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Octofan Octofan 15 January 2016

Six Month Report: 2015 Part II

Unusually for this fandom, we've had a period of relative inactivity, both for mothy and the wiki itself, save for our continual revisions of articles based on previous releases (more on that later, though.) Nonetheless, some interesting things have been happening since the last six-month report. And it is the duty of this six-month report to let everyone know about it.

I hope you enjoy the rundown!

  • 1 What Did We Promise Again?
    • 1.1 A Beginning But No Middle
    • 1.2 Deadly Sins of Evil: The Eastern Addition
  • 2 What Even Happened?
    • 2.1 Infinite Expansion
    • 2.2 Misc Happenings
  • 3 Wait What's Happening
    • 3.1 Releases In Store
    • 3.2 Wiki Plans
  • 4 Misc
    • 4.1 Special Honors
    • 4.2 Polls

Looking over the last report, it does seem that we did promise a couple of things to come at you in the com…

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Octofan Octofan 25 July 2015

Six Month Report: 2015 Part I

Welcome inside, Wiki-goer. What is it you desire? Do you wish to know your future? The future of your loved ones? Maybe you want to spy on people 0---0 I'm just a fortune teller, I don't judge.

What? I'm not a fortune teller?

I'm just a horny lady who performs plastic surgery?

Do you want to know the state of the wiki or not >:C


After much delay and momentous wiki-changing, it is finally time for the Six Month Report to make sure you can keep track of it all! A lot has happened, and we don't have much time, so let's get through as much as we can through the power of fortune telling.

  • 1 Things That Were to Come
    • 1.1 Seven Deadly Crimes
    • 1.2 Five of Pierrot... or was it Fifth Clown?
    • 1.3 Wiki Things
  • 2 Things That Came
    • 2.1 Names and Content
    • 2.2 Chat Policy
    • 2.3…

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Octofan Octofan 1 February 2015

Six Month Report: 2014 Part II

Has it really been six months already? Has it? No it hasn't we were delayed okay a lot has been happening Well, the last blog was late so you'll just have to deal with it. >8C

Either way, it's been a very eventful last six+ months, and we've a lot of ground to cover over what's been happening here and in the Evillious Fandom. So buckle your seatbelts so you won't escape, it's going to be a long journey OOO/

  • 1 What Was Supposed to Happen?
    • 1.1 Judgment of Corruption 2: This Time it's Personal
    • 1.2 The Gift That Keeps Giving
    • 1.3 Second-Act Breakup
    • 1.4 Those New Projects
  • 2 What Happened?
    • 2.1 New Releases
    • 2.2 Back in the Info Mines
    • 2.3 Articles Everywhere
    • 2.4 Aesthetic Changes
    • 2.5 Misc
  • 3 What's Going to Happen?
    • 3.1 New Releases
    • 3.2 New Projects
  • 4 Miscellaneous
    • 4.1 Special Honors…

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Octofan Octofan 9 July 2014

Six Month Report: 2014 Part I

Late so late It's that time of year again! Time to eat cake and give each other gifts of jelly beans in plastic yellow cups and watch fireworks! As we open into July, more importantly, it's time for the wiki Six Month Report, 2014. Now with more cake!

Let's see what of note has been going on if none of you have been paying attention to Wiki Activity. 83

  • 1 Checking Up
    • 1.1 Books and Threads
    • 1.2 The Daughter of Evil
    • 1.3 New Pages
    • 1.4 Miscellaneous
  • 2 Check it Out
    • 2.1 Song Pages
    • 2.2 Translation Compendium
    • 2.3 New Releases
    • 2.4 Processing
  • 3 Check Back
    • 3.1 New Releases
    • 3.2 New Projects
  • 4 Miscellaneous
    • 4.1 Special Honors
    • 4.2 Polls

As always, we left off with lots of promises for what we were doing next in the wiki; translations, pages, releases, even cosmetic details. Now is the ti…

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Octofan Octofan 6 January 2014

Six Month Report: 2013 Part II

It's been approximately six months since the first report chronicling the wiki's progress rate was posted last June; with 2013 having drawn to a close, it's time for the next one to come up and give us a rundown of what 2013 accomplished and what 2014 has in store.

Gahaha here we go then. ^.^;

  • 1 Follow Up
    • 1.1 Character Page Improvements
    • 1.2 Media/Guide Page Improvements
    • 1.3 Information Updates
    • 1.4 Categorization
    • 1.5 Miscellaneous
  • 2 Wiki Changes
    • 2.1 New Releases
    • 2.2 Projects
    • 2.3 Categorization
    • 2.4 Policies
    • 2.5 Miscellaneous
  • 3 Things to Look Forward To 
    • 3.1 New Releases
    • 3.2 New Projects
  • 4 Miscellaneous
    • 4.1 Special Honors
    • 4.2 Polls

As the last Six-Month Report posted on this wiki left off promising the completion of several edit movements going on at the time, it would be fitting…

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