actually is in relation to the sorceress as opposed to what our previously poor translation told us she was.

Examinations of very old translations have lead to a few name changes as well, as to be expected. Of these, most significantly the name "Kachess" was changed to the more accurate "Karchess" over another period of high-tension and debate and eventually asking mothy what his opinion was. That's all we're going to say about it. "Snakeland" has also been revised, making a significant change across articles; rather than name it by its literal translation, the island nation is instead to be reffered to as "Jakoku" to keep intact mothy's intention for the name. Our reasoning behind the change is detailed more thoroughly in this (now closed) thread on the topic. 

Articles Everywhere

It's been an amazing time for expansion on the EC Wiki, with our amount of pages over 300 and not stopping yet.


Learn about the various pigs of Beelzenia 8D

Aside from the wealth of character articles created by our new releases, the wiki has been on the move creating and expanding articles to better explain the world's setting. Pages have been made that expand on the culture of the series, as in Bolganio Literature, and on its natural world, as in Bolganio Wildlife. A page has additionally been made for the Evillious Calendar to give people a feel for the series' dating system. Additionally, in a similar vein to our Evillious Cast List, the wiki released an Evillious Term List in late July as a small compendium to help keep track of terms that don't have to do with characters. Like the cast list, the article includes the Japanese spelling, romaji spelling, and current English translation for our EC terms.

Huge changes have been made to our Magic page, restructuring the page to be a directory of spells and magical tools, all of which have received their own pages for the convenience of the reader. Please, those who are interested, feel free to browse through our Mind Manipulation Magic, the Transformation Magic, or look at the Very Amazing Green Onion to get a feel for the series' magic pages. The retooling comes complete with a new Magic category with Magic Tools and Vessel of Sin subsections (and on that note, check out our Vessels of Sin page! 8D).

Articles have been made, in addition, for events such as the Leviantan Civil War and locations like Maistia, the "New World" continent introduced in The Muzzle of Nemesis booklet and expanded on in the Gift novel. A page as also been made detailing the Great War, the war in which Nemesis ends up destroying the world. A new locations page has also been made for the Moonlit Residence, given its importance to the series, as well as for the Held Monastery, Mystica, Blankenheim Mansion, Gasto, and more locations! A new family page was also made for the Calgaround Family, the Rogzé Family, and others given our various introductions to new characters.

A new wiki policy change concerning minor characters has also lead to more character articles being put up, along with the expectation that even more will come up in the near future. In the past, our Minor Character List has been bogged down with incredibly long character sections that take several scrolls just to get through, with a character only denied from an article without an image. Taking this into account we have relaxed this policy and begun adding characters from the Minors list with a placeholder image in lieu of their own, the likes of which you see here. 

To prevent a flood of character articles being written, currently we do not hold characters without images under the same standard to receive an article as characters with. A character without an image can only receive an article if they have seventy lines of information or more in their section, a section you must scroll through. As time goes on we hope to lower this standard to a certain extent to include more candidates for pages. As of this posting, the following characters have received articles by this new policy:

In the vein of minor characters getting articles, new ones have also been made for Ly Li and Milky Eights, posted shortly after the completion of the last Six Month Report. Shaw Freesis, as well, has also finally received a page as he grew in importance in the release of the Gift novel. 

Aesthetic Changes

Those of you who haven't been on the wiki or not paying attention to our designs might have noticed we made a change in background! The size and visibility varies by browser, but we've replaced our background with the character images and background taken from the below mentioned Seven Crimes and Punishments album website

This change more clearly represents that the Evillious Chronicles is composed of several arcs, rather than only showcasing The Daughter of Evil. With that said, no debate is taking place at this time for a change in color scheme for our wiki to go with a new background and therefore will remain the same for the time being.

Users paying attention to galleries will also see that in November we made an overhaul to article galleries. Most notably, the naming of tab categories was shortened simply to cut down on wordiness and conserve space in the event of adding new tabs, while additionally the Misc. tab has been split into Misc. and Merchandise for more precise categorization. Song appearances, as well, will now be arranged in order of release date rather than chronology.

As a final note, the wiki partook in an experiment with adding Family Trees to Family articles from between roughly five months; as intended, the trees were meant to make more clear at a glance the familial relationships between all members listed on the article. Unfortunately, the experiment was not successful, as ultimately the template was too complex and breakable to handle messes like the Venomania Bloodline or family trees with unclear or indirect lineages. As a result, all family trees have been removed from the articles for the forseeable future.


Recently fans speaking or interested in other languages may be excited to hear that we've been allowing interwiki links at the bottom of selected articles to allow easy access to the other Evillious Chronicles wikis of other languages. The process, explained in more detail here, has been delegated to a bot for adding links at the bottom of articles--so far, this has been applied mostly to links to the Spanish Wiki.

Several pages now have a link to the Spanish Wiki's equivalent of the page, demonstrated in Banica Conchita's article; over time we hope to include more of our multi-lingual fans in as more links are added. To be clear, however, these are links to equivalent pages on the Spanish EC Wiki, but do not guarantee that these pages will be the same quality or quantity as the English pages. 


Senpai noticed me!

Unrelatedly, there was an uproar in the Evillious community when mothy made a comment on twitter for discovering the Evillious Chronicles English wiki. While Ichika has, a reasonable number of times, conversed with members of the English fanbase, it was news to fans to see the author himself taking a look at their database of information on the series. Nothing too radical has resulted from this, however it is of note that mothy himself was impressed by the information contained in our articles and stated an intention to look on the wiki occasionally to check his English translations. This has its pros and cons. Mostly cons.

Also of note is that mothy has, as stated above, created his own Youtube channel to upload future PVs alongside Nico Nico Douga. While the logistics of uploading his older videos makes it unlikely we'll get solid Youtube links for the likes of The Daughter of Evil or Wordplay, this is a big step not only in making his future videos available to users without an NND account, but in allowing us to make use of these links without worry of the video becoming private or removed at a later date.

What's Going to Happen?

With all that behind us, we have a lot on the horizon for the Wiki and for the Evillious Chronicles. mothy as a composer loves to spoil his fans and has promised new releases while tantalizing us with the possibility of others; meanwhile, we at the wiki are left scrambling for this and other changes as a growing, improving community.

New Releases

As mentioned above, the Fifth Pierrot Novel's release date has been moved back to a few months ahead; luckily, it is expected to be released by the time of the next report. Revelations on the ending of the Gift novel and Père Noël is expected and looked to with great anticipation.

Closer to the time of this writing, mothy has also announced the release of a new album, Seven Crimes and Punishments, for February 25. The album is the first featuring all Seven Deadly Sins series songs, as well as including an "answer song" for each one. Two of these new songs are promised to have new PVs released for them in anticipation of the album.

Along with this, the limited edition of the album comes with a whopping 160 page booklet, within which is a story featuring Allen Avadonia as the protagonist. A sneak-peek prologue of the story was released in a PDF, through which we know that the story will involve Allen meeting with all the villains of the Seven Deadly Sins Series after the destruction of the Third Period (don't fret, it's not the end of the series).

Posts made on Ichika's twitter also confirm that the booklet will come with illustrations. mothy has also promised to release another video sometime after the release of the album to celebrate his seventh anniversary of making videos, in addition to The Portrait Glassred Drew.

Another release to look forward to in the future is the Daughter of Evil: Act 3--before the release of Act 2, Ichika had posted an interesting image of Kyle and Keel together in their youth. With this scene absent from the Act 2 manga entirely, the implication appears to be that Ichika is already working on Act 3 and has given us a sneak-preview of one of its completed panels, to involve Kyle and Keel. 

Fans can also look forward to a potential Original Sin Story -Act 3- sometime in the undetermined future. Although mothy has made no clarification on a release date, he has made a statement that he would not be releasing Original Sin Story -Act 3- at comiket last summer, implicating that an OSS album will be released at a later day. 

New Projects

As always, there are more projects in the works for our wiki that we hope to complete by the time of the next report (or even the report after that). Pages are being drafted at the time of this writing for the Gods and Humans of Evillious. Such are meant, in a similar manner from our Wildlife pages, to categorize the races of humans and types of gods in the setting for mothy's world-building. 

As the demons of sin become more prominent in the Chronicles as characters, particularly shown in the prologue of the Seven Crimes and Punishments with the Demon of Lust, there is growing discussion of giving them their own character articles.


The secret of these two will soon be revealed!

Pages are also being tentatively discussed for Ichika and other illustrators for the Evillious Chronicles, in a similar vein to our creator article for mothy. These would focus primarily on their contribution to the Evillious Chronicles as a franchise, giving users more insight into the designers of the characters and the makers of artwork for the series that we enjoy so much.

Be on the lookout, as well, for a major update on Elluka's character article--large amounts of info from the Gift novel, as well as updates on Story of Evil translations, will make for a lot of work on our most prominent Evillious character. At the same time, this update will conclude all major updates on the wiki to be added from the Gift novel.

Finally, given the success of our last SUPER SECRET PROJECT, fans can expect that another one will be taking place too over the coming months.


Special Honors

The following users are being recognized for their invaluable contributions to the wiki in the past six months for a vast majority of the above listed changes and for their continued support:

Servant of Evillious: On a separate note, I'd like to thank every user, registered and unregistered, for their continued support on the wiki, whether it be fixing typoes while reading through articles, helping overhaul a new project, or contributing to the discussions in our forums. This has been the busiest semester for the wiki since I've joined and everyone's help during this period has left us accomplished. You have my appreciation.


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