Well, since mothy has established what Evillious' endgame is going to be, I'm just going to jot down a list of what I think the cast list will be. List subject to change.


  • Allen Avadonia: No duh.
  • Sickle: He's the Sun God and Allen's sorta mentor with a mysterious past. No doubt we're going to learn his backstory and he'll die tragically.
  • Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Allen's closing words in SCaP makes it pretty obvious she's going to be involved, even putting aside the no duh.
  • Hansel: Considering his song, duh.
  • Gretel: She's Hansel's sister. Pretty sure she's going to show up.
  • Irregular: Very, very duh.
  • Punishment: Should be obvious.
  • Michaela: No way is tree goddess not going to appear.


  • Banica Conchita: Really she should be almost certain. She's Hansel and Gretel's master, the Master of the Graveyard and has an evil plan which the series is continuing to build up. No way is this woman going under the radar.
  • Ma: The only reason I'm slightly unsure is that, with Eve's position and all, we don't quite know just what's going on with her.
  • Gumillia: She's Master of the Hellish Yard. Fairly sure that speaks for itself.
  • Seth Twiright: Please, give me more of this ambition seeking ass. Plus he still seems to be with Gumillia.
  • Demon of Lust: Should speak for itself.
  • Demon of Greed: Ditto.
  • Demon of Envy: Ditto.
  • Demon of Pride: Ditto. That, and I'm 70% certain she's Sickle's little sister.
  • Behemo: Please, I want more of this cross-dressing child.
  • Waiter: The strong hints that she's connected Riliane makes me certain. Very, very certain.
  • Master of the Court
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