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    EC Christmas RPG

    December 21, 2017 by Master of Lemmings

    Hey, everyone!

    As you may know, I’m the developer of the EC fangame, Eve Moonlit Goes Shopping. Two years ago, I made a Christmas present for one of my dear friends of a sort of non-canon sequel! EM 1.5  I asked her for permission and now here it is, two years later, finally debugged (hopefully) (I only spent about an hour working on it this morning) and ready to be seen by the public. 

    I’d also like to take the time to announce an upcoming sequel, EM2 to be released sometime this next summer (crossing my fingers). Please look forward to it! 

    Please let me know what you guys think of this game. Thank you so much for your support!

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  • Master of Lemmings

    EC RPG

    October 18, 2015 by Master of Lemmings

    Hello, everyone! I've been using RPG Maker to make a much longer project and in the process of learning how to use the program, I began to make a very cruddy game based around EC. It was never originally intended to shared with others, but people became interested enough in it that I've decided to share it.

    Playtime is about one hour long.

    This game takes place in Original Sin Story but deviates from the canon in many ways. Please don't tell me something is wrong with the story, because I know it is wrong.

    The plot was written in March 2015 (shortly after the release of Pierrot), so much of the information is outdated. Some jokes were added in later.

    PC Download link:

    Mac Download (works f…

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  • Master of Lemmings

    Due to technical difficulties, Ninja is unable to make blog posts, but he requested me to post this translation of Master of the Hellish Yard from a set of Spanish lyrics [1] to English.

    In front of my eyes is a black box
    In the middle of the black box is a little lock
    What should enter in the lock is a golden key
    That key is in the palm of my hands...
    Wolf thirsty for blood
    Death made of bones and skin
    The birds fly through the red sky
    Talking with a strange voice (feminine) piercing the ears
    Ah... I realized that this place I find myself in now
    That there is nothing, it is Hell itself, ah...
    (I am The Master of the Hellish Yard,
    The flames that destroy Hell)
    This place which had to be explored
    It is time to return everything to nothing
    The sin was di…

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