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My name is Scarletta Agni

I got into Evillious Chronicles a while ago, maybe 2012. My first EC song was The Daughter of Evil after hearing a reference on a Rin video and seeing it in the Youtube suggestions plenty of times. Next was The Servant of Evil, since I was told this was the sequel to DoE. What came next is history... cause I can't remember which song I came across next. It was either Evil Food Eater Conchita (amazing song, btw) or The Lunacy of Duke Venomania. I'm assuming the former.

Top Songs (in screwed up order)[]

1. Capriccio Farce

2. The Daughter of White

3. Handbeat Clocktower

4. Escape of Salmhofer the Witch

5. The Muzzle of Nemesis

6. Project 'Ma'

7. Miniature Garden Girl

8. Red Shoe Parade

9. Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night

10. Ma Survival

EC Family[]

yay I'm no longer the unnoticed senpai or forever alone

but I'm still that creepy girl in the corner

Museum of Truisms: He's my hubby. We have a typically not-normal, yet not-murderous EC Chat family marriage.

TotalConflagration: My mother-in-law. People here are convinced I can't handle her weirdness but they clearly underestimate my own weirdness.

LawfulInsane: According to the family tree, he's my father-in-law. Yaaaay daddy

Darkwarrior101 and Swirly592: Sisters-in-law? Would they both be my sisters-in-law? Dammit I cannot family


I prefer to spell "Banica" with a 'K'

I spell "Riliane" like "Rillaine" and pronounce it Rill-ayne.

I prefer "Miriam" to "Mariam" for Miriam Futapie's name

Gammon Octo is of Jakoku descent (because of his hair)

Ma is simply Elluka or Irina under an assumed name. Or Eve. That bitch is everyone. (I WAS KINDA RIGHT!)

The girl from Clockwork Lullaby is Levia.

The singers of Lu Li La, Lu Li La, The Resounding Song are Hansel and Gretel

The song Full Moon Laboratory is about Project 'Ma'. The la la la lu lu lu melody is a reworking of the lu li la lullaby to find how much magic a candidate contains.

Gallerian's maid Kacherina is represented by Kaiko (Kaito's genderbend).

Pollo's name references the food chicken AND Apollo

To be honest, I have no clue what the Master of the Hellish Yard is. She's probably Nemesis though.

Irina's male body is represented by VY2 Yuuma

Carol Shields is represented by CUL

Rio Neja is represented by Tone Rion

Toy Conchita is represented by Utatane Piko

Tony Ausdin is represented by Tonio

Kaspar gets way too much hate. This isn't a headcanon, it's just my opinion.

My Art Gallery[]

Amazing Troll Quotes[]

"I am God. You can't see my page."

"I lied. I am not God. I am the Devil."
―DreadnokZartan, literally a minute later

"Either way, this chat is my playground."
―DreadnokZartan, 3 EDGY 5 ME

"Which one of you should I victimize first?"
―Dreadnokzartan, ever the dramatic one

"STFU, you peons."

―DreadnokZartan, in response to me

"Go crawl back under your rock."
―DreadnokZartan, again, in response to me

"You are all worthless. The only one who can answer me is Coppélia. Coppélia, wake up."
―DreadnokZartan, believing he's in the Matrix

"Coppélia, WTF is the meaning of this?"
―DreadnokZartan, in response to Coppélia not taking his side

"I own this chat. I own everything I want to."
―DreadnokZartan, the actual kamidere

"Coppélia, you're getting ahead of yourself. Be a good little chan and tell your friends that this is my chat."
―DreadnokZartan, the little duckling who must hide behind the mother duck

"What is this bullshit?"

"Hm... Interesting… This could be fun."
Light Yagami I mean DreadnokZartan
"oh my fucking god what are you a stupid anime character who thinks out loud get a fucking imaginary bubble"
Aeon in response to their dramatic BS

"Go on. Entertain me."

"No shit, asshole."
―*gasp* such language, DreadnokZartan

"Why are you insects acting all fucking excited?"
―DreadnokZartan being a little baby
"This bullshit belongs to YOU. <3"
Resi compromising with the sad 12 year old

―the word that took DreadnokZartan 2 minutes to type

"Coppélia, I order you to take a dump on Alexiel Lucifen's chest. He’s earned it."

Events I'd Like to Keep an Eye On[]

Families I'd Like to Keep an Eye On (wowthatsoundsreallystalkerish)[]

Organizations To Keep an Eye On[]

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