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  • I live in a peninsula in the southern Europe. Forgot its name
  • I was born on January 3
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am unsatisfied with my life choices.
  • Danytaly

    I onestly think that Master of the Hellish Yard is a Awakened vessel of sin: Here's the reasons why I suppose she is.

    She is mentioned by Gammon Octo and the waiter, in this order

    "Doll-Director; Master of the Graveyard; GEAR; Waiter;    Master of the Hellish Yard"

    We know for sure that the first 4 are awakened vessels, so I suppose the last one is too.

    Also, Gammon and Ma claims that they are "The replacements for those vessels that have not yet woken", aka Lust and Envy.

    In addition, GEAR says that a katana (the Venom sword) and a pair of scissors (Kayo's scissors) are the vessels of sin that aren't awokened yet.

    The album EVILS FOREST has this image depicting the Seven Sinners with their Sin.Riliane, Kayo, Wrath Sinner, Margarita, Gallerian, C…

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