• I live in 'Murica
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is Student (yes, I can indeed confirm that I have a life)
  • I am Female

Yeah that's totally a guy...with boobs that I barely hid and my poor attempt at hiding Ney's ponytail. Man I need to take that Photoshop class my school was offering at the beginning of the year, that would be awesome! (except I don't have Photoshop). Overly long gag is long XD

Hi there, I am Lenfield , amateur fan fic writer and YouTube video maker. Though I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to give out my username. I use this blog to focus my attention towards my genderbent Evillious fan fic where I make fake profiles for my "quasi-OCs" in the style of Mistress of the Heavenly Yard by copying and pasting text and changing A LOT of words from it (no offense fem!MOTHY) occasioanly with crappily edited MS-Paint photos like this ----->

For more info about my fan fic click here

EC Favorites

  • Favorite Song: That's pretty hard ,but I'm going with Re_Birthday for being both catchy and looking at the EC through a diffrent PV like what most of the Clockwork Lullaby songs do. But I've been listening to a lot of Escape of Salmhofer the Witch recently while writing Chapter II of the Original Sin (the genderbent adaption of the song) so here's a quick review: Unlike something such as Servant of Evil and Regret Message where the lyrics capture the charcthers' feelings pretty good ,but the music didn't live up to that. Salmhofer is both catchy and manages to capture the feeling on what Meta has lived through and what she feels in both the lyrics and music.
  • Favorite Charcther: Even harder since there's a crap ton of charcthers. I think in order to do this I'll have to seperate them into two categories Sinner and Supporting Charcter....
    • Favorite Sinner: I'm gonna have to go with Margarita Blankenhiem since the reason she's psychotic is because she was maniuplated emotionally by her husband and fell into depression, and even further by Irina to commit the Sin of Sloth. Seeing how she has no better path in life, she takes "the lazy route" and kills everyone to achieve her happiness only to kill herself. Though Kayo comes at a close second though. The crazies!
    • Favorite Supporting Charcther: Probably Ney and Mariam for the same reason I chose Margarita, they're pretty emotionally complex. Ney has been used as a tool all her life and the vauge experiments done by Irina drove her even further on the path to insanity, and she is equally maniuplative to her targets. Flat-out lying to them to achive her mother's whims (which is why she and Prim are some of my favorite EC villians). While Mariam betrayed her country...for some reason....only to be slowly ,but surely left and/or betrayed by everyone she trusted, even her own foster daughter. Those and the cool factor they come with
  • Favorite Sin: Gluttony due being the creepiest and most effective in combat. After all, what's more creepy awesome than raising an army of the dead?
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