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  • Octofan

    Unusually for this fandom, we've had a period of relative inactivity, both for mothy and the wiki itself, save for our continual revisions of articles based on previous releases (more on that later, though.) Nonetheless, some interesting things have been happening since the last six-month report. And it is the duty of this six-month report to let everyone know about it.

    I hope you enjoy the rundown!

    Looking over the last report, it does seem that we did promise a couple of things to come at you in the coming months. Let's begin by checking our progress on that, shall we?

    The next big album release since Seven Crimes and Punishments – the next album release period – has arrived! In August 16 at Comiket, mothy released the Original Sin Story: Com…

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  • Octofan

    Welcome inside, Wiki-goer. What is it you desire? Do you wish to know your future? The future of your loved ones? Maybe you want to spy on people 0---0 I'm just a fortune teller, I don't judge.

    What? I'm not a fortune teller?

    I'm just a horny lady who performs plastic surgery?

    Do you want to know the state of the wiki or not >:C


    After much delay and momentous wiki-changing, it is finally time for the Six Month Report to make sure you can keep track of it all! A lot has happened, and we don't have much time, so let's get through as much as we can through the power of fortune telling.

    Before we get into consulting the future of Evillious, we shall peer into the past and see how well our previous predictions fared.

    Some of the biggest items on…

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  • Octofan

    Has it really been six months already? Has it? No it hasn't we were delayed okay a lot has been happening Well, the last blog was late so you'll just have to deal with it. >8C

    Either way, it's been a very eventful last six+ months, and we've a lot of ground to cover over what's been happening here and in the Evillious Fandom. So buckle your seatbelts so you won't escape, it's going to be a long journey OOO/

    Remember all those upcoming releases and wiki promises we talked about at the end of the last report? I don't either. Well as it turns out, mothy did not disappoint over the summer and school year, and the wiki's subsequently been through a lot. Here's the rundown for those of you behind on the news:

    What we had been hoping for on the horizon…

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  • Octofan

    Late so late It's that time of year again! Time to eat cake and give each other gifts of jelly beans in plastic yellow cups and watch fireworks! As we open into July, more importantly, it's time for the wiki Six Month Report, 2014. Now with more cake!

    Let's see what of note has been going on if none of you have been paying attention to Wiki Activity. 83

    As always, we left off with lots of promises for what we were doing next in the wiki; translations, pages, releases, even cosmetic details. Now is the time to evaluate how much we've gotten done in these areas. For processing info, we've done a lot. 

    After months of transcribing and translating, we've been able to mine a lot of info from the first two Deadly Sins of Evil novels (for some of Th…

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  • Octofan

    It's been approximately six months since the first report chronicling the wiki's progress rate was posted last June; with 2013 having drawn to a close, it's time for the next one to come up and give us a rundown of what 2013 accomplished and what 2014 has in store.

    Gahaha here we go then. ^.^;

    As the last Six-Month Report posted on this wiki left off promising the completion of several edit movements going on at the time, it would be fitting to start this report by stating what has become of all such discussions half a year later. 

    Efforts to improve character pages have covered a lot of ground since the last report. Many character histories have been expanded for the known information about a given character, and several with enough info hav…

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