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(*shakes fist* I feel like I shouldn't be working on this right now... but this needs editing. XD)

Other Names Pika (-chan/ sama/ etc.)
Kouhai (by Evils-sempai)
Wife-chan (by Husband-chan/ Guar)
Sempai (by LemLems-kouhai sometimes)
Pikachuzinha (by Slothissimo)
Poke-thingy (by Servy sometimes)
Pikabro (by Ninjazz)


Biographical Information
Born February 23rd
Personal Items Pecha Berries
Fish(Personal weapon~)
Classification Pokémon
Family Members Psycho Papa
Brodah Xoda
Shooting Brodah
Sweet Sister
Husband-chan/ GuarGuar
Lawful (Lizard Son)
Minute (Cookie Child)
Chibi (Nutella Loving Daughter)
LemLems (Greedy Son)
Akujiki (Quiet Daughter)
Anna (Worker Daughter)
Gender Genderfluid (they/ them works)
Occupation Family Pikachu
Resident Fish Slapper
Affiliation(s) A Pokémon World... which we all live in
Admin Information
Times banned Only 38473924 times
Time Zone Eastern Time Zone

~ Infobox (design mostly) done by Tsundere Demon and inspired (Iguess?) by Dany. ^^ ~

So... hai. :3

Genderfluid Notes:[]

I'm genderfluid! Usually once a month or so passes I feel like I'm supposed to have a different gender. Which one usually varies betweeen: agender, demigirl, and demiboy.

Sometimes if we're not doing group avis, my current preferred gender will be referenced by my avatar.

  • If I'm a Pikachu then I most likely am feeling more Agender, they/ them or ey/ em are fine.
  • If I have a male avi (Lucas, Claus, Gallerian, blah blah) I identify more as a demiboy, and prefer he/ him but they/ them can still work for your convenience!
  • If I have a female avi (Virginia Maxwell, some. Other girl I dunno) I may identify as a demigirl, and prefer... I dunno yet pronouns. They/ Them will still work for convenience! But please never use she/ her!

Also note that the avi connection may not always be accurate. I'm still getting to know about this myself so. Feel free to ask which gender I feel like, if we're friends I'll probably try to tell you straight up when it changes as we talk. It doesn't usually change too quickly. OuOb

Brief History[]

Pika first stalked the wiki as an anon for a few-ish (since about March 2012) years, before getting the courage to join. After pointing out some errors, voting, and actually posting on someone's wall, Pika finally decided to join the wiki. Pika would never have predicted that this would result in em loving the chat. Thanks to that though, ey have made many friends and finds the users (anons too) to be very awesome~.

As of now (December 2015) I'm not particularly interest in EC as much as I was before. I still pop into chat to talk to the cool people there though. I'm essentially willing to listen to EC songs but struggle to keep up with the text. Apologies for this.

Non EC Stuff that Pika likes[]

I am a picky Pika, but I still have my share of fandoms. So for any curious lurkers out there, I just thought I'd mention them. :3

Most of these interests actually vary with my mood/ whatever I'm interested in for the moment. The bolded ones are those I can legitimately discuss/ focus on/ whatever you want to call it most of the time for at least a bit. All others kind of vary but feel free to ask. //shrug

  • Transformice =u=
  • Boardgame Online (Conchita-sama introduced me- blame him!)
  • Supernatural
  • (Peter Jackson's) The Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings films
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Mother/ Earthbound series
  • Super Smash Bros. series
  • Pokemon main series games, plus a few spin offs here and there
  • Mario Party/ Mario Kart (main series what main series?)
  • Brave Frontier
  • Various rhythm games
  • Various other nintendo games
    Pikar face.png
  • Ni no Kuni
  • Soul Calibur (though Pika is not that big on this one OoO)
  • Vocaloid ^o^ (namely Rin/ Len Kagamine, and I like the producers Mothy or Neru best~)
  • Fire Emblem (got into the series with awakening)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Hunter x Hunter
  • Random animal shows (Cat from Hell, Too Cute, River Monsters, etc)
  • Neko Atsume
  • Town of Salem
  • Wild Arms 3

Ways Pika will allow you to contact em[]

If you come on chat and I like you, you can usually get away with getting to know me through other methods of communication (sites/ games/ blahblahblah). To name a few...:

  • Pika has a 3DS and is willing to give eir friend code away via PM (if I know you ye)
  • Brave Frontier friends, if you're looking for 'em
  • Tumblr
  • Email (if I know you)
  • Youtube :3 (I don't post videos but)
  • Transformice! X3
  • Skype (ayyyy this is also a case of "if I know you")


The following lists are put in no particular order whatsoever.

Favourite Characters[]

  • Allen Avadonia
  • Gumillia
  • Gallerian Marlon
  • Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche
  • Waiter
  • Kyle Marlon
  • GEAR
  • Master of the Court
  • Hansel (and his reincarnations)
  • Banica Conchita (and her demon-ness)
  • Mariam Futapie
Pika s avi.jpg

Favourite Songs[]

  • Servant of Evil
  • Moonlit Bear
  • Gift from the Princess who brought Sleep
  • Judgment of Corruption
  • Capriccio Farce
  • Miniature Garden Girl
  • Blink
  • Seven Crimes and Punishments
  • Boy of the End Hansel

I also like Kept Waiting for a Response but that's not an EC thing anymore.


  • Loving Slothissimo~ Because Slothissimo is too awesome~ BUT SO IS EVERYONE!
  • Accidentally giving someone a "wall of text", when this happens can vary with the subject in particular/ my mood, please ignore it if you can or calmly tell me it bothers you
  • Using~ lots~ of~ tildes~ and~ unnecessary~ emoticons~ :D
  • Typingwithoutspaces. O r l i k e t h i s .
  • Using //slashes// to italicize/ emphasize something.
  • I have a tendency to love puppies/ cats, but puppies in particular are usually a good way to help cheer me up (Guar happily abuses this.)
  • Being quiet with/ around people I don't know well, and more talkative with those I know well
  • Saying I'm going to do something but getting distracted and/ or becoming unable to focus on the thing (on this note please be aware that getting me into a new fandom is not easy, you can not force me to like/ read/ watch something for the moment, sorry)

Chat Stuff[]

Chat's Drinking Game[]

Classic pika xmas avi.png

To play- stalk main chat with drinks nearby for any of the incidences mentioned below. Sip/ drink a small cup of something (I leave the drink choice up to you- soda/ tea/ whatever) in accordance to the number of drinks mentioned and the appropriate event.

  • Drink once if Seth sets someone/ something on fire.
  • Drink twice if Alexiel traps someone in a mirror.
  • Drink once if Lemmings applauds.
  • Drink twice if Gear eats an orange or drinks coffee.
  • Drink once if Xo says "excuse me while I [insert thing here]".
  • Drink thrice if Octo eats someone.
  • Drink twice if you see Servy spamming gifs.
  • Drink thrice if a wild Resi or Arin (Persona Fabula) appears.
  • Drink twice whenever Dark throws someone out the window.
  • DrinkoncewheneverPikatalkslikethis.
  • Drink thrice whenever someone gets married/ adopted.
  • If Total gets married/adopts, drink five.
  • Drink twice if Abyss ships someone in chat.
  • Drink once if Sniper shoots or kills someone in chat.
  • Drink once if Lawful throws someone down the well.
  • Drink five times if someone steals someone else's avi.
  • Drink once and decide to revenge if Pale tries to kill Soubi.
  • Drink once if Malice repeats a theory.
  • Drink once every time GT changes avi.
  • Drink once whenever Fate/ Chronos act in sync.

(May be or may not be edited with time- depends on which users typically pop up on chat.)

Picture-ified Classic Chat Moments[]

Basically some image links (that are usually long and text heavy beware-) that go to stuff I thought was really funny/ awesome. These are the moments I'd like to remember //forever//. Andthuspicture-ifiedthem. Shall be edited with time too~.

Moment: Guar's Adorableness is Over Nine Thousand
Picture-ified Links:

Seven Deadly Demons on Chat[]

Friends 'n Stuff[]

This is mostly for the people I talk to often~. If you're not here I may simply be somewhat reluctant of our level of "friendship", 'cause yes I have levels of those. Typically if we talk daily or I feel that I can open up to you, and you've done the same, I will put you here. It takes work to get to that though and I can't always talk to many people at once so. Please don't feel offended if you aren't here. I still like pretty much everyone. =u=/

GuarGuar: My QPP! Absolute bestest friend that I love very much. <5 <5 We don't have a romantic relationship though it's just a very strong friendship. I'll be blunt in that we talk a lot, and if I have choice in picking favourites, dang right I'll pick him. Try not to take offense to this, it's fact and I'm probably never going to be as close to anyone else ever. XD I also actually have a hard time saying "I love you" to anyone so y'know, don't mind me if I avoid that I can only tell him it 'cause we're close. He is the 9001/10 most adorable person you will meet.

Ninjazz: He's a pretty cool and fun guy to talk to~. He tends to know a lot about games and things and so he's pretty much my "google". ;3 He's also quite funny and the source of much entertainment. Sometimes we do roleplaying, sometimes we talk about games, sometimes we just talk about life. He's nice! Certainly the best google of 2k15.

LemLems: LemsLems is also a really cool dude! I love the puns his brilliant self can come up with. He's also very sweet and honestly I don't ever regret talking to him. We don't always get to talk //much// but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy what conversations we've had. He is a true sinnamon roll, 10/10. :P

Darky: Dark is awesome! She's super duper nice and understanding and honestly I don't know why anyone would ever not like her. She's really smart, a cool gamer, and she has 10/10 conversation skillz despite what she may think. If you see her you should totes say at least one word to her, or just see what she says in main chat. I bet she'll make your day with her epicness. Such lovely. Much pretty. Very cool. Whoa.

Note: If you happen to bug these people, especially Guar, you should note that I am relatively protective of my friends. I really don't care what you think of them either if it's not negative.