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  • GreekTelepath

    Hi all! Thought I'd make a little analysis for Eve and the Clockworker's Doll, just to lay down all the facts. Now, let's begin!
    Note: This post is still incomplete. I will be updating it regularly as I comb through more information.

    The Clockworker's Doll first appeared in the song Miniature Garden Girl, released in 2008. In the song, she talks about mysterious objects who laugh at her, telling her that they're all the same. We later learn that these are the vessels of sin. At the end of the song, it's revealed that the one singing is not in fact a human; it's a doll. A year later, mothy releases Heartbeat Clocktower, which features the awakened Doll with burns on her body. In 2010, mothy releases Judgment of Corruption, which features Gall…

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  • GreekTelepath

    This is Kayo, back together
    And I'm never going down at the hands of a child like you
    Because I'm so much better
    And every part of me is saying go get her

    The three of us ain't gonna follow your rules
    Come at me without any of your magic tools
    Let's go, just you and me
    Let's go, just one on three

    Go ahead and try to hit me if you're able
    Can't you see that my relationship is stable
    People say that "Nothing can phase her,"
    "Since she's a Hereditary Evil Raiser"

    You're never gonna stop what we made together
    We are gonna stay like this forever
    If you break us apart we'll just come back newer
    And we'll always be thrice the mage that you are

    I am ma-ade
    And it's stronger than you
    And it's strong…

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  • GreekTelepath

    OSS Megatheory!

    June 3, 2015 by GreekTelepath

    Hi all! It's GT, back with another theory post. Anyway, a lot of stuff has been getting revealed regarding the Original Sin Story arc, so I thought I'd tie all my (rather numerous) theories together in one heaping post! Be warned that most of this is guesswork and logical assumptions based on canon material, plus my own personal interpretations. Enjoy!

    Note: Many of the theories used here came up on chat, so I can't take 100% credit for them. Special thanks goes to Malice for his ideas and letting me bounce mine off him.

    At some point, Malice came into existence. From this existence came HER, which began infecting gods at a very fast rate. One of the infected gods was The Patient in Blood-Stained Switch, which was given the year BT 1013 by m…

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  • GreekTelepath

    Possession was a technique carried out by demons and their familiars. If done correctly, it allowed the demon to take control of their human host and influence them, compelling them to spread malice.

    Possessions were usually carried out by doubles projected by demons, due to the Demons of Sin being confined to their vessels. Possessions could also be performed by third parties or entities borrowing the demon's power. In order to maintain the possession, the demon's vessel needed to be in proximity with the host, once again due to the demons being unable to exit their vessels. Aside from this, the demon's influence could be limited by the host's personality, with the vulnerability to possession varying per person. If the host had a carefree t…

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  • GreekTelepath

    These are the Wiki Policies for The Evillious Chronicles Wiki. This page contains all of the wiki's guidelines and systems for articles in order to keep them consistent. If you are a new user to this wiki, we advise you take the time to read this page.

    All users are expected to interact with each other in a civil and respectful manner. As such, verbally attacking other users is prohibited, whether they are anonymous or not. Vandalizing articles and making unnecessary pages are also considered transgressions against wiki policy and are similarly prohibited. Aside from this, spamming and roleplaying outside of the live chat are acts violating the wiki's rules. For a more in-depth explanation of these rules, see the wiki's chat policy page.

    • When …

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