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  • GreekTelepath

    Chapter 1 - Ten Minutes’ Love

    Hey all! This is just a little something I wrote yesterday. It takes place in the Evillious Chronicles canon and deals with the life of Rin Kagamine, a high school student in Jakoku. Hope you like it!

    Rin waited at the bus stop near her apartment. It was particularly chilly today, she noted. The wind was blowing her blonde hair towards one direction. She couldn’t see anyone else on the street - as to be expected, since it was so early in the morning.

    She could have chosen not to take the bus to school. It wasn’t like her family couldn’t afford it. In fact, her twin brother was driven by a chauffeur to school every morning.

    Rin chose to take the bus. She told her parents she liked looking at the people who rode it,…

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  • GreekTelepath

    Since I feel that Pierrot is not that great of an answer song to Gift, I wrote the lyrics of what I would make the answer song for Gift if I were mothy.

    ~ Poisoned Flowers ~

    On a stormy night, the “miracle” took place
    In the green country, a family’s newborn baby was dead
    My lady took it and brought it back to life
    It’s really all just the Doll’s illusion

    My lady is a powerful sorceress
    Travelling in my country, she happened to meet me
    I became her apprentice and joined her in travelling
    We formed an organization, “Père Noël”

    I desperately wanted to be more like my lady
    I copied her in everything she did
    For that, she sent me away to live in a distant town
    But not before I changed my face to hers

    The feudal lord of a town, a wealthy man
    Also a potential…

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  • GreekTelepath

    Personally, I really like how mothy ties together the different sin vessel incidents throughout history. Looking at things more closely, the first four are all caused by the preceding incident and in turn cause the succeeding one. The causal chain of events, in order:

    • Sateriasis is killed due to him enchanting Yufina
    • The Donalds are elevated to Duke to make up for the Duke’s assassination
    • Burglar Donald enters a quarrel with the Beelzenian Royal family
    • Asmodean begins fighting for its independence
    • Duke Gastolle is killed in the ensuing conflict
    • The Conchitas are elevated to Duke, eventually leading to Banica
    • Civil war erupts in Beelzenia due to Banica and the empire is weakened as a result
    • Asmodean enters another war with Beelzenia, weakening both…
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  • GreekTelepath

    Why Margarita's Sixteen

    December 21, 2014 by GreekTelepath

    For a while I’ve been wondering why mothy decided to make Margarita sixteen instead of say, twenty. but then I realized - it fits with her character more. Margarita is childish. I mean, she compares love to trauben jam and wants to marry a prince! That’s all stuff a typical teenage girl (or even little kid) would do. Margarita carries the same childishness as Mikulia to an extent, but it’s not her defining character trait unlike Mikulia. Margarita’s childishness is however a way of bringing forth her other defining character traits - disconnection from reality, inaction, and brokenness.

    First off is disconnection from reality. Margarita isn’t the first person we’ve seen in the Evillious Chronicles who’s got a few loose screws - there’s Eve M…

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  • GreekTelepath

    Nemesis Sudou/the Master of the Hellish Yard is one of if not the most complex characters in the Evillious Chronicles . It takes 4 songs to get an idea of her character - she's broken, she's tragic, she's vengeful and she's so forgone she's beyond saving at different parts in her life. However, what does it take to make an innocent little girl into Evillious Hitler/Satan? I'll hopefully try to explain that in this blog post. But first, my favorite thing to do - we'll look at the numerous themes surrounding Nemesis.

    Okay, first I'll start with her name. A nemesis is defined as a foe you cannot overcome. Even from this dictionary definition, we can already surmise a lot from Nemesis' chracter. Nemesis opposes the inhabitants of Evil's Theater…

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