• Malice Twiright

    So, let's talk about Irregular.

    With the release of Deadly Sins of Evil: Fifth Pierrot, the longest running mystery in the fanbase has been concluded, the identity of Ma. However things continue and, of course, shift.

    With this blogpost I hope to explore one of the more noticeable mysteries. Sit back kids, let's look at how we found ourselves at how we found with this mess. This will be quite long, so sit back


    So, to begin with, in order to understand Irregular, one needs to understand where he first appeared. Which is actually part of the problem, in that Irregular's nature means that we don't know where he first appeared. So let's start at the start.

    So, in April of 2008, Mothy released The Daughter of Evil, his third song. This was…

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  • Malice Twiright

    Just keeping this around as a checklist for the mysteries in the series. Remind of one and I'll add it in:

    • What happened to Pale Noël.
    • What happened to the twins.
    • What happened to Maria Moonlit.
    • Why Kayo Sudou is important.
    • Why the Miroku family have their respective Vocaloids.
    • Who in the world that Graveyard chef was.
    • Who the Master of the Court is.
    • Who Gear is.
    • Who Waiter is.
    • Who and what Irregular is.
    • Who and what Punishment is.
    • Sickle's real name.
    • What the significance of Re birthday is.
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  • Malice Twiright

    Well, since mothy has established what Evillious' endgame is going to be, I'm just going to jot down a list of what I think the cast list will be. List subject to change.

    • Allen Avadonia: No duh.
    • Sickle: He's the Sun God and Allen's sorta mentor with a mysterious past. No doubt we're going to learn his backstory and he'll die tragically.
    • Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Allen's closing words in SCaP makes it pretty obvious she's going to be involved, even putting aside the no duh.
    • Hansel: Considering his song, duh.
    • Gretel: She's Hansel's sister. Pretty sure she's going to show up.
    • Irregular: Very, very duh.
    • Punishment: Should be obvious.
    • Michaela: No way is tree goddess not going to appear.

    • Banica Conchita: Really she should be almost certain. She's Hans…

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