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  • I live in Fourth Period
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is Servant
  • GreekTelepath

    • Located in the middle of the forest; private coach ferries customers to and from for a hefty sum
    • Split into different areas (theater, garden, clocktower, courtroom, graveyard, etc.)
    • There's a cat that always hangs out near the entrance; it's rumored she steals misbehaving customer's bodies.
    • There are three waiters; one's a snarky blonde girl and the other two are creepy twins
    • Security: a small boy in a clown costume (keep him AWAY from the cutlery)
    • One of the cooks is a blue-haired man filled with regret
    • There's an entire table reserved for Banica; she never leaves and eats people's leftovers (and occasionally the people too)
    • Sateriasis puts on a "show" every other Tuesday night (wink wink)
    • Christmas promo: children get free Gifts (bad children ge…

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  • GreekTelepath

    Hi everyone. Back with another fanfic! This is a oneshot with Rin and Lemy, taking place in an alternate continuity within the Pierrot novel. Alternative title: "How I Would Have Handled Rin's Character".

    - AO3 Link -

    Rin got off the carriage, stepping onto the lantern-lit streets of Rolled. After thanking the coachman, she saw the carriage move away from her along the street, disappearing into the inky darkness that seemed to envelope the city. Standing before her was a magnificent mansion, none other than Abelard estate.

    November 10. This was the date of the scheduled meeting between Lucifenia’s government officials. For Rin, this was her only window to speak to Lemy without being obstructed by that horrible woman. Briskly walking up the st…

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  • GreekTelepath

    This is a list of minor characters that have appeared or are mentioned in passing in the Evillious Chronicles, including in its songs, light novels, manga, or other related media. (Moved from my Sandbox to free up some space.)

    An unnamed boy and one of the last few members of humanity during the era he lived in. At some point, he and his sister met an old woman who told them of a magical bluebird that could grant any wish. Packing their car, the two siblings set off. After a long journey, the two of them located the bluebird at a Lucifenian state-run factory. Too timid to go inside, the boy witnessed his sister enter the building. 

    Seeing her carrying the bluebird in a cage, the boy saw his sister die shortly after due to the radiation insid…

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  • GreekTelepath

    Hi everyone! It's me again with another theory. Keep in mind this is mostly wild speculation and not meant to be taken really seriously. Anyway! My main point here is: Irina used the Clockworker Spoon in her experiments on Eve to turn her into the Master of the Court.

    Sounds wild, doesn't it? Let me back up a little. The Clockworker Spoon made its and only appearance in Lunacy manga. In the manga, Irina claims that the spoon was a magic tool developed by her father, an unnamed craftsman, in the days of Magic Kingdom Levianta. You may be thinking, "she could be lying!" But why would she? She's got Sati under her thumb and can threaten to take away the Venom Sword at any time, so she doesn't exactly have a motive to. Irina is not someone who l…

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  • GreekTelepath

    Chapter 2 - South North Story

    Three days had passed.

    Rin stood in front of one of the busiest areas in Jakoku. The district of Shiroku was known for its intersection, which was named after the city itself. Two major streets diverged at what was known as Shiroku Crossing - witnessing the sea of people moving in different directions was truly a sight to behold.

    Rin looked up at the cloudless sky. “I wonder, what are the chances of seeing her again?” she thought.

    She was looking for someone. A girl, a complete stranger in fact, whom she happened to see while touring Shiroku. The girl stood out from the enormous crowd of people walking along the street.

    It was because she looked exactly like Rin.

    Rin had heard of the Elphegortean concept of a “doppe…

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