The Wicked Maid
Black cats of halloween len and rin kagamine by otakuforeternity-d59f76l.jpg
Other Names Guar
Guardian (by Sloth)
Arte (-kun by Rose)
Husband-chan (by Wife-chan/Pika)
Born February 25th
Personal Items Boxes
Classification Half-Cat
Family Evils (Fazza)
Conchita (Mother)
Luci (Princess sister)
Lemy (Assassin brother)
Kachees (Crossdressing brother)
Butler (Stupid chicken brother)
Wrath (Judgmental brother)
Dark (Darky brother)
Kolten (Pervy brother)
Rose (Aunt)
Evi (Daughter)
Abyss (Aunt)
Pika (Pokemon/Wife)
Lawful (Lizard Son)
Minute (Cookie Child)
Akujiki (Daughter)
Chibi (Daughter)
Lemmings (Son)
Anna (Daughter)
Gender Male pronouns pls
Times banned 0
Occupation Demoted Chat Moderator
The-person-that-doesn't-do-his-job- //brick'd
Affiliation(s): Beelzenian Empire

"My only desire is to keep you happy, even if it means I'm not happy myself."

Hey! I'm The Wicked Maid, though you may call me Gear, Arte, or Maid. I don't exactly know what else to put in this section, so just... read on, I guess?

History[edit | edit source]

"I didn't realize there was much more to this series..."

One day Painter showed me the Lunacy of Duke Venomania song. And then I found Daughter of Evil. Which I may or may not have seen before they showed me the Veno one. Whatever- I found it again. And then I found Servant of Evil. Then all the other sinner videos 'cept for wrath because obviously that wasn't out yet. This was all around, uh, 2011, I think.

I found the wiki in 2013 or so when looking for a picture of Gear to use for my ask account, Ask-GEAR... and then I kept to the chatroom, because the people there seemed friendly and interesting even though I was really afraid of them at the time, wow, amazing.

I'm now at chat whenever I can be and I don't regret finding you people at all.~ Oh, and I'll also fix things when reading pages randomly. Not as much any more, but. yeahokay. Continuing on, then, continuing on.

Also used to be a chat moderator, that was fun times. Got demoted 'cause anxiety but heyyy. I did a thing. I think I should at least get the satisfaction of knowing I tried. //nodnod

Character Traits[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

"It's nice to meet you as well."

/rewrites this section ten billion times fg;k/

This is basically a rundown of my personality and if I happen to forget anything, I'll probably either forget to put it down again, or write it down here. :P

I feel like I'm a nice person, and I find that a lot of people think the same. However, I am really anxious and shy and introverted and awkward, therefore won't talk to anyone that I don't know unless they talk to me. I'm actually really talkative once I get to know you, I swear. ;-;

This Gear is generally a prideful person, hating to have to get help for something, but not enough to think I'm better than everyone else and will often frustratingly realise that maybe I actually do need the help. I'm also selfish on some things more than others, depends on what it is. Don't touch my oranges or boxes.

Hmm, what else... oh, yes, the ironic thing is that I also like helping people. A lot. So if you need anything, ask and I'll gladly do what I can to the best of my ability. <3

I try to be polite, so do tell me if I'm doing something problematic so I can quit the act immediately.

Upon first meeting someone, I might not use emotes or anything. Once I get more comfortable I'll joke around more and use emotes and probably begin to get Fs in grammar at times. Actually- If you joke around with me first and I find you entertaining I'll be more prone to getting used to a new person faster so that may or may not be a huge plus, who really knows at this point. I'll probably also begin to use sarcasm (as a joke of course, though I also use it when annoyed) as well.

I also have a short temper in real life, yet for some reason over the internet this is toned down a bunch. I guess that's kinda a good thing, though, huh?

Skills[edit | edit source]

"Honestly, I'm not very good at many things. It doesn't help that I'm forgetful."

Really the only thing I'm good at is drawing and not knowing what I'm doing half of the time. xD;

I usually fix stuff by accident somehow after messing around for like an hour whoops

Is forgetting a bunch of stuff a skill? I don't think so, but here's that anyway.

Apparently I also have this dark/black magic that I cannot control whatsoever and that's everyone's excuse for why chat always messes up. :'D

...I forgot what I was going to put here. I'm sure it'll come up again sooner or late-- ah, yes! Puns are a thing. I make puns. Purr-fect. Puns also annoy me, though. But they're so amusing. But guys. Puns.

Habits[edit | edit source]

"Sorry- Sorry, I'll stop now, I swear!"

Some notable habits around the wiki that I have. Of course, I'll try to stop if asked, but it may take a bit to get used to.

  • tYPING LIKE THIS. It's not that I mean to, really, but I hit the shift key later?
  • PMing people just because it annoys me if the PM bar isn't on chat. (Though, this is mostly for the people I talk to most and it's not as if I don't want to talk to them. Sometimes I'll just hide from main chat though.)
  • Typing the lyrics down to a song while waiting for someone to reply. Or if I'm alone in chat. That works too.
  • PMing people simply for the fact that I am bored. I like seeing others' reactions to things.
  • Typos. Lots and lots of typos. Expect typos when I'm hyper or tired/sleepy.
  • Because of my anxiety, I do freak out if someone disappears suddenly. It would help, if you're a person I talk to a lot, that you tell me you'll be gone for a while to save me the panic, please. orz
  • I've taken up the habit of thinking for a while on what I say before I send it, so please don't rush me to reply.
  • If I feel too pressured, uncomfortable, etc. I'll probably stop replying for a bit, apologies;; This is mostly for people I'm not very close to-

Weapons and Special Items[edit | edit source]

"There's a line for everything, you know.~"

I'm the Vessel of Invisibility, so obviously that cloak. :P (Or apparently I'm the "Maiddysword". I have no idea now. 'Tis confusing, these things.)

The boxes. Yes. Boxes. They are nice hiding places.~

Guns, knives.

Newspapers. I don't. I'm. I'm not old, okay, they're just. For hitting people with, I guess.

Gavels... I don't even use them all that much, though-

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Conceptualization and Origin[edit | edit source]

  • The nicknames Guar, Gear, and Guardian (or any variation of such) come from my old username, Guardian of the Clocktower.
  • My current username, The Wicked Maid, comes from before Arte and Pollo had confirmed names, and were called 'The Wicked Maid' and 'The Stupid Butler'.
  • Said names also came out a day after my username was actually changed, welp. Arte is a bit too short for a username anyway.

Curiosities[edit | edit source]

  • I'll call myself a half-cat, although I'm not actually half-cat of course, pfft- It's just for roleplay.
  • All of my 'children' are older than me, derp- So is my 'wife'- ...Actually, almost everyone in chat is older than me, now that I think about it-
  • Bany and Evils worst parents 0/10//brick'd

Sites[edit | edit source]

"We should make a new language; "Textlish"... and then push all the "Textlishans" away to TextLand, where we never have to see them again!"

Email:[edit | edit source]

deviantART:[edit | edit source]

On dA I am Hollyleaf18 (Admin/Main Account), Ask-GEAR (Ask-Evillious), and Disobediant-Maid (EvilliousComedyClub). I know I spelled that last one wrong. I know. ;-;

3DS Friend Code:[edit | edit source]

Eh... Just PM me for this one, 'kay? We could probably play Pokemon together. Or Animal Crossing. Preferably Animal Crossing because I'm terrible at competitive Pokemon battles.

Tumblr:[edit | edit source]

On tumblr I am monochrome-lives.~ (I wanted monochrome-life but it was taken. orz)

Transformice:[edit | edit source]

On Transformice I am Hollydacat. Some of us people on chat play it sometimes.

Cards Against Humanity/Board Game Online:[edit | edit source]

The nicknames I'll use for CaH or BGO are usually Gear, Guar, Haguruma, AllenAvadonia, or IfaLenKyunCouldKyunNau.

Email:[edit | edit source]

Ask for this one as well. Because I'd rather only people I know well have it. Not that I really check it all the much anyway, HA-- but really, if you have it and it takes me a while to reply, then here's your warning-.

Skype:[edit | edit source]

ALSO ask for this one because yeah, I check it regularly but I'd also only be comfortable with people I actually trust on it, especially since you can video chat, thankyouuu. :'D

Favorite Songs[edit | edit source]

These are my favorite songs in the series, not particularly in order.

  1. Capriccio Farce
  2. Seven Crimes and Punishments
  3. The Daughter of Evil
  4. Judgment of Corruption
  5. Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep
  6. The Muzzle of Nemesis
  7. The Portrait Glassred Drew
  8. Boy of the End Hänsel  (It's Pika's fault)
  9. Survival 'Ma' -Who Will Survive?-
  10. The Journey of Two Mages ~Great Wall and Watchman~

wAIT, WHY DON'T WE HAVE PAGES FOR THOSE TWO YET-- Apparently I was spelling said two pages wrong this whole time. Bravo, me.

Favorite Characters[edit | edit source]

My favorite characters, again not in any particular order. This might change depending on how the story changes in the future. It's mostly the Kagamine characters because they're my favourite.

  1. The Wicked Maid / Arte and The Stupid Butler / Pollo
  2. Gretel and Hänsel
  3. Allen Avadonia
  4. Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche
  5. Gear
  6. Michaela
  7. Gumillia
  8. Margarita Blankenheim
  9. Master of the Court
  10. Meta Salmhofer

And we all know I can't deny loving the twin gods; Levia and Behemo. I just wanted my lists to have even numbers, aha.


"Nor have I. But a tedious existence is the one without happiness. So learn to laugh, if only for a short while. Because the light it sheds in otherwise dim world is priceless." -Reminders, this isn't mine but I found it on a youtube comment once and youtube gets deep sometimes whoa but yeah I need this so;;


Parody of the group in the thingy and the fives and the sixes and Pierrot and Iforgotwhatitwascalledwow.

III. the Painter - Painter

lV. the Slowpoke - ...That's me!

V. the Edit Thief - Lemmings

My art[edit | edit source]

Goodness, did you read this all the way through? You should get a reward for that, wow. I'm not that interesting.

Alright, give me your cookies Guar. Cookies will do. -Pika

Very well, then.

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