The following is a draft for the proposed Editing Manual of Style for the wiki. Hopefully, it will provide an in-depth explanation for any new users on how to successfully write material for the wiki without the guidance of a senior user.



  • Opening blurb: Briefly gives the premise of the character's story arc. Is about 4-10 lines.
  • Infobox avi: Is 280px and has a width-to-height ratio of 3:2. The character's chin should take up around half of the vertical space.
  • History: Details the character's actions and experiences. Omit any information not known to the character.
  • Personality and Traits: Describes the character's personality, motivations and traits. Also tracks their development for characters who change over the course of the story.
  • Skills and Abilities: Describes the character's skillset. Lists any possible skills they have, as well as any special talents or abilities. Also describes any weaknesses or disabilities.
  • Character Connections: List the other characters that the character has a significant relationship with. Is arranged in terms of relevance to the character.
  • Trivia: Is one complete sentence and is three lines long; must be relevant to the page and not be simply an obvious or tenuous connection.
    • Conceptualization and Origin: Details the possible references or allusions that went into the character's conceptualization.
    • Curiosities: Details other notable facts or trivia about the character.
  • Gallery: Includes all canonical images in which the character appears.
  • Appearances: Lists all the media in which the character appears.
  • References: Contains the reflist template.


  • Plot: Details the events that take place in the song.
  • Composition: Details the instruments and voicebanks used in the song, as well as the start and end of the different verses. Also includes details on the song's rearrangements.
  • Related Songs
  • Albums
  • Lyrics: Includes tabs for the song's lyrics in Japanese, Romaji and English.
  • PV Text: Includes tabs for the song's PV text in Japanese and English.
  • Gallery: Includes canonical images from the song's PV, if any.
  • Appearances: Lists all the things appearing in the song.
  • References: Contains the reflist template.


  • History: Narrates the major events taking place in the location.
  • Locations: Lists the different places within a location, and gives brief descriptions of them. Links to main pages for the sections that have them.
  • Known Inhabitants/Residents: Lists all the residents of a location. Use "inhabitants" for small locations, such as mansions and villages, and "residents" for large locations such as countries.
  • Appearances: Lists all the media in which the location appears.
  • References: Contains the reflist template.


  • History: Details the group's happenings and actions.
  • Organization and Structure: Explains how the group is organized, including who leads it and who it employs, as well as the other groups it contains or is a part of (ex. the World Police contains Justea and the Torture Department).
  • Known Members: Displays the known members of a group in a gallery. For family pages, simply use a bulleted list with links.
  • Appearances: Lists all the media in which the group appears.
  • References: Contains the reflist template.
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