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My Self Portrait

Hello everyone TomboyJessie13 here, it is I, the mysterious anonymous viewer "Tomboy Jessie" of this Wikipedia, and I'm here to spread pleasure, humor, and my speculations and theories to you all. Sooooo let's get this show on the road...or as the seven sinners would say:

Now, Let the fun begin.....


"This is the story of the beginning"

What I look like when I get a headache from the fandom's madness

-Eve Zvezda, Adam Moonlit, and Seth Twiright

For starters, It was back a few years ago when me and my little sister were watching SSBB videos on YouTube and came across the song "Melt" by Hatsune Miku but that was it. It was only until a few years later in late 2012 during my senior year in high school where we discovered "Vocaloid" officially and we became fans of it.

At some point my little sister discovered "The Daughter of Evil" series on YouTube and introduced it to me, after Pride we watched Gluttony, Envy, Lust, and Greed, I found Sloth on my own accord and Wrath was not released at the time. I fell in love with the seven deadly sins even though they shouldn't be messed with or respected (It's self explanatory to those with a religious background). 

Later around 2012 or 2013, I found a fan made Evillious MLP video by MythicHunterz where I found the name "Elluka Clockworker" in the comments, I looked her up at school and found this wiki, I began researching her profile, and then the vessels of sin, and so on until I became completely hooked.

I started contributing to this wiki as an anonymous viewer commenting and theorizing (though I kinda got in trouble a little). I was shocked but excited that Wrath came out, but since there are light novels and unsolved questions in the works, I stuck around until we reach the end.

Finally after many tries, I got my account. I'm officially contributing to this Wiki until the very VERY end.

My Artwork[]

Favorite Character list(not in order)[]

  1. Gallerian Marlon
  2. Margarita Blankenheim
  3. Elluka Clockworker/Levia
  4. Behemo
  5. Clarith
  6. Michaela
  7. Nemesis Sudou
  8. Platonic
  9. Lemy Abelard
  10. Germaine Avadonia
  11. Allen Avadonia
  12. Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche
  13. Gumilia
  14. Mikulia Greonio
  15. Gear
  16. Master of the Court
  17. Bruno Zero

Top Ten Favorite Songs/Series(Not in Order)[]

  1. Seven Crimes and Punishments
  2. Capriccio Farce
  3. All the deadly sin songs
  4. All the Daughter of Evil songs
  5. Fifth Pierrot
  6. Heartbeat Clocktower
  7. Chrono Story
  8. Miniature Garden Girl
  9. Master of the Hellish Yard
  10. The Last Revolver