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Greetings. Although I'm not a fan fossil of yonder years, I've been around for well over two years now. Free free to peruse my profile all you lurkers out there who have some strange fascination with this otherwise inconsequential person such as myself. You've been warned.



My first experience with this series would have to be Story of Evil back around October of 2012. I was so inspired that I immediately spent the next 24 hours working on my first and only pastel drawing.

I meandered around for a while. My first attraction was the manga that was linked on a The Servant of Evil video on youtube and I searched zealously for an (actually working) link. After reading the six or so chapters of that manga, I was left hungry for more.

Eventually, I found Story of Evil pages on the Vocaloid Wiki in my search for new material and inadvertantly stumbled upon the Evillious Chronicles Wiki without realizing I was there, just checking through the new "Vocaloid Wiki articles" I never knew existed. When I started noticing the Vocaloid Wiki images weren't popping up 20 pages through media files, I looked up at the logo and learned where I was.

Fast forward through December and to January 31 and you have me making my current account. Due to certain circumstances, the position of admin fell onto me and that's pretty much it. Yeah, I know, pretty boring. You should skip this and go to the fun stuff.

Top 10 Characters[]


This is a very hard choice for me to make and everyone should keep in mind that this list fluctuates in numbers on a day-to-day basis, largely because I really love these characters. They're fun, they're interesting, they're tragic, they're scary, they're evil. I would like to preface this with the fact that I adore villains, villainous characters, antagonists, whatever you want to call them. My likes are therefore already biased towards these types of characters. Still, it's like making me choose my favorite children.... it's hard... So, from greatest to least:

1) Allen Avadonia

2) Banica Conchita/Master of the Graveyard

3) Gallerian Marlon

4) Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche

5) Mariam Futapie

6) Elluka Clockworker

7) Prim Marlon

8) Margarita Blankenheim

9) Sateriasis Venomania

10) Meta Salmhofer

Top 10 Songs[]


Again, a very hard choice for me. I love so many of these songs for different reasons. It would be easier for me to pick my least favorite (Flower of the Plateau gets #1 for sure), but that's boring. Keep in mind, I am going by the original or a specific remake made by mothy, not fan variations. From greatest to least:

1) The Servant of Evil

2) The Daughter of Evil

3) Master of the Graveyard

4) Master of the Court

5) Judgment of Corruption

6) Survival 'Ma' -Who Will Survive?-

7) Capriccio Farce

8) Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~

9) Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep

10) Evil Food Eater Conchita

Wall of Crazy[]


Here is a section dedicated to all the **** you people come up with about me. Any and all craziness will be inserted here including theories among other things. Joy.


Britney SERVANTRICE, the Walrus

This world is full of mysteries, and Servant is one of them. I will tell you the secrets of Servant of Evillious, the Genderbent Fem!Male Servant. It is known as a mermaid-like creature, living near rivers, hanging out with Resis and Walruses (yes, they are a different thing), and going yandere and troll. Do not be mistaken, his flamethrower is one of the most dangerous weapons in the world, forged with Walrus technology. As the wife of Resi (yes, they are a genderbent couple), he is caring and lovely, he will hurt anyone willing to hurt Ker Bear, as he calls Resi. He has his very own harem, full of young boys, known as Shota Harem. Soon, he transformed his harem into a Walrus Harem, this is why you will see no shota anymore. Yes, I am a Servy specialist, and now you are a part of my class.

Servy has three selfs, all of them were recognized by Pika:

  • Boss Servy-san: The Admin Self. He will give you work, he will give you support and he will give you answers. This Servy Self is also known as Sarvant.
  • Troll Servy-san: The Normal Self. When Servy is crazy, he will be on Troll Servy-san Mode. He will do wicked things, such as kill you using a flamethrower, and he will even do "oh so naughty" things to you.
  • Lovely Servy-san: The Lovely Self. Servy also is the Master of the Lovish Yard (MotLY), because he has a big heart, almost as big as my right kidney... Ohwait, I don't have a right kidney. Or I don't have the left one? I forgot, but I am sure I don't have one of these--

Servy has too many ships. They are uncountable... Or not, but you have to spend five lives to count all of them. Here, I'll list the canon ones.

  • AlexielxLemmingsxServy (the Shota Threesome): CANON. This here is the best threesome I have seen yet. (Alexiel) (Alexiel, if you're going to ship people, please do so with proper grammar. -Lemmings) (Guys stop fighting at my section and go make yours. =n= -Bany) (I have my own section. Look, it's smallish and at the bottom and doesn't have a header. -Lemmings)
  • ServyxShota Harem: CANON. Servy is the Shota Harem Master. Yes. Hide your kids, hide your Muids, hide your Waifus, because no one will be free. Once Servy eats your neck, you are a Shota. Aren't you also dead-
  • ServyxResi (Seres): Super canon. From 1 to 10, it is 15 canon. Some people say that this is selfcest, because Resi is Servy. Some people say that this is incest, because Resi (Julia Abelard) and Servy (Lemy Abelard). Servy has a giant heart, while Resi has no heart, that's why they are each other's half.
  • ServyxSloth Sinner (Seth): Not so canon, still canon. Sloth and Servy are soulmates, they love each others a lot.
  • ServyxDany (Sedan): Mega Ultra Hydro Canon. They share a love-hate relationship, but they love each others a lot, their love can reach the Moon in only 4.5 seconds.
  • ServyxWalrus: Servy loves walrus just as much as he loves Resi. Canon and OTP. (Servy himself admitted that this one is canon. To quote him, "I'm always up for a good walrus, that sexy beast. <3")
  • ServyxMarcella: Marcella is a Sea Turtle. She proves that Servy loves all the aquatic things. At some point, stuff happened and they broke up. Servy calls her a ******.
  • ServyxPrincess Butterfly Legion Tutu II, from Africa: Little is known about them. It is known that Princess is a Prince, a crossdresser.
  • Servy's HeadxFloor: So canon it hurts.

Recently, we've found the newest Servy in town, he is called "SERVANTRICE". No, not Servantrice, but SERVANTRICE. SERVANTRICE is Servant's golden personality as a witch who lived for 1000 years (that time to him is like a day to us commoners). What did he do on those 1000 years? Waited for his beloved one. Better yet. On a pier. Waited for his beloved one on a pier. After a millennium of asceticism, he used to stand on that pier, looking at the sun set reflecting on the never ending horizon of sea, and he thoght to the past while a breeze of caresses his worn skin, and he whispered something that came out of his non-existent heart...... "Hiyori is my waifu" he said while pondering the list full of many names. The list was the reason he waited 1000 years. Badly did he know that Hiyori is actually you, my dear, dear reader.

Servy is also a lot of things, I'll list some of them here.

  • Mist Sheep
  • Mermaid
  • Harpy
  • Shota Harem Master
  • Ser-Ser
  • Pervy
  • Servynomania
  • I forgot this one
  • The Demon of Original Sin
  • HE'S ALSO AN ELF. DON'T FORGET THE ELF. //coughIdon'thaveasectionandtherewasthislistsoIhopeyoudon'tmindmeraidingyoursection

Now, the time you waited for. How to summon a Servy.

  • First, you will need three red candles, salt, fish, fire, and a frying pan.
  • Second, make me the fish. (Salmon is my favourite, btw)
  • Say Shota five times.
  • Say AMY six times. You have to use caps, and they must be in the same sentence. This step is unnecessary, carry on.
  • Now you have a Servy, but... Why would you like to summon a Pervy, anyways?

In addition to this, Servy also makes a good ingredient. Here, Pika will give you the ingredients to "Watermelon Soup":

  • 1 troll (A.K.A. Servy.)
  • 0 watermelons
  • A pot of water
  • 10 cups of grotesque things (such as bugs, worms, hair, etc.)

NOTE that the soup will not taste as good without Servy.


Servy likes to eat glass. (Not so new now, but whatever)

Bany's fanfic[]

Resi is a witch, only a bit older than time itself.

In order to live, she marries to a man and takes his vital energies.

And she is always having sons and daughters.

She only keeps the truly evil ones, like Lemmingsu and Evubs.

That's why she gave Ninja away.

Now, she is married to Servy, the Crossdresser of Full Moon.

Ninja didn't know about their parentship, so he decided to kill Servy for Resi's love.

But Servy was his idol. He really loved Servy.

So it is like a double love triangle.

Resi ended up loving Servy as well, she didn't want to drain his energy.

She decided to drink Ninja's energy instead.

Ninja came to live in the same house that Resi and Servy were in.

Servy was enchanted by Ninja, so Servy was in love with Ninja as well.

Ninja learned how to make cocoa, Resi's favourite food, something really hard to learn by this time.

Resi was in love with Ninja as well.

Resi refused to drink Ninja's energy, but she NEEDED energy in this very night.

She drank Evubs and Lemmingsu's energies instead.

Upon dying, Lemmingsu told the truth. Ninja was his brother.

The Witch knew it was the truth.

Resi ends up killing herself using a snake. Servy comes in the room and thinks that Ninja murdered Resi, then, Servy kills Ninja.

Soon after, Servy realizes he was wrong and killed himself by bacterial contamination.





Good night, sweet prince. We miss you and your trolling.

Good evening. This is Lawful speaking about this guy here.

About Servy. This guy here is the resident admin on this wiki, and is the constant victim of the users' speculations and ships, and in return trolls us so badly.

We bow down to this guy. Either this guy or Conchita-sama. As an admin, Servy calls the shots and is the head, but somehow as an in-chat entity Conchita and the family hold authority over him, like when we forced a marriage between Servy and Resi.

Personally, I ship Servy X Resi, which some call Seres, Resirvy (LIES! Resirvy = Resi acting like Servy, and Seresi = Servy acting like Resi OuO)...


...or Resiservy. I would know. Conchita-sama and I made the two marry. I was the priest. Conchita was crying in the backgroundI was no ordinary crying woman, I WAS THE CRYING WOMAN #2, TYVM. . Servy here said he'd rather propose to a walrus in Hawaii. We should have married him to that instead.
....You guys need jobs or something.

EXCUSE ME? Who wrote this? This is a Wall of Crazy, and we keep to our own sections! Get off my lawn! Go on! Shoo! Quote by...Actuallyihavenoideawhosaidthat

Servy is also the first ever Sith Lord, and the greatest one of them. He invented the Dark Side and used it as a proxy to troll people. But then I killed him and replaced him.

Here are some of Servy's names.

  • Servy
  • Servy-nii (By Rose)
  • Servy-sama
  • Servy-san
  • Boss Servy-san
  • Troll Servy-san
  • Lovely Servy-san
  • Servant
  • Sexy Servy (I blame Danytaly for this.)
  • Servant of Evillious (Someone actually calls him this. I'm serious.)
  • Servy-Serv (Resi came up with this. I really need to force a second wedding between them. One day. ONE DAY.)
  • Shota
  • The Shota
  • The Psycho
  • The Derpy Len Servant
  • The Psycho Len Servant
  • The Head
  • The Admin
  • The Troll
  • Master of the Lovish Yard
  • That guy with the heart as big as Conchita-sama's right kidney
  • Mama Servy (By Evils.)
  • Great-uncle Servy (By me.)
  • My Psychotic Servant Great-Uncle (By me, obviously.)
  • Servynomania
  • Pervy
  • Mist Sheep
  • Mermaid
  • Harpy
  • Shota Harem Master
  • Ser-Ser
  • Emperor-Alkarik (His DA)
  • Lord Forgon

Conchita-sama, for some reason, sometimes uses Servy as a noun and not a proper noun as he should be used.

Servy makes an excellent ingredient in my dishes. I will list them all out.

1. "Editor Soup"

You will need:

  • 1 ChefGummy
  • 1 Resi head
  • 1 cup of Servy blood
  • 1 cup oranges

Mix well in an eighteen-gallon pot with a lot of water, boil well and serve.

2. "Gavel Cake"

You will need:

  • 1 gavel. Evils has a large supply of those.
  • 1 portion of every other regular cake ingredient
  • 1 Servy

Prepare as if you were making a regular cake.

3. "Gift (Servy version)"

Note that this is not a dish. It is a poison.

You will need:

  • 1 gallon general anesthetic of any kind
  • 1 Servy
  • 5 gallons water

Dissolve the Servy and the anesthetic in the water. Simmer well until the mixture is turquoise in color. Wait for the water to evaporate until only a turquoise layer of hard stuff is at the bottom. Cut the stuff into pills and get ready to poison another townful of people.

Note that in Gift, the Servy is the active ingredient. The anesthetic just eases the process.

4. "Blood Grave (Servy version)"

This is my version of the wine Blood Grave.

You will need:

  • 250 ml red wine, must be at least 5 years old
  • 500 ml Servy blood, must have no platelets or white blood cells
  • 1 wine bottle
  • 1 cork

Mix the wine and the blood thoroughly. Bottle like you bottle regular wine.

My Speculations include:

  • Servy was once a Walrus until he was forced into the head position and married Resi, which is why he loves walruses so much.
  • Servy is a Shota.
  • Conchita-sama knows much more than I have realised about Servy.
  • Servy is Yandere for all his ships.
  • Servy is a type of food.
  • Servy tasted delicious served with Gammon's head and garnished with jis tiama ink.

That's all for now.


ADDENDUM 1: Servant of Evillious is actually Master of Lemmings in disguise.

Oh, and...
















Come come, MotHY Len; tell us, tell us, where you've been

Were you Evil, were you good

Chasing Elphes 'round the wood

Come, come, MotHY Len; tell us, tell us where you've been

Come, come, MotHY Len; we've a bed to put you in

It is small, it will fade

It will take you from the blade

Come, come, MotHY Len; we've a bed to put you in

Dear, dear MotHY Len sleeps the black cradle within

A golden key, an elder tree

No one knows but Len, you see

Dear, dear MotHY Len sleeps the black cradle within

Evils has an even smaller section that also does not need its own header.

Servant of Evillious' age is speculated to be older than π itself, this is not vital information. Carry on.

Rena has an even more smaller section that also does not need its own header.

Servant of Evillious is actually a bear.

Rina has the smallest section

Servy is a Servy.


After several years of observations,I have made a theory about this creature.

Firstly,I would like to state that Servant Of Evillious is not its real name;its real name is Evillious Of Servant.We've been deceived all this time.People have theorized that in reality Evillious Of Servant is actually Bolganio,but this has proven to be wrong as Evillious Of Servant is not everywhere at once. It is known that sometime around EC 666,Evillious Of Servant brain washed a multitude of people as he is a slave driver.

This species is quite erratic,as such we can never know how it will behave.If you watch the Servy forecast,you may have an idea about its patterns but otherwise there is really nothing we can do. You can watch the Servy forecast at the Servy channel.


Servant is scary. Hence, my reluctance to talk to him and figure out what I can do to help on the wiki. (It's probably all of the power he's got. It's terrifying.)


Servy is... interesting. He is a very cool guy, but sometimes his humor goes over my head ( he is very sarcastic, something I'm not good with). I sometimes wonder how he has all the time to edit, it's like he's obsessed devoted with the wiki. I like to think he is my friend. ouo;

Yuki Ringo[]

" You know me, you know me. I'm a con just like you- "


aaa sorry Greek I don't wanna ruin your evidence aaa

Servy is a gift to the Evillious Chronicles wiki and is the center of this whole thing next to Sickle & mothy. This bear being's existence practically keeps the fandom afloat. Although I often get confused by him, I can see that he's dearly loved by the peeps in this wiki oUo. If only we could bribe him with KERs and stuff.

I still don't know how old he is.

GT's Section (2016 Updated Version)[]

The mysterious and elusive Servy is often seen in his natural habitat, which is either Tumblr or the wiki itself. His usual activities often consist of making edits on Tumblr or answering anon questions. His diet is relatively unknown, although it is theorized that he feasts on the tears of small children. His age is also unknown, and no historical records have ever mentioned him, so it is possible that his existence predates the very development of written history.





  • Although I have a long username, I prefer to be referred to by a nickname (easier on your fingers); most call me "Servy" or some variation, which I'm fine with.
  • I like things to be interesting, so I'm known to troll whenever I want my fits and giggles; be wary if you are unprepared, for I will use all and everything I can against you.
  • Dissecting fan theories are a huge past time of mine; I love thriving communities and fan works are always a joy, so I encourage you to make theories and discussions even when you think they are bad.
  • The best way to communicate with me is on chat, although message walls is another appropriate venue for me.
  • I do actually read the Wall of Crazy as well as share the madness with my good friends; I get a great chuckle out of it.