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Alexiel Lucifen Alexiel Lucifen 24 February 2015

My EC Timeline/Tracklist

  1. ???? Blood Stained Switch
  2. ???? Barisol's Child is an Only Child
  3. ???? Clockwork Lullaby
  4. ???? Queen of the Glass
  5. ???? Project “Ma”
  6. 0000 Escape of Salmhofer the Witch
  7. 0001 Moonlit Bear
  8. 0014 Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night
  9. 0013 Ma Survival, Who Will Survive?
  10. 0013 Whereabouts of the Miracle
  11. 0013 Recollective Orgel
  12. ???? The Song I Heard Somewhere
  13. 0015 Chrono Story
  14. 0136 Madness of The Duke Venomania
  15. ???? The Portrait Glassred Drew
  16. 0141 Flower of the Plateau
  17. 0325 Eater of Repulsive Foods, Conchita
  18. ???? Drug of Gold
  19. ???? That King was Born from Mud
  20. ???? Neomaria of the Inverted Gravestone
  21. ???? A Hero's Armor is Always Crimson
  22. ???? Swear an Oath on that Bridge
  23. 0491 Twiright Prank
  24. 0500 Daughter of Evil
  25. 0500 Servant of Evil
  26. 0499 Tree Maiden
  27. 0505 Handbeat Clocktower
  28. 0501 …
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Alexiel Lucifen Alexiel Lucifen 5 September 2014

Who is MA?

This theory will about the theory about the character MA and how she came to be. It will cover the events in the Original Sin, Sloth, Envy, Greed and Wrath and the theater.

I think MA is the different combinations of five people: Elluka, Levia, Behmo, Eve and Irina

  • 1 Original Sin
  • 2 Sloth
  • 3 Envy
  • 4 Greed and Wrath
  • 5 The Theater and The Sins Awakening

My theory starts with who I think is the host, Elluka. We know when Elluka was revived from the Sin arch she gained immortality, the body swap technique and became the vessel for Levia and Behmo. Irina also gained immortality by jumping from host to host telling them what to do, as well as Eve by taking over dead bodies. Eve also became the Demon of Sloth sometime between this and Lust.

When Elluka fought Ev…

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Alexiel Lucifen Alexiel Lucifen 15 February 2014

Entrances to the Hellish Yard

I think there are multiple entrances to the Hellish Yard, maybe one for each Sin, three of them I can think of now.

I think Gluttony's entrance is the Master of the Graveyard's stomach. When she eats you, your body gets digested and you soul gets sent to the Hellish Yard

Pride's entrance might be the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia. The demons can travel from mirror to mirror, I bet the travel through the Hellish Yard to get to the next mirror.

Now this one is obvious, this entrance is the main entrance, the Gate to the Hellish Yard. The Golden Key should be able to lock and unlock the gate too.

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Alexiel Lucifen Alexiel Lucifen 28 December 2013

Sin Vessel Conection

  • Most of the objects used as the demons' vessels bears a relationship with the sin it represents, which further more can be connected the sinner and their respective vocaloid.
    • Gluttony can be connected to the glass because you will normally find glasses on a dining table, Meiko drink a lot of sake from a glass.
    • The mirrors represent vanity, Rin and Len are mirrors of each other.
    • The doll left alone would do nothing and would need to be guided much like how we guide Hatsune.
    • A silver spoon is a symbol of wealth, Kaito would always need a spoon to eat his ice-cream.
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Alexiel Lucifen Alexiel Lucifen 23 December 2013

HER Theory

This is my theory as to what HER is and how the Original Sin was created.

  • 1 HER
  • 2 Original Sin and Project "MA"
  • 3 The Seven Deadly Sins
    • 3.1 Lust

Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome is connected to Dissociative Identity Disorder. The name of the HER personality/soul is a cat named Abyss and her first host was Elluka Clockworker, that was in Blood-Stained Switch. The doctor that split them up was Adam Moonlit. That freed Abyss to move from host to host, controlling them, whispering to them, telling them what to do. When a person is controlled by Abyss their eyes turn red and there blood turns purple.

Abyss wanting revenge on Adam and wanting to cause more evil, she started to disrupt Project "MA". She cause the deaths of Cain & Abel which sent Eve Moonlit…

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