Sloth Sinner
Sloth Avatar 2.png
Other Names Sloth
Suu (by Conchita)
Slothissimo (by Pikachuzinha)
Preguiça (by Teatro)
Born ??? (sometime before 1246)
Personal Items Gift
Classification Human Doll
Family No one :(
Gender Genderless
Times banned Nevaaah!
Occupation Stalker (Murderer; very likely)

Unfortunately, a Demon is taking control of Sloth Sinner's actions right now. This page will be updated as soon as the Demon decides to go back to the Clockworker's Doll... But it seems like Sloth Sinner themselves are the doll. Whoops.


Since she is so zetta lazy, I decided to write about her for her (with her permission, of course). Eslófe is a great person, she is a boss boss chick. She may come as a psychopathic murderer doll at first, but once you know her, you will know that she is actually one. But she is a cute, moe, lovely one! Our dollface here makes quite the Gift, so beware. I heard she brings all the boys to the yard.

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