aka Bolt

  • I live in In a Pokeball
  • I was born on February 23
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am male (he/ him)
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* Drink once if Lemmings applauds.
* Drink once if Lemmings applauds.
* Drink twice if Gear eats an orange or drinks coffee.
* Drink twice if Gear eats an orange or drinks coffee.
* Drink once if Xo explodes.
* Drink once if Xo says "excuse me while I [insert thing here]".
* Drink thrice if Octo eats someone.
* Drink thrice if Octo eats someone.
* Drink twice if you see Servy spamming gifs.
* Drink twice if you see Servy spamming gifs.
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* Drink once if Malice repeats a theory.
* Drink once if Malice repeats a theory.
* Drink once every time GT changes avi.
* Drink once every time GT changes avi.
* Drink once whenever Fate/ Chronos act in sync.
(May be or may not be edited with time- depends on which users typically pop up on chat.)
(May be or may not be edited with time- depends on which users typically pop up on chat.)

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(*shakes fist* I feel like I shouldn't be working on this right now... but this needs editing. XD)

Other Names Pika (-chan/ sama/ etc.)

Kouhai (by Evils-sempai)
Wife-chan (by Husband-chan)
Sempai (by LemLems-kouhai sometimes)
Pikachuzinha (by Slothissimo)
Poke-thingy (by Servy sometimes)



Biographical Information
Born February 23rd
Personal Items Pecha Berries
Fish(Personal weapon~)
Classification Pokémon
Family Members Psycho Papa
Letter Brother
Shooting Brodah
Sweet Sister
Lawful (Lizard Son)
Minute (Cookie Child)
Chibi (Nutella Loving Daughter)
Lemmings (Greedy Son)
Akujiki (Quiet Daughter)
Anna (Worker Daughter)
Gender Genderless (Em/ ey pls)
Occupation Family Pikachu
Affiliation(s) A Pokémon World... which we all live in
Admin Information
Times banned Only 38473924 times
Time Zone Eastern Time Zone

~ Infobox (design mostly) done by Tsundere Demon and inspired (Iguess?) by Dany. ^^ ~

So... hai. :3 I've been absent from the internet/ the fandom for awhile so I'm actually catching up on EC stuff now. IN THE MEAN TIME I WILL (procrastinate) UPDATE THIS THING!

Some Notes:

Real quick then- please don't feel offended if you aren't mentioned somewhere in this or a part of my family~. I only link to users for convenience/ information.

Also- my preferred pronouns would be Elverson but if that confuses you too much or something then I guess you can stick to them/ they. I //will// be using Elverson for myself personally though, and I'll otherwise expect you to stick to it too.

Brief History

Pika first stalked the wiki as an anon for a few-ish (since about March 2012) years, before getting the courage to join. After pointing out some errors, voting, and actually posting on someone's wall, Pika finally decided to join the wiki. Pika would never have predicted that this would result in eir loving the chat. Thanks to that though, ey have made many friends and finds the users (anons too) to be very awesome~.

Non EC Stuff that Pika likes

I am a picky Pika, but I still have my share of fandoms. So for any curious lurkers out there, I just thought I'd mention them. :3

  • Transformice =u=
  • Boardgame Online (Conchita-sama introduced me- blame him!)
  • Supernatural
  • (Peter Jackson's) The Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings films
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Mother/ Earthbound series
  • Super Smash Bros. series
  • Pokemon main series games, plus a few spin offs here and there
  • Mario Party/ Mario Kart (main series what main series?)
  • Brave Frontier
  • Various rhythm games
  • Various other nintendo games
    Pikar face
  • Ni no Kuni
  • Soul Calibur (though Pika is not that big on this one OoO)
  • Vocaloid ^o^ (namely Rin/ Len Kagamine, and I like the producers Mothy or Neru best~)
  • Fire Emblem (got into the series with awakening)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles

Ways Pika will allow you to contact em

If you come on chat and I like you, you can usually get away with getting to know me through other methods of communication (sites/ games/ blahblahblah). To name a few...:

  • Pika has a 3DS and is willing to give dif friend code away via PM
  • Brave Frontier friends, if you're looking for 'em
  • Tumblr (even though its messaging system isn't that great, y e s)
  • Hotmail~
  • Youtube :3
  • Transformice! X3


The following lists are put in no particular order whatsoever.

Favourite Characters

  • Allen Avadonia
  • Gumillia
  • Gallerian Marlon
  • Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche
  • Waiter
  • Kyle Marlon
  • GEAR
  • Master of the Court
  • Hansel (and his reincarnations)
  • Banica Conchita (and her demon-ness)
  • Mariam Futapie
Pika s avi

Favourite Songs

  • Servant of Evil
  • Moonlit Bear
  • Gift from the Princess who brought Sleep
  • Judgment of Corruption
  • Capriccio Farce
  • Miniature Garden Girl
  • Blink
  • Seven Crimes and Punishments
  • Boy of the End Hansel

I also like Kept Waiting for a Response but that's not an EC thing anymore.


  • Loving Slothissimo~ Because Slothissimo is too awesome~ BUT SO IS EVERYONE!
  • Giving one what is essentially a "wall of text" in reply to something/ when giving advice/ while I feel talkative.
  • Saying I'm going to be AFK/ AFC (Away From Keyboard/ Chat respectively), and then not go away. Or- being "Pikaway" (a term identified by Lexi) of which chat says I'm away- but really I have chat hacks on and am not paying //main chat// much attention.
  • Using~ lots~ of~ tildes~ and~ unnecessary~ emoticons~ :D
  • Typingwithoutspaces. O r l i k e t h i s .
  • Using //slashes// to italicize/ emphasize something.
  • Fangirling over PUPPIES. THEY ARE ADORABLE. YES. (I think Guar happily abuses this.)
  • Randomly, and accidentally, switching between my computer's English and Français (French) language packs on accident. Resulting in /me becoming éme for instance. On that note, I may randomly switch languages for the lolz.
  • Being incredibly lazy.

Chat Stuff

Chat's Drinking Game

Classic pika xmas avi

To play- stalk main chat with drinks nearby for any of the incidences mentioned below. Sip/ drink a small cup of something (I leave the drink choice up to you- soda/ tea/ whatever) in accordance to the number of drinks mentioned and the appropriate event.

  • Drink once if Seth sets someone/ something on fire.
  • Drink twice if Alexiel traps someone in a mirror.
  • Drink once if Lemmings applauds.
  • Drink twice if Gear eats an orange or drinks coffee.
  • Drink once if Xo says "excuse me while I [insert thing here]".
  • Drink thrice if Octo eats someone.
  • Drink twice if you see Servy spamming gifs.
  • Drink thrice if a wild Resi or Arin (Persona Fabula) appears.
  • Drink twice whenever Dark throws someone out the window.
  • DrinkoncewheneverPikatalkslikethis.
  • Drink thrice whenever someone gets married/ adopted.
  • If Total gets married/adopts, drink five.
  • Drink twice if Abyss ships someone in chat.
  • Drink once if Sniper shoots or kills someone in chat.
  • Drink once if Lawful throws someone down the well.
  • Drink five times if someone steals someone else's avi.
  • Drink once and decide to revenge if Pale tries to kill Soubi.
  • Drink once if Malice repeats a theory.
  • Drink once every time GT changes avi.
  • Drink once whenever Fate/ Chronos act in sync.

(May be or may not be edited with time- depends on which users typically pop up on chat.)

Picture-ified Classic Chat Moments

Basically some image links (that are usually long and text heavy beware-) that go to stuff I thought was really funny/ awesome. These are the moments I'd like to remember //forever//. Andthuspicture-ifiedthem. Shall be edited with time too~.

Moment: Guar's Adorableness is Over Nine Thousand
Picture-ified Links:

Seven Deadly Demons on Chat

Poke-Thingy Nation

So sometimes- yes sometimes- I'll start role-playing a random character I like/ feel like role-playing. When that character becomes significant enough, I'll make a section for them here. No, this does not actually make me an avid RPer or anything like that- I think of myself as casual/ random RPer that varies with mood. These things just happen. I shall likely never make any separate RP accounts and you may never see any of them in your chat life, but that's okay. You can now read about them here, right? <3 These are all EC role plays, of course.

I say that you'll never see them yet apparently they warrant a section. Logic.

The title is a joke. It was joke or pick a boring title like "role-plays" so.


Based off Allen and created at some point when I first joined- I don't really remember when- Pikallen is one of the nice RPs. He'll serve you things such as brioche, and tea, and wear fancy ties. Yeup. He's not much of a people person and probably won't come out to play much unless Rin-sama or some other Riliane-esque person starts Riliane'ing.


I think- but don't take my word on this I put Pikallen above him for a reason- that Pikarian is one of my older Pikas. Inspired by Gammon's (whom Okuto RPs) old chat butt-monkey habits and my own personal love for Gallerian. What does he love? Money. What does he hate? Maids that burn his money. Pretty straight forward, feel free to torture him if you feel like it. Oh and no- he doesn't have a doll, yet. Also as a new thing- he dislikes Master (RPed by Sniper) since he tends to torture him. You can summon Pikarian as you wish but it will cost you five yen! *Yato peace sign*

Pikulia/ Eveka

This lovely Pikulia exists because Conchita-sama happened to really like Mikulia. Pikulia likes flowers and dolls, and also happens to be really, incredibly, stupid. She talks in third person pretty much twenty four seven if she's summoned. Then one day, it was established that Pikulia is Eveka, so we had to take her to Michaela and demand Pikulia to have her memories erased and well- she's normal Pikulia again, quite simply.


This is the comforting Pika who comes out to play whenever someone goes Clarith or looks depressed. She likes to support people and stuff, and tends to think everything is awesome. She may also may or may not be extremely hyper and require certain squirrels to go shush her up and drag her back to the forest.


Pikamillia is inspired by Pika making a Gumillia RP account on DA that was short-lived and is now dead. She also may be related to my typical avi being Gumillia-related. She's usually rather clever, sarcastic, quiet, and business-y. She will not tolerate you trying to troll or tease her, but will gladly help you with what she can. She has magic too. Magic is cool.

Pikelle/ Pichelle

A wild Pika that popped in recently based off of "Michelle"/ MotC. She thinks the Psychotic Pale Noel is her father (which is really how he became my father- but I'm with it because we both like explode-y thingys) and tends to be perhaps a bit delusional. She has a heart though! Not really. She only cares for her family and will likely try to hit you with a gavel and sentence you to the Hellish Yard at their request/ should you be mean to them. She is just a doll though. You probably have nothing to fear, right? :D


The most recent Pika that popped in right after Pichelle's appearance. Conpika just wants food. She doesn't really care for much else. You'll have three choices if you meet her: 1) just don't meet her. 2) Run for your life or abuse any power you have that happens to be greater than hers. 3) Get eaten. Yeup. You could also try to luck out and make a deal with her or something- that might help. Her loyal servant pulled off a deal, and that would be Xo, who is officially not on her menu so long as he keeps getting her foodzstuffz. She seeks an official chef and a female servant.

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