Seth Twiright

aka Demon of Wrath

  • I live in your dreams
  • I was born on May 30
"The Original Hisser"
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"Who needs marriage when you have clones"
User-Seth Twiright


+Songs+ Edit

  • Lunacy/Madness of Duke Venomania
  • Judgement of Corruption
  • Tailor Shop of Enbizaka
  • Gift From the Princess Who Brought Sleep
  • Evil Food Eater Conchita
  • Drug of Gold
  • Escape of Salmhofer the Witch
  • Heart Beat Clocktower
  • Hand Beat Clocktower
  • The Portrait Glassred Drew
"A mask of pure seething rage "

+Characters+ Edit

  • Gallerian Marlon
  • Lich Arklow
  • Gammon Octo
  • Kaidor Blankenheim
  • Gumina Glassred
  • Seth Twiright
  • Pale Noël
  • Kiril Clockworker
  • Riliane Mouchet
  • Scherzer
  • Sateriasis Venomania
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