aka Fernando D.

  • I live in Chile
  • I was born on December 18
  • I am Masculino/Male
  • Adept-eX

    Just an idea for the images. Should we categorize the picturess by character? In that way would be easier to our visitors to find images of a determined character.

    You know, something similar to Bulbapedia.

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  • Adept-eX

    Standarization of the wikia

    February 18, 2013 by Adept-eX

    Ok, now the wikia is growing large and there are new contributors, I thing we need to increase the order and set some rules.

    Personally the points that concern me are the nest ones:

    First, we need sources and references for validate ALL the articles. I know a lot of the info is taken from the info of Facebook's group, which has some degree of reliability because it gets the books and has some connection with some of the producers like Ichika. However, not everybody is part of the group and anybody could use the wikia for spread false rumors or wrong information and so, we need to validate the info in the articles unrgently.

    We need to specify the books and external sources the info is taken from, maybe citing the page or phrase if it's requir…

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  • Adept-eX

    Wordplay Fanmade PV

    July 8, 2012 by Adept-eX

    Hello guys! I've been a bit inactive due my laptop died during this week =(. That caused me some troubles... particularly with the data of my thesis and my drawing projects (like the Evillious's logo)

    Fortunately the hard disk is intact, so I will be capable to recover the data.

    Despite that I managed to find something interesting in the little time that I've been with internet available:

    A Wordplay Fanmade PV

    The cool of this PV are the heavy Evillious Chronicles references on it (and the fact the author shares my headcanon that Flames of Yellow Phosphorus is part of the EC). I hope you enjoy this =)

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  • Adept-eX

    Hello Guys. Today I want to share a finding that I did navigating through Youtube....

    A Chrono Story PV done in Project Diva Extend!!!


    Man, the usage of modules and stages was awesome. Also has extra points for include references to the Seven Deadly Sins and the three identidies that Elluka took in the series.

    I hope you enjoy this like I did (Oh my! Now I can't stop to look this PV @_____@;;;)

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  • Adept-eX

    I've been waiting to revamp the Front page of our wikia, so for that I did a New logo:

    Asymmetrical roman serif letters, similar to the style used by Mothy on his albums.

    Probably I'm going to change the color of the font and maybe I will add a light stroke around them. Anyway, I would like to hear your suggestion and opinions =)

    - - - -

    Edit: I tested a revamped version of the logo for a welcoming box for the front page. This new one now has a more Clockwork theme, and I did a white version to test it in a dark background.

    Welcome to the , the place where we try to disclose the complex storyline of interconnected songs and stories written by the Vocaloid Producer named Mothy, also known as Akuno-P (悪ノP).

    The Evillious Chronicles is the name to the…

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