• I live in 'Murica
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is Student (yes, I can indeed confirm that I have a life)
  • I am Female
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For more info about my fan fic click [[User blog:Lenfield/The Genderswapped EC|here]]
==Fan Fics==
[[User blog:Lenfield/The Genderswapped EC|Genderswapped Verse]]
[[User blog:Lenfield/Converse of Evil|Switched Verse]]

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Yeah that's totally a guy...with boobs that I barely hid and my poor attempt at hiding Ney's ponytail. Man I need to take that Photoshop class my school was offering at the beginning of the year, that would be awesome! (except I don't have Photoshop). Overly long gag is long XD

File:Helio and Arte.png
Hi there, I am Lenfield , amateur fan fic writer and YouTube video maker. I use this blog to focus my attention towards my genderbent Evillious fan fic where I make fake profiles for my "quasi-OCs" in the style of Mistress of the Heavenly Yard by copying and pasting text and changing A LOT of words from it (no offense fem!MOTHY) occasioanly with crappily edited MS-Paint photos like this ----->

Or this  ↑

But enjoy anyway, if you can ^_^.....OR ELSE HELIO AND SELENE WILL SERVE YOU TO KRONOS!

Fan Fics

Genderswapped Verse

Switched Verse

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