Hello, It's 7:30 PM EST
Today I have decided to release "The Evillious Chronicles Wiki App Beta"
I started working on it yesterday, and now it's ready for beta testing!
It can be downloaded at
It's written in batch. It uses four files that I'm pretty sure XP, vista, 7, and 8 have.
Heres a quick Q and A:
1) I have a mac:
"Go Kill Yourself Scum!" (Dancing Samurai)
2) I'm getting an error that (file name) DOES NOT EXIST
Well I feel that 99.9% of people have the mandatory files to run the app, but If you put your problem in the comments, I may fix it in the real release
3) Can I have the source
Well actually the source is pretty easy to find, but I made the real .cmd file into a .exe file so you can't read it (Just message me for the source for with your reason and you can have it)
4) Why did you (I) release a beta
BETA TESSTING and critique (If you find any error or have a complaint please comment so I can fix it)
Because If you do then I'll mention your username in the who made this program section
6) What is Debug Mode
It's the mode I use when I debug the program (Well actually it's pretty useless in most situations, because it dosen't make a log, but I think I can fix it)
7) Is this program a virus
OF COURSE NOT! Your virus scan may call it one, but I assure you it's not

Now If you wanna get credit for beta testing fill this out in the comments (Remember None is a valid answer)
1) Did you have any file errors (FILE NOT FOUND) and if so, which one
2) On a scale of 1 to 10 how good was this app
3) What parts of the app did you like?
4) What part of the app didn't you like?
5) This app is one file would you like it if it made hidden files, to save settings, if it saved settings in the registry, or the settings should not be saved
6) Did you find any bugs (app shuts down/ Didnt bring you to the right webpage/Grammar/spelling error)
7) Suggestion for other functions the app should have
8) Should I have an installation file as well some other files in a .zip file instead of just one .exe
:Devolper Questions
(If you answer these also I'll add a *DEVELOPER* next to your name)
9) Would you have prefered a .ps1 instead of a .cmd
10) How do you get the .cmd file from the .exe
11) Should I have used call instead of goto
12) Should debug mode make a log of itself
13) Would you be interested in creating add-ons, or editing the app    Loading editor3 hours ago

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